How Will Help A Kick Scooter For Teenager| (Exclusive tips) 2021

Riding kick scooters has become a trendy thing among teenagers. When they notice their siblings and friends enjoy kick scooters, they can’t stop themselves from having one.

Kick scooters are amazingly affordable. Teenagers can choose their preferred ones from various models, brands, and designs. However, getting a reliable and durable kick scooter for a teenager is essential as you don’t want to update your kick scooter every year.

The Purpose Of A Kick Scooter For Teenager

Why should you hand over a teenager scooter for your teenage/kids boy/girl? Some reasons are:

  • Developing motor skills and building confidence
  • Travel or commute to school
  • Keeping themselves ready for riding a bicycle
  • Great physical activities with friends & family

What Are The Differences Between Kick Scooters And Electric Scooters?

The primary difference between kick scooters and electric scooters is the driving mechanism. With an electric scooter, you can drive it automatically without much physical activity. On the other hand, foot kicks are required to run kick scooters.

Types Of Kick Scooter For Teenagers:

Kick scooters come in either 2-wheels or 3-wheels. Teenagers often become confused in choosing a particular one.

Two-Wheels Scooter:

Not every teen can ride 2-wheels scooters. Unless your kids doesn’t know the correct method of scooting, 2-wheels scooters may not be a good choice. However, teenagers don’t need much time to learn 2-wheels scooters if they are physically active and fast learners.

Three-Wheels Scooter:

If you are planning to give your teen a kick scooter, 3-wheel scooters are the better choice. Apart from being safe, they are impressively low-priced. Beginners will face no issue in controlling them as they have excellent stability and balance.

Should You Choose A Large Kick Scooter Or Small Kick Scooter For Teenagers/kids?

Small Kick Scooters

A decent small kick scooter can carry up to 100 kg weight, which is enough for most teenagers. However, if you also want to use it for a long time, high load capacity will be a better option. Though its deck is small compared to large kick scooters, it makes merely any difference. You should choose a small kick scooter,

  • If you want a lighter model
  • If you want to control it easily
  • If you want more agility, and speed

Large Kick Scooters

Large kick scooters require more effort to drive, and they also need more time to stop the brake. For new riders, it can be hard to drive, unlike small kick scooters. However, you can move them smoothly on different surfaces due to their excellent stability.

Are Kick Scooters Hard To Ride for Teenagers?

Kick scooters, in comparison with other types of transportation, are more effortless to drive. In fact, quite young children can ride kick scooters apart from teenagers. They are simple to ride, as they have less weight.

Holding the handlebar and kicking the scooter is all that is required to drive a kick scooter. So, when children can drive kick scooters, obviously, teenagers can do it.

What To Check For Buying A Kick Scooter?


If you are new to kick scooting, choose a kick scooter that has a hand-brake for easy steering and convenient control.

Wheel size

Small wheels are better options if you want more flexibility, while large wheels are perfect for teenagers who want to drive fast.

Deck size

The deck of your kick scooter must have sufficient space to keep both your feet comfortable.

Bearing quality

Though you can change the bearing, you should choose kick scooters with high-quality bearings.

Price level

The price of kick scooters varies based on their quality and type. Choose a decent that match your budget and give you long-lasting service.

5 Top Tips For Riding Kick Scooter

Always Wear Safety Gears

Most times, beginners neglect to wear safety gear as they think nothing will happen. You may end up having minor or even severe injuries as you don’t know how to control them. Several kits are essential to wear while riding a kick scooter, including —

  • Headgears/helmets
  • Gloves
  • Knee-pads
  • Elbow-pads

Practice In Safer Area First

If you are a beginner, ride your kick scooter in a safe area, like parks where there is no vehicle. Practice several days to learn various driving styles. After having enough scooting skills, you can start riding on roads.

Always Maintain A Bent Posture

When riding a kick scooter, your hands must not be stiff. While riding a kick scooter, you should always maintain a bent posture.

Make A Balance Between Both Legs

You will place one leg on the deck while the other on the ground. To make a perfect balance between both legs, you need to bend your standing leg slightly. Avoid pushing the kick scooter with the standing leg as you have the strong leg to kick it.

Use The Other Leg To Drive Off The Ground

The most basic technique of riding a kick scooter is pushing off the ground with your strong leg(not the standing leg). Avoid pushing the kick scooter with your hands, as it will make your vehicle slippery.

Final Thought

Like children and adults, teenagers are no less for enjoying kick scooter rides. Make sure to pick a simple, easy-to-ride, and perfect size kick scooter to ensure safe and enjoyable riding. Additionally, a braking system is also required, particularly if you are a new rider. So, enjoying your kick scooter to the fullest and explore around! Hopefully you enjoy this article, and you can share this your family & friends.

HAPPY Riding!

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