Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter Review

If you are seeking the perfect beginner to an intermediate product, this Lucky Crew Complete Pro scooter makes an essential ride. It is the perfect size for the average rider height, featuring the 21″ by 20″ Lucky T-bars. At 19″ long by 4.25″ wide, the deck has also optimal dimensions. Therefore, the scooter’s size is great for both street and park riders.

Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle

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This Pro scooter also comes with a fully integrated compression system that is called Tool Less Compression (TCS). Therefore, if you don’t have the tools to hand, this system makes it easy to tighten up your headset on the go. Thus, the Lucky Pro scooter is perfect for kids who cannot carry tools around. This Crew Freestyle scooter also features 110mm double Lucky wheels, with Steely Brake system and Vice Grips. It has a weight of just 7.6 lbs. The Lucky Pro Scooters are durable and this particular model is a great scooter. Additionally, the highest quality of metals is incorporated into this scooter frame.

To whom does this product cater?

The Lucky Complete Pro scooter caters to riders between 4 and 4.5 feet tall. However, each scooter’s component is totally interchangeable with aftermarket parts. Therefore, you can customize and upgrade your Crew scooter in order to keep up with your demands. This scooter is also an excellent option for entry-level riders who try to learn new tricks. Thus, they can advance their freestyle scooter riding abilities on the Lucky Pro.


  1. On this scooter, you can ride like a pro.

The Lucky Pro Crew is an excellent option, from the streets to the skate park. In fact, entry-level riders can advance their freestyle skills on the Complete Pro. This scooter model is versatile and capable to handle any terrain.

  1. The Lucky Pro Scooters Crew has been a quality yet affordable product.

The Crew Freestyle Complete scooter is affordable without any compromise on quality. The product features detail-oriented precision in all its components. Therefore, the Crew Pro scooter comes high quality 110 mm wheels, a reinforced deck, and premium freestyle scooter components.

  1. The Lucky Pro scooter features a durable design.

The durable Freestyle Pro uses aircraft grade aluminum in its frame. This ensures that the scooter is able to keep up with freestyle riders.

  1. This is a fully equipped scooter model.

The Lucky Pro scooter comes with a 19 x 4.25-inch deck and 22 x 20 inches oversized Kink Bar. It also features Steely Brake, Dub Clamp, and Vice Grips.

  1. The Lucky Pro Scooters Crew comes with 6 months warranty.

The Lucky brand trusts the quality and craftsmanship of this Complete Pro Scooter. The manufacturer offers a 6-month warranty on all components and complete scooter.


  • This Crew Complete Pro scooter is fully upgradable. This model is compatible with the entire lineup of Lucky’s aftermarket components. Therefore, the scooter is perfect for young riders. They can grow their abilities thanks to the Pro scooter’s abundant options. Additionally, this model is also a suitable choice for more advanced riders. It comes with a narrower, shorter and lightweight deck, but yet provides all the capabilities and features of a pro skater. In fact, the Lucky Pro Scooters Crew is trusted by the best riders in the world.
  • The Lucky Pro Scooters are the first company to release one piece forks and an aftermarket CNC-machined scooter deck. The Lucky brand is able to manufacture unbreakable parts. The company works with the best industrial designers, manufacturers and engineers create amazing products that are functionally superior.
  • The Lucky Pro Scooters Crew also comes with a great design that provides performance and high quality.
  • This Complete Pro scooter model provides all the necessary specifications required by any rider.
  • The scooter is a sturdy product. Its durability ensures a safe ride and long lifespan.
  • The Lucky Pro Scooters offers a great overall riding experience and a very smooth ride.
  • This Pro scooter model is a good choice for entry-level riders. In fact, it provides the possibility to learn new stunts and advance riders’ abilities. The scooter is versatile and can handle any obstacle or terrain.
  • It is affordable, yet quality scooter.
  • Its construction features detail-oriented precision.
  • This Pro scooter also comes with high quality 110 mm wheels, reinforced deck, and premium components.
  • The Crew is a super durable scooter.
  • This Pro scooter comes complete and fully equipped.
  • This model is covered by a 6 month warranty on all components and complete scooters.


  • This scooter model has problematic handle bars. Some customers complain that its handle bars have visible weld marks and cracks.
  • Some customers complain that the actual scooter looks different from the product being advertised.


Questions: Do Lucky Pro scooters come in parts or assembled?

Answer: All of the Lucky Complete Pro scooters, including custom scooters, come partially assembled. The bar is not attached, for shipping purposes. All you need to do when it arrives is to attach the bar.

Questions: How long would take to process custom bars?

Answer: When you place an order there can be many variations. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the manufacturer’s shipping department to process and ship the order.

Final verdict

The Lucky Crew scooter model has been redesigned for 2017. In the Lucky freestyle lineup, the Crew Complete is the most affordable pro shooter. This model comes with a stronger and durable deck and smooth 110-millimeter wheels. The scooter holds its own in the street and performs at a premium level in the skate park. It is the perfect pro model for freestyle scooter rider.

The Lucky Crew Freestyle comes with a lightweight, simple design, but offers all the capabilities of a Lucky pro skater. This scooter from Lucky Pro Scooters brand is best for riders who are between 4 and 4.5 feet tall. Each of its components is completely interchangeable with any of the manufacturer’s aftermarket parts. Therefore, when you progress into more advanced tricks or get taller, you can customize and upgrade your scooter to adapt it to your new requirements. With the Lucky Pro scooter, you can learn to ride like a pro on the streets or at the skate park.

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