Can you ride a scooter in the rain? Learn What Should You Do

In the rainy season, the common question that arises in every rider’s head is how to ride a scooter in the rain? It’s tough to manage your scooter in rain. But with some simple techniques, you can easily manage your ride. The road gets wet and slippery in rain. There are risks to ride.

Can you ride a scooter in the rain? You will be able to wipe off this question after reading this article. We have discussed

every possible solution to this problem here.

How do I make my electric scooter waterproof:

Electric scooters and rainy season sounds bad. If you have an electric scooter and worry about the rain. You must read this article carefully. Modern electric scooters are built with waterproof features.

To be cautious, you must take care of your electric scooter. Here we are sharing some tricky tips to protect your electric scooter.

  • The holes in the deck or scooter body should be covered with tape
  • In case of emergency, the scooter deck can be covered with proper clothing
  • Application of greases to the motor wheel axles will enhance the speed and make the ride smooth and safe.
  • For electric scooters, the charging port should be covered during rains. So you can carry a duct-tape with you.
  • The non- functional holes should be covered to protect them.
  • The silicon-based coating can be used to protect the connectors during rain.

Best  Waterproof Electric Scooters:

Hiboy MAX electric Scooters:

A common name for every E-scooter lover. Hiboy e-scooters are extremely popular for their active braking system. This exclusive model includes a powerful 380 Watt motor. You can fly at a speed of 18.6 Miles Per Hour. Special one fold design makes it easier to fold.

Simply connected Bluetooth makes it spectacular to enjoy a great ride. Also, adjustable foot space is available for adult riders. So safety and security both in one package.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter:

If innovation has any brand, then it must be GOTRAX. It has brought about a revolutionary change in the electric scooter genre. This model includes a time saving folding system. The built-in aluminum body makes it durable to go a long way. High capacity with a dual braking system.

Indicating LED lights makes it extra efficient in lower light. It does not matter if you are a pro or not. GOTRAX suits all.


Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter:

The bright star in the scooter market is called by Segway. It’s providing an exclusive electric scooter with an amazing rear braking system. If you are a beginner, you can pick this one for a comfortable ride. An addition of a 350-watt active battery makes it fierce on the roads.

It’s a common pathway for adults and kids. Sturdy features make it to go for  long life.

How to ride a scooter in the rain without problems:

Riding scoter in the rain can be hassle-free. If the speed and the condition of the weather can be managed, you can expect to enjoy a great rainy ride. On rainy days, the other parameters get changed. So you must follow some tricks for your safety.

Waterproof clothing:

Good coverage of clothing on a scooter can help you to stay dry. Despite being waterproof, you need to concern about fitting. If the cover fits your bike, you can easily rock your ride.


A helmet can save your head from getting drenched. Also, a well-ventilated helmet will keep your focus on. In the case of open face helmets, it won’t bother your eye sight. But in heavy rain, it may hurt your face.

Changing tires:

If you are using your tires for a long time, it’s better to change them during the rainy season. It will help you to grab traction on the slippery roads.


On wet roads, the most tricky thing is braking. Smooth braking can help you in that. If you try smooth braking, you can brake hard. It’s important to be observant while braking.


It’s important to concern about your speed while riding. On rainy days, you must be careful about speed. It’s better to reduce speeds in heavy rains. In the first phase, you need to reduce speed to understand your periphery.


Cornering is also an important matter while riding. Like braking, you must be careful about the condition of the road.


Is it safe to ride a scooter in the rain:

Rain is a common season in the weather pattern. So we have to carry on with our regular tasks.

If you are a regular scooter rider, then you just cannot stop riding just because of rains. Extra caution can help you in this situation. I think this phrase will find you the answer to Can you ride a scooter in rain? During rains, the roads get slippery. So it’s mandatory to follow tricks for your protection. It’s better to brake in a safe mode. The speed needs to be reduced while driving. During heavy rains, it’s a difficult task to ride. In the case of a hazardous situation, it’s not a wise ride. During rain you must carry the followings;

  • You must carry a rain protector jacket to save yourself from rain
  • Waterproof gloves should be carried
  • proper water-resistant boots should be carried.

What happens if my scooter gets wet:

You are having a great ride, suddenly the clouds start raining over. Many thoughts will arise in your mind. Can you ride a scooter in the rain? Yeah, but rain can cause severe harm to your unprotected electric scooter. If your lovely Electric scooter is water-friendly, then sudden rain can cause an electrical flow through your body. So it’s necessary to carry properly managed scooters for every season. Also, it can oxidize the efficient iron structure.



After a thorough reading, we hope you have got all the answers to your question. The rainy season is a constant pattern in our life. So we have to adapt our riding cycle according to that. If the scooter is taken care of, you can enjoy a great ride during rains. Also, it’s wise to avoid riding in a hazardous situation. Wish you a good ride!

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