Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 Review || Buying Tips 2019

fliker carver c5

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If you are looking for a more fun and exciting ride than a regular scooter, the Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 scooter is the best to purchase. In fact, this is the most advanced scooter in Yvolution’s Carver range. Additionally, the scooter is packed with brilliant add-ons and FLEX technology. Thus, it is easier than ever to pull off some exciting and insane tricks and stunts. Tricks are fun to learn and master. It is because they are easy to perform on this scooter.

The 360 extreme carver has dimensions of 5.91 x 10.63 x 14.17 inches, with the weight of 4.41 pounds. Therefore, it can be maneuvered with a simple twist of your hips and a push down through your legs. You can reach the top speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 miles per hour). It also has a stable frame and you can lean steer to make a light work of power carving and 360-degree spins. Then you can fold it up and just take it wherever you go.

The Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 scooter is a revolutionary manpower scooter. Therefore, it is suitable for children with age 9 and above, as well as adults. Thus, it is fun for the entire family.


To whom does this product cater?

Te Flicker scooter caters to children aged 9 and up. It is also suitable for adults.


  1. Revolutionary design: The Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 scooter is for a more extreme ride. You can carve, drift and spin to 360 degrees.
  1. Twist and stow folding system: With this system, you can easily store the scooter for easy travel and/or storage.
  1. Integrated FLEX technology: This technology lets kids to accelerate their ride faster. They can also maintain balance at greater speeds.
  1. Increased brake control: For the rider’s safety, it has a quick response brake for more improved control of the scooter.
  1. Performance rated PU wheels: The scooter has performance rated PU wheels for control and speed.


  • The scooter is suitable for children from ages 9 and up. This product is also suitable for adults.
  • Maximum user weight is 220 pounds (100 kg) and suggested minimum user height is 52.7 inches (134 centimeters).
  • It is the biggest Yvolution Y Fliker carver available on the market.
  • It also has industrial casters, as well as reinforced steel tubing.
  • The package contains an instruction manual and assembly kit.
  • It is sturdy and well-built.
  • It is also fun to use.
  • The scooter is very easy to assemble, only very little setup to do. It is practically complete out of the box.
  • It is like skiing on a scooter.
  • This is ideal for kids who are looking for a more extreme ride. It can spin 360 degrees, carve and drift.
  • It is also a great ride through the neighborhood to get a great workout.
  • While having a great time riding this scooter, you will definitely have a good exercise.



  • It is a bit expensive with not much change in material for the cost.


Question: What is the weight limit?

A: The weight limit is 220 pounds.

Question: How does it compare to the Razor version?

A: It is heavier and bigger. Large wheels improve the ride.

Question: Does it fold up?

Answer: Yes, it has two spring-loaded pins that allow it to fold flat.

Question: Does it have plastic or rubber wheels?

Answer: It has very hard, sturdy rubber wheels that work great. It thus provides a nice smooth ride.

Question: To ride it, does the rider have to open and close legs?

Answer: No. Feet are shoulder width apart. The rider can shift at the hips side to side to make it move.

Question: Is it fast?

Answer: It depends on the rider. It is all in the hip action.

Question: How fast does it go?

Answer: The rider has the full control of the speed. It goes as fast as you make it. It is worked by your body and leg muscles.

Question: Is it easy to fold up to store?

Answer: Yes, it is very easy to fold and store.

Question: Is assembly easy?

Answer. Yes, it is very easy. It is even easier than hulling a bike.

Question: Can the scooter go uphill? If so, how steep and/or hard is it?

Answer: No, it does not have a motor. It is mainly designed for flat terrain. Although it could go uphill, it will require you a good amount of force, which intensity will differ depending on the inclination of the hill. However, if it is steep, you can’t go.

Question: Will this be good to a 5-year-old child? Can it adjust to his/her height?

Answer: It can be adjusted and the kids will love it. Moreover, they will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Question: How well does this work on less than smooth surfaces?

Answer: It is not designed for off-road use. Therefore, no different wheels are offered for alternative terrains as of today.

Question: Is the handlebar adjustable?

Answer: Only by rotation. The shaft is not adjustable. However, you can rotate the handlebars to adjust the height by several inches.


Final Verdict/Conclusion

The Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5 scooter is unveiled in this series. This performance scooter has a sleek design. It also features patented FLEX technology. Thus, kids who are looking for a more extreme ride can drift, carve and even spin 360 degrees. The patented design also gives improved stability and control. This allows riders to turn on a dime. Additionally, this is a three-wheeled, self-propelling kid-powered ride.

The riders need to move their legs and hips from side to side to get going and keep the ride moving. In fact, it is like using the same motions as downhill skiing. The FLEX technology lets riders to accelerate faster, keep their balance at greater speeds and do some sharp turns with a smaller radius. These are done by merely leaning the handlebars using the arms. It is also a great ride for fun and exercise. Not only kids will enjoy this scooter but adults can also have a blast riding it.

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