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Fuzion CityGlide Scooter

The stylish Fuzion CityGlide is one of the best scooters for adults. This kick scooter features a handle system that is basically the same as the Razor. However, on the Fuzion CityGlide, there is also a 3 position safety button or “catch” that keeps the front handle’s up/down adjustment from slipping. By comparison, the Razor has just one catch on the top. The Fuzion CityGlide foldable cruising scooter comes with big wheels, and it has hand and foot brakes. The large rear brake and the easily engaged hand brake provide two times the safe stopping power the rider needs. All things considered, the product is the scooter of choice for parents who want to cruise with their kids around the neighborhood or for professionals who want a trip around town or a speedy commute.



To whom is this product suitable for?

  • Parents who want to cruise with their kids around the neighborhood

  • Professionals who want a speedy commute

  • Older kids and adults

  • Outdoor enthusiasts
Important features of the product are as follows

Dual rear brake system

The break system is one of the most important features of any scooter. The Fuzion CityGlide comes with a dual rear brake system. By these, you can activate the dual rear brake either by the hand brake or by foot. The possibility to either brake with the hand brake or your foot increases the feeling of safety. Thus, the easily engaged hand break and the large rear brake provide two times the needed safe stopping power.

Large wheels

The CityGlide B200 provides fast and superior ride, thanks to its oversized 200 millimeter PU wheels. In addition, The large wheels of this kick scooter ensure a smooth ride that would not rattle the teeth. Also, the CityGlide can ride smoothly and quickly even over rough concrete, contrary to small-wheeled scooters. Also, its wheels are grippy, providing good traction and maneuverability. Furthermore, its design is for a casual rider who wants a kick scooter for trips around the town and commuting to work and back.

Adjustable handle bars

The comfortable handle bars on the CityGlide are adjustable. They are easy to steer with and ergonomic to hold. Thus, they make the scooter very easy to maneuver. In many ways, the CityGlide is comparable to the A5 Lux. You can extend the handle bars on the Fuzion CityGlide even farther compared to its rival. As a result, this makes the Fuzion model of kick scooter suitable for taller riders.

Metal deck

The deck of the Fuzion CityGlide kick scooter consists of aluminum that is super strong and aircraft-grade. That makes the deck really sturdy and durable, yet lightweight. The aluminum deck supports riders with a weight of up to 220 pounds. The solid aluminum frame that is low to the ground provides an effortless and stable ride.

Easy portability

The Fuzion CityGlide scooter provides easy portability, being very easy to fold. Its users can fold the stand down onto the deck and lock it into position. Hence, this allows easy storage or moving the scooter. In order to use again the scooter, the rider can open it from the folded position by just pulling a lever.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable entry level scooter with good access price
  • Easy personalization with a range of nice color variations
  • Better ride positioning with adjustable handlebar height
  • Scooter’s design is for a speedy commute or a trip around town.
  • Times the needed safe stopping power.
  • Great scooter of choice for older kids, parents, and professionals.
  • Large rear brake and easily engaged hand brake.


  • The narrow handle bars steering column makes many riders uncomfortable and flimsy.
  • A better overall ride you may need to upgrade the bearings that can feel tight.
  • Over less smooth terrain the scooter ride can feel rough.
  • Some users complain that the folding mechanism can feel sometimes loose.


Question: For whom is the Fuzion CityGlide scooter model recommended?
Answer: The Fuzion CityGlide is a kick scooter recommended for older children and adults.
Question: What is the maximum weight supported by Fuzion CityGlide?
Answer: CityGlide supports a maximum weight of 220 pounds.
Question: Is CityGlide easy to transport?
Answer: Yes, the scooter is easy to transport thanks to its simple folding system.
Question: From what material is the scooter’s deck made of?
Answer: CityGlide’s deck is made of lightweight solid aluminum.
Question: What kind of brake system does the Fuzion CityGlide scooter have?
Answer: The scooter has a dual brake system that is composed of a rear foot brake and a hand brake.
Question: What is the weight of the Fuzion CityGlide scooter?
Answer: This kick scooter has a weight of 9.9 lbs.
Question: What type of handle bars does the CityGlide scooter model have?
Answer: This kick scooter model has handle bars that are adjustable from 29″ to 36″
Question: What wheels does the Fuzion CityGlide have?
Answer: The CityGlide scooter comes with 200 mm oversized wheels.

Fuzion CityGlide Scooter

Fuzion CityGlide Scooter

This stylish kick scooter for adults. The advantage is that it can handle both pavement and grass. With this scooter, it is also much easier to brake. Thus, users can control their ride speed better without to worry they might fall down. The large, oversized wheels are super agile. As a result, it allows all better driving. It is easy to reach and maintain the desired speed with this kick scooter model. In addition, the Fuzion CityGlide comes with a foldable frame that makes it easier to store and transport the scooter. Easy to use, smooth, sleek, and well built, the Fuzion CityGlide provides rides full of fun. Whether you are a teenager or an adult looking or a fun and convenient way to get around, the Fuzion CityGlide can answer your needs.

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