Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter || Review & Buying Guide

Micro Mini Deluxe is a popular scooter enjoyed by many children. It features an excellent riding performance and comes with all the useful qualities that such a product should have. This scooter offers a large choice of colors and you will surely find that particular color that your child loves. Since children, mostly prefer a bright color, we recommend you to choose the best bright color that your kid prefers. Therefore, you will certainly see your child loving a scooter ride with their new brightly colored Micro Mini Deluxe. This can be a helpful product for your kid, providing them a way to exercise outdoors and keep fit. It is also very fun to ride. The Micro Mini Deluxe is the product of days of research and testing, being well designed and well build, aiming to address consumer needs. Therefore, it is one of the best scooters for small children.


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To whom this product caters?

  • This scooter caters for small children in the age range from 2 years old to 5 years old.

These are the important features of the scooters:

  1. T- Bar Design

Small children are not so good with their body balance and they tend to lack stability and, for this reason, the Micro Mini scooter features the T- bar design. As they learn to ride, by leaning right and left, children rest on the T-bar more of their body weight. For this reason, this scooter model can help them to develop coordination and balance. All things considered, as the kids grow up, the T- bar design holds them up so they can learn how to ride better. Riders can adjust the T-bar directly from the deck, between 17” and 25”.

  1. Wheels

The Deluxe scooter is best for those parents who introduce their toddlers to the scooting life. First and foremost, the large wheels of the scooter are doing a great job, especially for those beginner children who are still learning how to ride. The Micro Mini Deluxe features the most quality wheels that ensure a smooth gliding. For this reason, the large-wheeled scooter can ride fine even over some rough concrete sidewalks. This scooter model achieves good traction and maneuverability thanks to the grippy wheels.

  1. Safety

Safety is one of the most important features for a scooter. All things considered, this is an even more important aspect when it comes to introducing your child to riding a scooter. You should never forget about your kid’s safety when aiming to provide them exercise and entertainment. The Micro Mini Deluxe scooter for toddlers has been designed with safety of your kid in mind. However, for the best protection, is better to also buy knee pads and a helmet for your kid in order to protect them while riding.

  1. The Deck

This scooter’s deck is very stable. Accordingly, for increased stability, the deck is low to the ground. This design aims to stabilize the scooter, making it comfortable to use and strong. The low deck is especially appreciated by those who are still learning riding scooters, giving some perfect rides. Kids have more confidence while riding the Micro Mini Deluxe thanks to this feature.

  1. Rear Foot Brake

For any scooter, the brakes play a key role. During scooter riding, the brakes provide control for your child. The kids can control the scooter when they want to reduce the speed by the use of the rear brake. The rear foot brake is a 100 percent safe feature for the kid. It is sensitive and responds well to commands. The scooter smoothly slows down and promptly stops when the rider uses the rear foot brake.


  • The Micro Mini Deluxe is stable and strong.
  • A smooth ride is possible thanks to the handlebar.
  • This scooter model is easy to assemble.
  • The Micro Mini Deluxe features a lightweight design.
  • This scooter is durable.
  • The Micro Mini scooter is easy to use.
  • The scooter features adjustable handlebars.


  • The Micro Mini Deluxe does not come with a manual for instructions.


Question: What is Micro Mini Deluxe’s maximum rider height?

Answer: The maximum height for the Micro Mini’s rider is 42-43 inches (ages 2-5).

Question: What are the dimensions of the folded scooter?

Answer: Rather than folding down, for easy storage/transport of the scooter you can pop-out the handlebar. The Micro Mini measures 24 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches with the handle removed,

Question: Does the Micro Mini allow adding the O-bar handle?

Answer. Yes, the O-bar is compatible with the Micro Mini Deluxe.

Question: Is the Micro Mini heavier than the Classic Mini?

Answer: The Micro Mini is the same size, height, and weight as the Classic Model.

Question: Can I change the T-bar in order to upgrade Mini to Maxi?

Answer: The Maxi scooter has a different base. You cannot upgrade the Mini to Maxi.

Question: Does the Micro Mini scooter come assembled?

Answer: Yes. All you have to do is to pop-in the removable handlebar.

Question: What is the difference between the Micro Mini Deluxe and the original Mini?

Answer: The handlebar is the main difference between the two, aside from colors/graphics.

Question: My kid needs a helmet in order to ride this scooter?

Answer: Yes, when scooting always wear a helmet.

Question: Why to choose a Micro Mini Deluxe scooter model?

Answer: Due to their longevity and quality, parents around the world recommend Micro Mini as the best scooters for kids.

Question: Can I find spare parts for my Micro Mini scooter?

Answer: Yes, you can easily find spare parts available for your scooter. They are easier to replace, as most of the parts screw together.

Question: What is the warranty of the Micro Mini?

Answer: Two years warranty covers the scooter.

Final Verdict

This is a great scooter for children that can make your kids happy as they ride it up. Experts recommend the Micro Mini Deluxe as the best toddler scooter available today on the market. No doubt, the product is well designed with your young ones’ safety in mind. For this reason, it works without failure. Another one of the features that make this toddler scooter very appealing to little children is its wide choice of colors. It features all the favorite bright colors that kids love. No doubt, this scooter carries all the good qualities required from a product designed for children in the age range between 2 and 5 years old. Any child is going to love to ride the Micro Mini Deluxe.


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