Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter Review || Lucky Scooters

Lucky Covenant Complete

Today, Lucky is working with the greatest and best industrial designers, manufacturers, urban illustrators and engineers from all over the globe. This is to create products that are awesome to ride, with superior functionality and great artwork compared with anything that is available on the market. >>>> Price Check On Amazon <<<<< Lucky is never … Read more

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review ||  Fuzion Scooter


The Fuzion Z300 Pro scooter struck you immediately with its good looks. The black and blue components contrast nicely with the bright wheels. The graphic on the grip tape also makes a subtle touch. In fact, the sticker graphics on the bars and deck are all well designed and classy. The scooter’s desk looks great. Also, … Read more

Fuzion CityGlide Scooter Review || Buying Guide 2019

Fuzion-city glide

The stylish Fuzion CityGlide is one of the best scooters for adults. This kick scooter features a handle system that is basically the same as the Razor. However, on the Fuzion CityGlide, there is also a 3 position safety button or “catch” that keeps the front handle’s up/down adjustment from slipping. By comparison, the Razor … Read more

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter Review || Best buying Guide 2019  

Fuzion Z250 scooter

The Fuzion’s Z250 Pro Scooter model is suitable for both beginners and intermediate riders. Three color options are available: teal, gold, and black. The scooter has a strongly built deck. Even distribution of weight to the outside surfaces facilitates the dog-bone deck curvature. Due to its super lightweight and strength, the Z250 stands out among … Read more

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter || Review & Buying Guide


Micro Mini Deluxe is a popular scooter enjoyed by many children. It features an excellent riding performance and comes with all the useful qualities that such a product should have. This scooter offers a large choice of colors and you will surely find that particular color that your child loves. Since children, mostly prefer a … Read more