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Top 13 Best Scooter decks| Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Best scooter decks are one of the most significant parts of a scooter. Scooter decks work as a controlling tool of a scooter. The size and shape of a deck determine the speed. A good Scooter deck is a lifeline for scooting. So the best one should be expected.

Nowadays, People are obsessed with cars and all. But a scooter is an eco-friendly mode of transportation. If you are concerned about the environment, scootering should be adopted as a regular habit. A nice scooter ride is no less than meditation. Smooth scootering experience can make your day and bring about the chances of your potential productivity. In this regard, you should be wise about choosing your scooter deck.

Besides this, the Scooter deck has different types. You have to pick the right one for you. For example, a deck with Bigfoot space is appropriate for regular use. These decks are also an ideal match for older people. A scooter deck can be an incredible gift for your older parents or friends. Scooter ride can be an alternate option of transportation to older people.

A scooter deck with tiny foot space and good height is the best match for pro scootering. These types of scooter decks are the priority for professional riders. They are known as professional scooter decks.

The material of the scooter deck is also important. Aluminum makes the body sturdy and light. Other metals are pretty heavy for a scooter deck.

If you are looking for an upgrade in your scooter decks, you will find it here. In this article, we have brought the best scooter decks for you.

Here we have discussed every aspect of a good scooter deck. Have a nice coffee and enjoy the article.


List of Pro Scooter Deck At Affordable Price

01. AO Epsilon Scooter Deck Black

Epsilon Scooter Deck

AO scooters are a well-known brand for the scooter lover. The recent innovation in the AO Epsilon scooter deck is a removable grind and nose blunt plate. The blunt plate is constructed from sturdy plastic materials.  You can swipe the nose blunt plate. The Epsilon scooter decks are especially functioned for the street. This is designed for both beginner and intermediate level riders.

The aluminum body helps to grind effortlessly over any surface. Such as stone ledges, concrete. It goes in full swing on metal rails. The body of this scooter is sturdy and light.

The whole thing is built in an advanced HIC compression method. It ensures you to run for a lengthy period.


  1. Length is 20.5 inches ensures enough foot space.
  2. Width is 4.5 inches which pretty enough for people with average height.
  3. Plane bottom for comfortable foot space.
  4. Stainless steel brake makes the deck sturdy
  5. Re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum deck body which ensures lightweight.
  6. Exchangeable Nose blunt plate allows smooth ride.

In a Word: The best advantage of the AO Epsilon Scooter deck is, it’s great for streets. If you are a regular scooter user. Then this scooter deck is a masterpiece for you. It allows you to ride smoothly on rough roads. These Epsilon Scooter Decks are also suggested for older people.


Phoenix Pro Scooter Deck


Phoenix Sequel Pro Scooter Deck is one of the best pro scooter deck and it’s launched product by the Phoenix Company. Already Phoenix scooter has gained massive popularity for its speed. The deck includes good features. If you have broken your Phoenix scooter, you can replace it with this sequel scooter deck. It has an additional head tube for providing you extra foot space during a ride. Best of all, the amazing color collection of this scooter deck is very rich. You can choose pretty colors such as Black, Blue, and gunmetal. If you love doing the stunt, you are going to love this scooter deck. It’s an amazing choice for beginners too. This scooter deck is an excellent companion in hilly areas. The deck body is pretty strong. You can use it for years.


  • Heat-treated 6061 T6 Aluminum ensure lightweight and strong body
  • It gets easily fitted up to 110mm Wheels
  • Includes an extra 82.5 Degree, Headtube Angle, for extra space
  • 2 Degrees of Concave are available.
  • Hardware Included for smooth riding.
  • Weighs only 3.7 pounds
  • Axels and spacers are available for ensuring extra comfort.
  • Colors available but size differs

In a word: This Scooter Deck is already popular for its amazing service. This is one of the best suggestions for professional riders. If you love fast scooter ride and stunts, this one is for you. The best part of this deck is its extra head tube, most of the scooter decks don’t have it.


District Pro Scooter Deck

District Freestyle Scooter Co. is a famous name in the field of the scooter. Their DK253 Pro Scooter Deck is a one-piece boxed designed deck. The deck comes in a very simple design. District scooter decks are well known for speed-controlled mode. The flat bottom of the scooter deck is appropriate for flat or a bit rough road. A regular-sized width and length make it so basic. This scooter deck is very light in weight. Besides, It comes in a very standard abyssal color. The flat shape of the deck helps to get a good grab on roads.  It is built with integrated headsets. Necessary wheel bolt and classic District cartridge bolt less brake are also available with the package. Though the deck model is very simple, you can easily assemble this one


  • Deck width is 4.5 inches which is perfect for both regular and stunts.
  • The deck length is 20.9 inches, absolute size for foot space.
  • It weighs only 4 pounds
  • Made from aluminum, which is responsible for lightweight
  • Axels are available
  • 3-degree concave provides good coverage in the grind
  • One-piece boxed design

In a word: Ease of transportation is the best thing about this Scooter Deck. They get easily fitted. If you are frightened about your very first scooter ride. Then you must grab this one. Very simple to fit and use. For sure, it is highly suggested for beginners and older peoples.


Ethic Matte Black Scooter Deck

Ethic has launched its incredibly designed Pandemonium scooter parts. Pandemonium Scooter Deck is the premium length deck which is very light in weight. Pretty popular scooter deck for the flexible ride and well-controlled speed. The wide dimension of this scooter deck ensures extra safety areas for the foot space. Nylon molded aluminum is the raw material of the scooter deck.  The deck bottom has a wider profile which is great for rails and curbs. So scooting on hilly roads is hassle-free. It makes the scooter fly. Simply an amazing package with an excellent toolkit including Axel and brakes.


  • 20.5 inches long deck allows wider foot area
  • Includes axels and brakes
  • Integrated headset for safety
  • Fully concave size for great grip on roads
  • Only 3.5 pound in weight which works as ease of transportation
  • 4. 75 inches width is a great height for taller people
  • Aluminum alloy 6061 T6 built deck body ensures long-lasting coverage.



In a word: Flexible ride on roads makes this deck special. The best thing about the Ethic scooter deck is you can carry it wherever you want. If you like quality about any product, this deck will satisfy you. Besides, if you want to try stunts, pick this one.


Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

Phoenix is one of the prominent aftermarket scooter company. Their Scooter Deck outstands in every feature. The most lucrative feature of this scooter deck is its fabulous color. The session deck is perfect for every session. Square shaped slim deck will make you fly. A grade quality aluminum body of this deck is built to last.

This Deck is the professional’s first choice. It is designed for pro-level riders. Tri-color features will keep the competitors alert. This is one of their most popular deck parts.  4.5 inches Width x 20.5inches Length is perfect for riding. The lightweight and slim shape makes it the best deck for a race. The deck is concave that makes the ride smooth. Besides, axels and spacers are also available to take care of the deck.


  • Best Heat Treated 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy built deck
  • Fully mobilized with Square Dropouts
  • Gets easily fitted up to 110mm Wheels
  • Head tube is attached at an 82.5-degree angle
  • Axles included for the betterment of the deck
  • Spacers are also available with the package
  • It weighs only 3.6 Pounds



In a word: This best pro scooter deck is one of the best quality products for scooter lover riders. The best thing about this product is its flexibility. You can fly high with this deck. The deck body is tough.


Phoenix Pro Scooters Ion Deck

Phoenix Pro Scooters Ion Deck is one of the best seller products of the scooter giant Phoenix Company. The best scooter decks for adults and babies. The black-colored deck body will change the outlook of your scooter. If you want to encourage your child is riding. Give this one. The integrated forged head tube is included in the deck for comfortable foot space. It is a scooter deck with a great package. The package includes Axels, washers, spacers, and nut. So in any kind of emergency, you can fix it. Five inches long width of the deck is the average height for both adults and babies. This scooter deck comes in a very particular concave shape, which provides good grape on roads. Alloy made body is built to last. So you can expect along with coverage from this scooter deck.


  • The deck width is 5 inches which is appropriate for people with average height.
  • 22 inches longer deck ensures enough foot space.
  • Includes Forged head tube for extra comfort.
  • Deck material is the premium quality heat treated T6 6061 Alloy
  • The deck shape is concave for a smooth ride
  • It is only 3.3 pounds in weight
  • The great toolkit is available including axle, washers, spacers, and nut.



In a word: Ease of transportation makes Phoenix Pro Scooters Ion Deck one of the best. If you want to buy a scooter deck for your baby, this is the best suggestion for you. It has an amazing toolkit, so it can be fixed in an emergency.


District pro Scooter Deck

District Freestyle Scooter Co. is one of the primitive brands in the world of scooters. They are popular for their unique style. Their scooter parts are very unique and functioning. District DK253 Pro Scooter Deck is one of their best scooter parts. The deck comes in a celestial color. Neochrome color will give an elegant look to your scooter. It is one of the lightest scooter decks. It is only 3.13 pounds, you can easily carry it. The wider foot space area and 83 degrees angled head tube will provide comfort during the ride. The deck shape is concave and angled at 3 degrees. The concave shape works as an asset on rough roads. Just born to ride. The deck body is made from strong metals. Metal ensures strength. The perfect width of 4.5 inches makes it proactive for rides. So it is going to make you fly.


  • The deck width is4.5 inches perfect for people with average height.
  • 20.8 inches length is much wider foot space.
  • Heat Treated 6061 Alloy made deck makes it very strong.
  • The deck weight is only 3.131 pounds.
  • 83 degrees angled head tube attached for extra wider foot area
  • The deck is angled at 3 degrees for smooth pace
  • Available in attractive Neochrome color



In a word: This Scooter Deck comes with a very stylish look. The best advantage of the product is it is very light in weight. This scooter deck ensures quality. If you want to replace a new deck on your scooter for stunts, this is the best one for you.


Ion Pro Scooter Deck

Ethic Brand is popular for its simple and elegant featured product. Erawan Black Scooter Deck is one of them. This deck is available in Black. Black adds elegance to any product. Nylon brake in this deck balances the speed. So if you are worried about speed control. There is nothing to worry about. This scooter deck is pretty simple to operate. So beginners can easily operate and install them. This one is very budget-friendly. It is a cheaper option with better qualities. It includes a mobilized head tube with amazing brakes. 20 inches long foot space is the sign of professional scooter decks. Very lightweight for carrying. This simply functioned deck is easy to operate. So novice can function this deck without any help


  • Deck Length is 20.7 inches enough for average foot shape
  • Deck Width 4.5 inches appropriate for people with an average height
  • It includes efficient Nylon brakes for speed control
  • The aluminum built body ensures coherence
  • The headtube is attached at 82.3 degrees angle for smooth riding
  • Available in multiple colors
  • The deck is only 2.68 Pounds in weight



In a word: If you are planning to start riding, Erawan Black Scooter Deck is highly suggested to you. The nylon brakes work amazingly. This scooter deck is a simple and budget-friendly product. It includes better quality at an affordable price. Ensures a long lifetime. If you want to ride like a pro, this one is highly suggested for you.


Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck

Phoenix Ion Pro Scooter Deck is the latest scooter part endorsed by Phoenix Company. Phoenix is a common name for riders. Their excellence in scooter parts began a few years back. Ion Scooter deck series is one of them. The foot space of this ion deck is wider than another scooter deck. It is available in amazing blue shade. A blue-colored deck will beautify your scooter. Except for Axle and Spacers, this deck includes brake also. The angled concave shape makes the ride smooth on disturbed elevation. Concave deck shape slim body with larger foot space, the scooter deck is ready to rock.


  • 4.5inches Width and 21inches Length makes it perfect for stunts.
  • Premium Heat Treated 6061 Alloy built deck body makes it sturdy
  • The deck weight is only 3.8lbs
  • It is an appropriate match upto110mm Wheels
  • The deck is concave in shape for extra smoothness
  • The scooter deck is designed with integrated headtube
  • Available in amazing blue color
  • The full package includes brake, axle, and spacers



In a word: The best advantage of this Scooter Deck is its sturdy body. You can perform heavy stunts. It is a strong and completely packaged scooter deck. It includes brake especially. If you want to ride like a beast, you should pick this one.


Phoenix Pro Scooters

North Scooters has launched its fifth special North Scooters Atlas Deck. North scooters deck are well known for their incredible features. Three-dimensional bent headtube emphasizes the foot space. Transit shaped design is very unique than other scooter brands. This deck is quite popular in street riders. It is the best choice for people who ride hard. The deck is very thick profiled, best for long term use. A square cutout on top and 3 degrees angled concave help in weight reduction. Wide foot space and built to the last feature will make your riding more enjoyable. This deck can tolerate heavy shakings and tenacious enough for rough riding. The Novus deck is 5.5 inches wide which is best for rough riding stunts. This deck owns a very unique design based on original atlas texts.


  • Deck is available in two different sizes of (5.5W x 22L) and (5.5W x 23L) inches
  • Deck material is premium quality aluminum
  • Three-dimensional bent headtube for swift pace
  • Deck is full-functioned with headtube angled at 6.5 degrees
  • Fully flat bottom fuels the speed up.
  • Deck ends are built with CNC machined aluminum
  • This deck includes extra spacers for quick installation



In a word: North Scooters Atlas Deck(Novus) comes in a unique design. If you are looking for something different, this one will satisfy you. Unlike another scooter bike, it offers enlarged footer space. This is another advantage. If you are planning to perform, this is your toy.


Envy Scooters  Deck

Envy Prodigy Deck V2 (Candy) is a tough weapon launched by Envy scooters. This sweet candy-colored deck comes with absolute geometric proportions. It weighs 4 pounds that make it heavy and stiff. It can be installed up to 125 mm wheels. This deck is one of the bestselling products of Envy Scooters. It stands out in both quality and comfort.19.5 inches length works efficiently for riders. People with average height is compatible for this 4.5 inches width. Besides, it can be an easy pick-up scooter deck for heavy stunts. This deck ensures a long lifetime. This deck is also available in five vibrant colors.  It comes with a long lifetime. It is an excellent product for professional riders.


  • The deck is 4.01 pounds in weight for heavy coverage
  • 4.7 inches width is appropriate for people from average to the taller height
  • Underneath width is 4,45 inches
  • The foot space is 19.5 inches
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Headtube is integrated at an absolute angle of 82.3 degrees.
  • It gets easily fitted up to 125 mm wheels.



In a word: Envy Prodigy Deck V2 (Candy) comes with a tenacious body and a long lifetime. If you want to buy a scooter deck that stands out in quality, this is the one. Apart from the sturdy feature, the forged headtube comforts the feet during riding.


District Pro Scooter Deck

District HTS Pro Scooter Deck is the brand new lightweight scooter deck released by District scooters. District scooter parts are popular for their outstanding quality. This HTS scooter is only 3.31 pounds in weight. With this weight, heavy stunts on streets can be performed. This deck is a complete package for stunts. The quad rails deck bottom makes the moves smooth. The deck is made from the outstanding HIC compression technology. It gets easily installed in wheels up to 125 mm. Angled dropout tops provide heavy coverage. The foot space is enough for professional stunts.


  • Deck width is 4.9 inches perfect for riding on-road and parks
  • Decks provide the absolute middle-ground for park riders
  • The foot space is 20.8 inches long which is enough for professional stunts
  • Classic District quad-rail extrusion and angled dropouts and are included
  • Available in stylish Titanium gray shade
  •  Headtube is angled at 83 degrees
  • The bottom is in quad rails style
  •  It is 3.31 pounds in weight



In a word: This Scooter Deck is one of the best stunt performer decks. Lightweight features help to perform advanced stunts. It is one of the premium scooter parts of District scooters. The deck height is capable of riding on roads and parks. Quad rails bottom makes it flawless.


Pro Scooter Deck

Root Industries has gained its massive popularity for innovative scooter parts. Lithium Pro scooter deck is one of their best innovation. The deck is designed with ultramodern IHC compression technology and built with Lithium. Efficient Nylon brakes make it flow like a bird on the streets. It is amazing at rapid speed control. It is best for street stunts. It is easy to assemble. This deck ensures both portability and long lifetime. All Root products offer an extensive warranty. It is light and strong. The features are very balanced in this scooter deck.


  • Gets Fitted up to 120mm x 30mm Wheels
  •  Constructed with IHC Compression Technology
  • Bent shaped Lithium Deck for a flawless ride
  • Deck width is 4.8 inches which makes the bottom sturdy
  •  The deck is 20.6 inches long, absolutely perfect foot space
  •   82.5 degree angled headtube attached with the deck
  • 2mm concave feature emphasize speed on the grind
  • Boxed deck-ends/dropouts reduce weight and make the deck fast
  • High-quality nylon brake is available
  • High-tensile axles are included in the package.
  • Unique “one-tool” installation technology

In a word: This scooter deck is highly suggested for those who like innovative technology. This lightweight deck is a professional rider’s first choice. Besides, The deck body is built with high powered technology. Wanna fly high, grab this one.


What is the lightest Scooter Deck:

Everyone wants to buy a light scooter deck. Because of its transportation facility. The lightness of a scooter deck depends upon various things. The product material matters most. Aluminum makes the scooter deck light. Among the scooter decks stated above, many of them are made from aluminum. Besides, The size and shape of the deck also play a great role in weight management. Simple one-piece boxed and round-shaped decks are the lightest. The bottom profile is also a matter of concern in weight. Thick profile bottom makes the deck heavy. Moreover, larger foot space also responsible for an increase in deck weight So, these following criteria should be concerned about buying lightest scooter deck:

  1. Product material
  2. Size
  3. Headtube
  4. Deck width,
  5. Bottom profile
  6. Foot space.

And also Top listed lightest scooter decks at present are:

  • Lithium Pro scooter deck
  • District HTS Pro Scooter Deck
  • Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck
  • AO Scooter deck
  • Apex Deck
  • Aztec Hydra Deck
  • Ethic Artifact V2 Scooter deck


After a time-consuming reading over decks, we can say that a close observation over the deck manual can help you to buy the best one. But you need to decide your purpose of purchasing the best scooter decks. A well-featured scooter deck can maximize your scooter life. Your comfort in scooter riding is dependent solely on the deck. Scooter is the best way of transportation in this era of global warming. So pick the best one for you and happy riding.


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