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The scooter has long terminated to be the number 1 form of the carrier but has gained a lot of competition. If you are interested in ” what are some kick scooter tricks,” then this article is for you. Freestyle scooters are trendy. It is not only in skate parks but also on our streets.  Children also find scooters great – they use them to navigate or stunt with them.   But not only children are excited about stunt scooters, but also adults.  Sometimes they “roll” with the bike to work or play sports.

Apply these five secret techniques to improve  kick scooter tricks

Jump with your scooter:  MTB jumps are technical resources that increasingly used in races and marches of all kinds.  In XC circuits, they are in shortcuts or gaps in which speed gained, and juicy profits achieved, which can be up to five seconds depending on the procedure.

How to prepare for a jump

As soon as you encounter a natural or artificial ramp, it is essential to expect the trajectory visually and to know what type of jump reception is available.  If you fall on a flat or uneven floor, the jump is more challenging to make, while a slightly downhill response is the easiest to handle.  Therefore, you need to build trust to have full control over the scooter and your movements, which must always be accompanied by the first.  The performance of a jump also depends on the type.  A short one with little bumps can be completed more efficiently by using only slightly bent arms and legs to cushion the descent to the floor and make it as smooth and quick as possible.

  With long jumps, a good start is given by the speed, a resource that must use in the first place.  The faster you face it, the better the result and the profits.  In this sense, practicing in scooter parks or BMX routes is strongly recommended.  Plan multiple workouts at these locations if you want to master this technique correctly.

  Note: When preparing for the jump, it is essential to position the scooter perpendicular to the ramp or obstacle and the front support leg.  Do not use the brake and keep the speed as this is required when you lift the scooter off the ground completely.

As like Rabbit Jump technique: The Rabbit Jump or Bunny Hop is a way that allows the rider to start their scooter in the air.  The scooter seems to stick to the rider’s feet when the scooter turns in the air, just like a skateboard seems to stick to the skater’s feet to do an ollie.  While hare jumping can be difficult to learn, once mastered, it opens up a whole new level of riding options for both BMX and mountain scooter riders.

  Jumping rabbits is also a useful skill for cyclists/city riders, avoiding potholes and other dangers and allowing quick mounting on the curb.

  Most of the time, bunny jumps performed on BMX scooters that are smaller than mountain scooters and are much easier to lift due to their lightness.

  There are two ways to do a bunny hop.  It is usually more comfortable if the rider uses an automatic scooter.

Note: If this not done correctly, a professional jump due to physics very quickly leads to an accident or a forced dismantling.

Handbook technique: The easiest way to get a manual is: Roll slowly on a flat or run down the surface. Pedal three quarters until you reach the excellent position of the cranks as the body moves backward. At this point, you need to keep the right balance between the sides as well as back and forth, brake the rear wheel slightly to follow the manual, stretch your legs and lift them.

  NOTE:  Before applying this technique, cheque your Health. If you have any injury, don’t use this technique.    

Side Jump Technique:

It is a long jump in which one starts with both wheels on the ground and propels to one side, remaining in a position parallel to the initial one”.The steps are the following: Achieve static balance on the ground and the position of the cranks horizontally.  Propel yourself to the side by lifting the front wheel first, and then the rear. It would be best if you fell first with the front wheel leaning heavily; the rear wheel comes as a result of the final turn that one does with the body (pull with the tail).

NOTE: It is more dangerous than a higher jump. So before side jump with your scooter, be careful.

Drop Technique: It is the vacuum drop; the higher, the more technical, and the better the balance needed. The technique consists of: Locate the rear tire on the edge of the slide, finding a frozen point of balance. Lower the scooter slowly until you feel it is horizontal, stretching your arms and sitting on the rear tire. Pedal while trying to pull the legs entirely in the air at the same time that the vertical scooter squares. Cushion the fall with the upright scooter supporting the legs with most of the impact.

NOTE: In the drop, it is essential to advance the footprint on the pedal that goes forward, to prevent that foot from slipping backward with the impact of the fall (way of avoiding the pedal stroke).”

Final Word

Start these advanced tricks little by little and hold the position for a few seconds until you feel more confident and can continue your tests. Remember that you cannot use the scooter for a long time if you are injured.  I hope you got your answer, “what are some kick scooter tricks.” is an excellent motivation to perform advanced tricks for the scooter with protection and in safe places. Keep practicing, remember that practice makes perfect

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