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Today, Lucky is working with the greatest and best industrial designers, manufacturers, urban illustrators and engineers from all over the globe. This is to create products that are awesome to ride, with superior functionality and great artwork compared with anything that is available on the market.

Lucky Covenant Complete

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Lucky is never tired of pursuing perfection and commitment so that the sport advances in so many ways. This is especially for the world’s top riders who use Lucky’s products. The company wants to ensure that Covenant would look and ride flawlessly. With this, Seattle-based graphic design firm that is owned by Shogo Ota, an artist, becomes the mastermind the scooter’s art. He is known for his custom art for brands such as Red Bull and Starbucks.

You can now purchase the Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter in your favorite or preferred color. You can certainly turn everyone’s heads at the skate park. The 2017 Covenant is offered in three colors: NeoChrome, red and black. In 2018, it will be also be offered in the following colors: NeoPurple, NeoChrome, black and red. The NeoChrome design is the latest 2017 trick scooter.

In fact, it is one to truly ore at. You will be awed by the oil slick colors and hydroformed solid head tube. It also has the iconic 4-leaf clover cutaway at the head tube’s front to unveil the special kind of forks you add to this awesome work of art. In fact, Lucky is the pioneering firm to release an aftermarket CNC-machined scooter deck and one-piece forks. It has learned via trial and error to build unbreakable parts for the scooter.

To whom does this product cater?

This scooter model caters to children as well as adults.


  1. Fresh graphics

Shogo Ota, Northwest artist, cooked up an attention-grabbing deck graphic for the Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter. However, the deck is more than just awesome to look at. It is coming with flat edges, headset, steel flex brake and the perfect headtube angle.

  1. Superior freestyle performance

The Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is versatile and lightweight. With this, riders will surely excel in this sport. It is also built to endure serious abuse. Therefore, it features super fast and smooth 110 mm Toaster wheels, 120 mm compatible Indy fork and the newly designed Silo bars.

  1. Fully equipped/complete

The deck has the dimensions of 20.5 x 4.45 inches. The oversized Silo bar has 24 x 23 inches. Also, the scooter features Vice Grips, Tres (triple) Clamp and Steely Brake. The head tube has 82.5 degrees. The Indy fork is of aircraft-grade aluminum, with Aluminum HIC compression. The headset is fully integrated and the total weight of the scooter is 3.9 kg (8.65 pounds).

  1. Built to last

The Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is built to last. It is created from aircraft-grade aluminum so that it can handle any big trick in just any terrain. The company is the favorite of the sport’s most prominent athletes because of its scooters that can manage serious riding conditions.

  1. Great warranty offered

Pro riders love Lucky brand because of its quality and craftsmanship. There is a 6-month warranty on all complete components and scooters.


  • The Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is very solid and well-made.
  • It is certain that all Completes are free from manufacturer’s defects for a full six months.
  • It is not clunky, squeaky or cheap looking.
  • The scooter is awesome, as it is light.
  • It is super fast and can do bar spins easily.
  • The quality is awesome.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • The wheels ride smooth.
  • It is highly advisable for any skill level of rider.
  • It includes grip tape. Thus, you only have to put on the handlebars and tighten the clamp. In fact, this is super easy.
  • The scooter is super lightweight.
  • It has a unique NeoChrome design.
  • It is the best in its league.
  • Although it is getting scratches on, it still rolls and performs perfectly.
  • It is a very impressive scooter in comparison with others on the market today.


  • Some customers complain that the price for a scooter in this range is a bit too high.


Questions: Are the wheels, aluminum core or plastic?

Answer: They are aluminum core wheels.

Questions: Product details said 11 pounds, but features said 8 pounds. So, which one is it?

Answer: It is about 8 pounds and it is super lightweight.

Questions: Can you trim the bars?

Answer: You can do whatever you want to with it.

Questions: Does a 6-foot rider good for the scooter?

Answer: Yes, this is possible.

Questions: Can a person 5’9” with shoe size 9.5 uses this scooter?

Answer: There are people who are over 6 feet tall like it. It is advisable that the height from your toes to waist minus 10 inches is about how tall your bars should be. But it really depends on the person.

Questions: Does it come with pegs?

Answer: No pegs are coming with the package.

Questions: How exactly heavy is it?

Answer: It has 8.65 pounds (3.92 kg).

Questions: What is the warranty?

Answer: It is three months from the date of purchase.

Questions: Does it come in discreet packaging or is it obvious what it is? It is a gift, so it should be a surprise.

Answer: Seller can wrap in it cardboard to cover the name. It comes in a Lucky box, but it can perhaps also ship to a neighbor or friend.

Questions: Does the deck has grip tape installed? If not, should I order it separately?

Answer: These complete come with grip tape already installed.

Questions: Will this scooter fits a 10 to 13-year old?

Answer: It would be perfect for that age.

Final Verdict

The Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is useful inside the park and streets. Therefore, it has new 110 mm Toaster wheels, with newly designed Silo bars and Indy fork that goes well with 120 mm. Meaning, the fork sits flush with the head tube. If you are looking out for a top-of-the-line park-oriented scooter to fit your needs as a rider, then the Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is ideal for you. The straightened parts to the extraordinarily delicate weight of your complete are good for the important park ideas. The company is offering the scooter as one of the best pieces of equipment that the industry has ever produced. So, It is also super lightweight with unique NeoChrome design and is the best of its league.

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