Importance of Scooter Ride At the Pandemic of Covid19 Time| Stay Safe & Healthy

The Pandemic of Covid19  is now spreading across the globe, with over 140 million confirmed cases and 3 million deaths in over 200 countries. Basically, the virus is transmitted by droplets from coughs and sneezes, as well as by touching virus-infected objects. People all over the world getting infected every day through close contact (within around 6 feet) with someone who has the infection. Social distancing is the ultimate solution to this contagious infection.

Since most people are avoiding public transportation due to the coronavirus pandemic, scooting has rapidly become a safe and easy option to ensure social distancing. The importance of a scooter ride at the Pandemic of Covid19 time is beyond description. Because It’s a fantastic way to stay healthy while still enjoying a nice time. Through scooter riding, you will achieve muscle development, cardiovascular endurance, and balancing skills. Apart from that, scooting offers you regular exercise which is the topmost beneficial aspect as well.

In this article, we will focus on the importance of scooting at the covid-19 time and how it will help every age of people to remain safe and mentally fresh. So let’s dive in!

How Scooter Riding Can Help During Pandemic of Covid19 Time?

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many dimensions of daily lives, especially on transportation. People are restricting their travel as cities around the world deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and public transit ridership has dropped significantly.

During this pandemic, keeping yourself strong both mentally and physically is a must. Especially for the adults.  As an alternative transport scooting is best these times. Because it is a way to practice social distancing as well. As scooting is suitable for all ages and there are no age restrictions, it can be your idle option in this covid-19 time to boost the immune system.  Scooting is an excellent way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Besides, you will remain fresh and maintain your communication without getting in contact with anybody.

If you are a teenager, you probably can feel how important it is for your regular and faster communication. Besides, when you continue scooting with your friends, your activeness grows. Most importantly, having a low-intensity workout is the biggest achievement that every teenager should consider in this pandemic.

As a whole, scooting is growing as a highly essential part of day-to-day life nowadays. It is no doubt a useful commuting system for people of ages and sizes throughout the world. It is compact in size, foldable, low-cost, environmentally-friendly transportation, suitable for all surfaces (rough, smooth, hilly), and extremely time-saving transport with excellent riding safety and protection.

How Long Does It Take To Scooter a Mile?

Many people interested in buying a scooter want to know how long it would take them to drive a mile. If you’re only traveling a mile or less, scooters are one of the fastest forms of transportation.  It has been determined that walking a half-mile on the level ground takes about ten minutes.

So let’s see what exactly a scooter can do apart from walking. You can get to your destination in around three minutes if you use your kick scooter for the same distance on the same field. If you double the distance to one mile, the walking time will be twenty minutes and the scooting time will be six minutes. If you make this trip daily, riding a scooter can save you many hours per week.

Distance Walking time Scooter Travel Time
0.5 mile 10 minutes 3 minutes
1 mile 20 minutes 6 minutes
3 mile 60 minutes 18 minutes
5 mile 100 minutes 30 minutes
10 mile 200 minutes 60 minutes

A scooter is ideal for getting around quickly over short distances. You would be able to navigate a busy area using a scooter.

Another advantage of the scooter is that it can facilitate social interactions. On a walkway, you can travel easily side by side and still have a conversation.

Furthermore, it is a one-person riding transport system with no passenger on board. So in this pandemic, it is the safest option for transporting.

#Types of Scooters:

We’ll give you a high-level overview of all the choices so you can get a head start on your scooter ownership journey so that you can keep yourself safe from Covid -19.

1. Kick Scooter:

If you want to ride a scooter to work, a kick scooter is pretty standard for you. These are cheap and fun, but they aren’t street-legal. You’ll be standing, and the wheels are easy. They won’t come with anything in the way of protective equipment, such as an electric scooter or moped, so you’ll have to make it. You’ll kick as quickly as you can. The average price range is $75 to $100.

2. Electric Scooter:

This is the broadest and most widely used category. Over time, the electric scooter has adapted and modified to meet the needs of a more complex society. An electric scooter is perfect for sightseeing and getting around the area, but since it is sluggish, it might not be the best choice for a regular commute. Depending on your needs, you have to spend $400 to $5000 to have an electric scooter.

3. Moped:

If you enjoy speed, a moped could be a good match for you. Whereas most electric scooters only reach speeds of 10 to 20 mph, a moped scooter can reach speeds of up to 40 mph. That will certainly get you where you need to go quickly. Mopeds aren’t as maneuverable as scooters. The price range will be $500s to a thousand dollars.

Is Riding a Scooter Better Than Walking?

The average walking speed is around 3 miles per hour, while jogging is around 5 miles per hour. At around 7 mph, scooting beats both of them!

As seen in the statistics table below, a 30-minute scoot gets you twice as far as a 30-minute stroll. Make the most of a 5-kilometer full-body workout and you’ll arrive at your destination at least 10 minutes faster than if you run!

Comparison Estimated Distance In 30 Mins Estimated Time To Go 5 Km
Walking 3 mph 1.5 miles 1 hour 2 mins 8 secs
Running, 5 mph 2.5 miles 37 mins 17 secs
Scooting 7 mph 3.5 miles 26 mins 39 secs

Can You Lose Weight By Riding a Scooter?

When it comes to losing weight, you need to ensure you are burning calories. By scooting the motions you use to drive yourself along the pavement provides a strong aerobic exercise and works a variety of muscles in your lower body as well as other areas of your body. To be very precise, riding your scooter for half an hour burns about 200 calories. It’s much better than walking!  As scooting is low-impact and low-intensity, your heart rate normally stays between 60 and 70 percent of maximum, where fat is burned for energy. So riding a scooter can obviously less your weight.

Final Point:

As millions of people around the world are placed on lockdown to prevent the spread of the pandemic of #Covid_19, many are searching for ways to remain safe and exercise. If joining the legions of runners isn’t your thing, active travel on an adult scooter could be the ticket to getting outside safely. So you can choose scooters as your alternative modes of transportation. With all the benefits both physically and mentally, we think there is no other option is available to provide you mindfulness, workout, and immunity as scooting. Therefore, it is your turn to consider the options!

Apart from that, If you enjoy getting around without walking on your feet, scooting is the ideal piece of equipment for you. It is portable that enables you to reach your destination faster than walking.  Riding a scooter is enjoyable because it requires you to use your strength and skills that will make you happy and content. Most importantly, it is cheap to buy and so easy to maintain.

While some people believe riding a scooter is risky, it is actually a healthy activity. So it is your turn to think over it and get a scooter that suits you well. You will experience the health benefits and enjoyment once you purchase one and start scooting.

Stay safe and happy scooting!

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