Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Razor Electric Scooter Review

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This electric scooter offers the perfect blend of style and high performance to your kid. The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter can go for over 10 miles with a single charge. Its chain driven electric motor provides a high power transfer. It also has two large pneumatic tires in addition. Therefore, it ensures users have a smooth ride.

The Razor Pocket also provides maximum comfort.   This scooter model belongs to Razor USA. This company located in California also produces other brands of toys such as dirt bikes. The brand got several awards in the toy industry. Their Razor Pocket Mod is among the hottest rides. This scooter is suitable for anyone with a passion for fashion. It offers a vintage stylish set of wheels.   The classic Italian scooter design meets high performance in this Razor Pocket scooter that is sure to turn heads. This scooter model fulfills most requirements of the customers, while remaining one of the simplest models available on the market.

To whom does this product cater?

The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter caters to kids aged 13 and up.


  1. Rechargeable Battery

The Razor Pocket Mod scooter utilizes a rechargeable fixed 24 V lead acid battery. Therefore, it is able to run for up to twelve miles on one charge. In other words, the battery lasts for forty five minutes of persistent use. The impressive battery performance is very useful for the riders of this scooter model. The battery is rechargeable and the scooter likewise comes with a dedicated charger for recharging.

  1. Electric motor

As the name suggests, the Razor Pocket Mod is an electric scooter. Its engine is driving a high force chain. This propriety technology allows the scooter to achieve an impressive speed of fifteen miles/hour. However, the battery and electric motor make the scooter quite heavy. Therefore, it is recommended that kids have a good balance before riding it. This is especially advised outdoors.

  1. Steel Frame

The frame of the Razor Mod Miniature scooter is made of steel. Therefore, there are less chances of getting rust and the scooter’s body can last longer. The scooter also features a light body that is easy to assemble. Moreover, when assembling the scooter, the user manual comes in handy. Its steel frame can accommodate young riders, up to 170 lbs in weight.

  1. Acceleration Control

Twist grip acceleration is equipping this electric scooter model. This type of control makes the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro scooter easy to accelerate. This way, young kids are easily using the toy.

  1. Wheel System

This scooter model comes with its 12 in ches wheels of pneumatic material. It also features a rear suspension system. The inner tubes and tires come with the scooter. However, for the tube and tire spares, you can also find them as a combo set.


  • The Razor Pocket Mod features under seat storage. Especially for kids who need to carry around various items, this is a great accessory. In addition, the under seat storage is also used to keep the scooter’s spares and tools.
  • The edge of the scooter frame is created from steel. Therefore, it is ensuring that the scooter’s main body is not affected by rust and is going to last a lot.
  • Likewise, the Razor Pocket Mod has its body weightless. Therefore, this scooter model is very easy to carry at any destination.
  • The customer manual that accompanies this scooter proves to be very helpful.
  • The two 12 inch wheels are ensuring a smooth ride. Users also get within the package the tires and inward tubes. However, if you need tube and tire extras, you can find them as a combo set.
  • This Razor scooter likewise includes a rear suspension framework. It runs comfortable and bump free because of its gas tires.
  • The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature comes with a hand brake. This brake system is easier for kids to use.
  • The electric scooter is also equipped with retractile kickstand.


  • The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature scooter comes with a quite poor battery
  • This scooter model is quite heavy for smaller kids.
  • The charging time for Razor Pocket Mod’s battery is not so short.


Question: Do you need to wear a helmet with the Pocket Mod Electric Scooter?

Answer: Taking into consideration the speed of this urban Razor electric scooter, a standardized scooter head protective helmet is adequate. It is recommended to choose one that provides the most effective large field of vision. A reliable helmet usually provides additional insurance. Well-versed riders can get to choose a contemporary look.

Question: How long will the Razor’s Pocket Mod’s battery last?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, the scooter’s battery can last for around forty five minutes or around 15 miles once it is fully charged. However, you can expect about 12 hours charging time for this scooter’s battery.

Question: Is this electric scooter model from Razor safe for my child?

Answer: Yes, this Razor stunt scooter is reliable and totally safe for your children. Since it features a head on the braking system and thick rear tires, it ensures a smooth ride.

Final verdict

With a vintage stylish look, this scooter is the favorite of both adolescents and young grownups alike. Apart from its aesthetic design, the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature scooter provides good riding performance. It allows an agreeable driving force. Riding this scooter feels comfortable and smooth.   This electric scooter is the perfect blend of features and style. It can ride for more than 10 miles with a full battery. Its electric motor offers a high power transfer. It is also coming with two large pneumatic tires. Therefore, it provides a comfortable ride.   For an electrical ride on a toy scooter for children, the Pocket Mod provides a stylish and elegant experience. With the help of the consumer manual, it takes only around fifteen minutes to assemble the toy. It’s a great toy that makes a good first purchase for your kid’s electric scooter. Therefore, we greatly recommend the Razor Pocket Mod.    

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