Razor A5 Lux Scooter Best Review at 2022

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter has been introduced as the adult version of its child releases. It currently ranks in the no. 196 spot as one of the best sellers on Amazon in Sports & Outdoors product category. The scooter is fairly far cheaper compared to other brands. This scooter can be more of a new transportation mode instead of a mere fun toy. Adult enthusiasts can now glide to wherever they want to go. They can use it to go to work rather than to waste money on public transportation. This is a nice looking kick scooter with a range of colors available to choose from. The scooter can perform tricks if the user is looking to do that. On the other side, for some others it can strictly be a way to get from one particular place to another in such a timely fashion.


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To whom this product caters?

  • Outdoor lovers
  • Sports lovers
  • Adult kick scooter enthusiasts
  • Career men or women
  • Kick scooter retailers

Important features of the product are as follows:

  1. Large wheels

The wheels of this kick scooter are large. They are made of urethane plastic that provides a smooth ride. Accordingly, they would not rattle the teeth when users ride it. Contrary to small-wheeled Razor scooter, the A5 can ride quickly and smoothly even over some gravelly and rough concrete sidewalks. The wheels are grippy and can give good maneuverability and traction even when gliding downhill. The scooter can hold a person with the maximum weight of up to 220 pounds. For this reason, this scooter is especially very good for a casual rider who wants a kick scooter for trips to a store and back.

  1. Comfortable and adjustable handle bars

The handle bars are comfortable and they are also adjustable. They are made of some type of foam material, and they are capped off at the ends by plastic. It has a spring-loaded bar that locks the stem or tube into its place when the handle bars are fully upright. They are comfortable to hold and/or to steer with. Therefore, it is very easy to maneuver even though riders may make a quick turn or dodge something like unsuspecting dogs.

  1. Metal deck

The deck of the Razor A5 Lux kick scooter is made up of super strong aircraft-grade aluminum. Another feature on the deck is the Razor logo as the user’s foot grip. The deck is truly sturdy. Some enthusiasts may find this kind of look a little over the top. For some, however, it is rather charming. Its character can remind some people of the fun they had on kick scooters they owned when they were still kids. For this reason, this scooter is kind of nostalgic.

  1. Easy portability

The kick scooter is very easy to fold. The stand can fold down onto the deck and then it locks into position. It includes a new tiny kick stand that makes for it a pretty nice display to its very handsome brushed aluminum chassis. To use the kick scooter, the rider can just pull a lever and open it from its folded position.

  1. Nice fit and finish

At first glance, the kick scooter looks like any other normal Razor scooter. However, it is bigger. No doubt, this scooter looks nice and clean, and it evokes the styling of its child. The use of color on the handle bars is great. Another nice feature of this Razor scooter model is its wide range of colors for riders to choose from. The scooter is with a logo sticker on its deck. It has dimensions of 5.5 inches x 13 inches x 31.5 inches. It weighs about 9.85 pounds (or 4.5 kg).


  • This scooter has a new anodized finish.
  • The scooter has a small kick stand.
  • This Razor model is made up of super strong aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck.
  • The A5 Lux can accommodate taller riders.
  • The scooter has extra large 200 mm urethane wheels.
  • It has patented rear fender brake, as well as adjustable handle bars.
  • Riders can easily fold this model in order to carry it around thanks to its patented folding mechanism.
  • The product has a fairly cheap price.
  • The scooter has AOR power headlight tail light set – white light for the front and red light for the back.
  • It is extremely efficient for distances 1 to 2 miles, or even more.
  • It can get the riders through gravelly or uneven concrete pathways.


  • The folded scooter is very big, which means you cannot store it somewhere small.
  • Although the deck is sturdy, it is very thin. Some may find it uncomfortable to put both feet on the kick scooter’s deck while riding.
  • The metal is slippery, which makes the foot grip especially necessary.


Question: Can a tall person ride this scooter comfortably?

Answer: Yes. The product can accommodate taller riders.

Question: Do large wheels work better than small wheel diameter?

Answer: It works way better. The larger wheels can roll over sidewalk seams where the smaller ones tend to come to an abrupt stop.

Question: Can children below 11 years old use this scooter model?

Answer: It can be good for children from 7 years old and up but not under.

Question: What is the deck length?

Answer: It has 13 inches, so riders with big feet can still use this scooter.

Question: Is the scooter assembled?

Answer: Yes, it is. The user can just take it out of its box, unfold it, adjust the handle bars and take it for a spin.

Question: Is it cheap?

Answer: For an adult kick scooter, it is.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

With the Razor A5 Lux Scooter prices of around $75 to $100, it is one of the cheapest adult kick scooters riders can buy in the market. As the scooters are built in China, this attributes to the cheap price. No doubt, Razor’s kick scooter is speedy and fun to ride. It may lack the bullet-proof construction and elegant craftsmanship of other scooter makers or brands, it can certainly get you from point A to point B reliably. First and foremost, it is good as a mode of transportation, without spending money on public transportations. All things considered, this scooter gives some enthusiasts nostalgia of their childhood memories.


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