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The lightest scooter deck is the major part of any scooter. It doesn’t matter you are a pro or not while riding If you choose the right one for you. A scooter deck can be called as a nervous system of any scooter. The best one can help you to go beyond your limits. If you want to buy or replace your scooter, we are here to help you. Choosing the right one will change your riding experience.

Now we are describe about scooter deck, and you get a best topic how and why need a scooter deck while time.

  1. Scooter size chart by height:

Scooter height is one of the prior criteria while choosing scooter decks. The height must be compared with the height of the rider. For example, if your height is 5 feet, then you should choose a scooter of 4-4.5 feet. If you choose a scooter that is not appropriate according to your height, then scootering will be a hard task for you. To enjoy an amazing ride, scooter height matters a lot. Also, the type of road you prefer for riding is concerned. If you prefer riding on a smooth regular road than an average-sized scooter is enough. But for rough roads, you need a scooter with good height compared to your size.

  1. What is the best scooter deck in the world: 

The title ‘Best scooter deck’ actually varies according to many criteria. Such as height, age experience, and the type of use. For example, a wider scooter deck with a blunt headtube will be more comfortable for a child or a beginner. On the other hand, a scooter deck with smaller foot space and minimum weight will go with the pro-level rider. So these points are to be noted before buying one. For beginners, the following scooter decks are the best choices.

  • Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck
  • District Scooter decks
  • Ethic Pandamonium Decks
  • Envy Prodigy Scooter Decks

For experts,

  • Phoenix Pro Scooter Decks
  • District Signature series
  • Ethic Erawan Pro scooter decks

These scooter decks are most popular for their features and performance.

  1. what scooter deck should I get:

Before deciding the scooter deck you should get, you need to know about yourself first. You should do proper self-analysis. If you have an average height with average weight, also if you are a beginner and wider foot space will comfort you the most. If you are a bit chubby then a strong deck body built with aluminum hybrid metal will be most suitable in that case.

Besides, the smaller foot space with a lighter weight is the best choice for people with a pro riding experience. Also the kid and adult have different categories available. For kids, a blunt headtube attached to the decks will be more suitable than the normal one. Adults also can choose according to their preferences.


  1. How to measure scooter deck length:

Measuring the scooter deck is another crucial matter before selecting a one. Generally, the deck length varies between 19-22 inches. So, you can choose it according to your comfort level. If you have a bigger foot size, then a wider foot space will be more suitable. A smaller deck length will be comfortable for smaller foot sizes. Also, shorter decks are much easier to spin. Those who want to play with the scooter, they must choose a deck with a smaller size. Customized scooter decks are also available now.

Deck length between 18-20 inches is preferable for people with 4.5 -5 feet height. And the deck length increases as the height increases. People with good height such as 6 feet or more will be comfortable with 21-22 inches deck length.


  1. Does the weight of a scooter deck matter:

Weight matters always. The weight of the scooter deck is another fundamental concern before buying one. Deck weight stabilizes the speed. It can be concerned as a speed controller. If the deck is heavy, it suits best to the beginners. Because they need to habituate with the speed. Lighter decks are mostly preferred to the pro level. Because lightweight helps to swing the deck easily. The rider can fly as much they want.

A lighter scooter deck can be easily controlled by an experienced rider. Those who want to perform heavy scootering stunt, they can easily choose them.

Heavy deck weight will allow you to move steadily. This will give the utmost comfort to the beginners. A balanced first try is necessary for scootering. So this is a basic choice for those who want to try scootering for the first time(Children are also included)

6. How much price matters:

Quality is the basic rule of buying anything. It’s the same for the scooter decks. Price does not maintain the quality but the material does. So before buying, you should check out the product guide thoroughly. In this era of technology, we can easily buy and check anything virtually. So a proper way of reading the information in need. You can go through many sites and read the reviews and finally get the deck you need.


Take care of your deck:

In the end, we suggest you take care of your deck. Care is necessary for decks, this will increase the lifetime of your decks, don’t hit or throw away it at any surface. Ride carefully, keep it clean. Every single thing you use needs care. So that’s your duty to take care of your scooter deck.


Lightest scooters are probably the most convenient mode of communication. It’s one of the Eco-friendly solutions. Scooter decks play an A fundamental role in this. Before buying the desired deck, you should go through every single step stated above. We hope you might find this article helpful.

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