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Review The Best Cheap Scooter Parts| Find out What You Looking 2022

Nowadays, young generations can’t pass a single day without fun activities unless they are addicted to gadgets. We also don’t support gadgets addiction because it leads to severe health damage.

Well, let’s get back to our talk. We are talking about scooters, which is energetic activity. You can accomplish excellent motor skills and neat tricks to control the two or three-wheeled scooters.

If you have an electric scooter, you may want to modify it to give it a new look. Sometimes, even a dedicated electric scooter doesn’t have all the powerful components you prefer. All you can do is replace the particular part to build your own scooter.

Building your own scooter can be a daunting task if you failed to purchase the right components. You may worsen your scooter quality by installing the wrong parts. That’s why you want to ensure that you buy the right components at the right price. That’s where we come to play on here since we have tested more than dozens of scooter parts to find the best cheap scooter parts. Let’s move on to find them!

Firstly You have to Know, What Are All The Parts You Need For a Scooter?

Building a custom scooter is easy. Almost all types of scooters require the same parts to assemble. It can vary from model to model. In general, for a scooter, you need a number of parts including- deck, fork, bar, headset, brakes, compression, set grips, clamp, grip tape, wheel, bearings, axles, and spacer. These are the basic parts of a scooter. Most of the scooters come assembled. Otherwise, you can purchase these parts and build your customized scooter.

What parts do I need to build a Pro scooter?

There are several parts you need to build a scooter; all the parts are essential to building a scooter. We will discuss about the scooter body parts name and details in short.

  • Wheel: Without wheels, you can’t run the scooter. Wheels are different in bearings, diameter size, rim type, etc.
  • Deck: The deck is another essential part of a scooter where riders keep their feet while riding. If you want to build a scooter, you will first consider the deck. Scooter decks come in various lengths, widths, and either envy rear boxed end or not.
  • Pegs: Pegs are necessary for grind and rail lovers, which are known as lateral extension. They either come in non-integrated or integrated.
  • Fork: The fork is essential for two reasons: it helps keep the bars to help you turn scooters in different angles and keep the front-wheel in perfect position.
  • Brake: No one can deny the importance of the brake for an electric scooter, especially the front brake, which has more than 70% stopping power. However, the rear brake is not less; you need to use the left lever to control it.
  • Battery: Most modern electric scooters include lithium ion-based batteries. Unless you have decent quality batteries, you can’t ride for long. However, some electric scooters are suitable for manual riding too.
  • Bar: Scooter bars are the steering, which you hold in your hand to turn your ride. They are made from different materials and have various widths and heights.
  • Clamp: Scooter clamps keep scooter bars in position to forks. They vary in the number of bolts and different diameters.

Cheap scooter parts

Now We are Discussion The 16 Best Cheap Pro Scooter Parts

Here we will review eight different parts of the scooter, and we have chosen two products for every component. They are well made and come at a reasonable price. Let’s start!


The very first essential thing is the wheels of scooters. They have dissimilar sizes, colors, designs, and even materials. The quality of your scooter wheels will define your scooting performance along with riding skills & tactics.

When your wheels provide impressive grips, you can ride smoothly even on uneven surfaces. Also, good-quality wheels are shock-resistant too. If you choose larger wheels, it will improve your scooting speed, but make the scooter heavy.


1. Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels – Set with Bearings

Razor Wheels Set with Bearings


Best Price Check from amazon

If you already have your own razor scooter, the Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels Set is the perfect option to consider. They have available in numerous colors, and each wheel has 3.85 inches in diameter.

The tires are made from Polyurethane materials to ensure long-lasting durability. They are also super simple to install, even for beginners. This model is compatible with several Razor versions, especially the updated ones.

We found the wheels work perfectly for a smooth ride, and with a simple push, the scooter can go further than older wheels. On top of that, it doesn’t make an excessive sound to annoy you while riding.


2. TGM Skateboards 2 Scooter Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings – Razor Scooter 100mm

100mm scooter wheel

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Are you looking for all-rounder wheels, which can fit most scooters? The TGM Skateboards 2 Scooter Wheels come in 100mm in diameter, which can make your scooter like brand new. Enjoying a comfortable and smooth ride is easy-going when you use these wheels.

Like many sturdy wheels, it is made from Urethane insulating material to ensure decent control and impeccable speed. The wheels’ shape is perfectly round, and the bearings are equipped with low viscosity synthetic oil to fast and smooth spin. There are Abec 7 bearings included, which are easy to replace for most scooters.

Cheap Scooter Parts Deck

A scooter is not perfect without a well-made, balanced, and good-designed deck. A scooter deck comes in different lengths, weights, widths, shapes, designs, etc. Whether your professional, newbie, or trick rider, you can’t ride your scooter properly unless you have the right deck. If your old deck has already started to wear and tear, it is best to replace the broken deck with a new one.


1. Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck – 20.5″ x

Pro Scooter Deck

Best Price Check from amazon

The Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck will make your scooter really cool. It can grab the first impression with its excellent design.Additionally, it is crafted from Heat-Treated 6061 Aluminum materials and available in more than one color. One is Neo-Chrome, and the other one is Tri-Color.

The deck will fit up to 110mm wheels, and the whole deck has 3.7 Pounds weight. It is ultra-light, so when you jump, you feel like nothing at the base. The smooth surface allows users to apply grip tape easily. This durable deck also slides perfectly well on rails and coping.

2. Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck

Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck

Best Price Check from amazon

Have your familiar with Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck while reading best scooter parts reviews? The black deck is 525 mm extended and 114mm wide. It is lightweight but has a sturdy contraction. Plus, the deck is a perfect option for any newbie or regular rider.

The black scooter deck weights only 3.25 pounds, which is a perfect option for heavy scooters. If you want to boost your scooting skills, this deck is an ideal addition to your scooter parts collection list. You will never experience any cracking issue even after riding it for several months continuously.

Cheap Scooter Parts Pegs:

Stunts like Ice pick grinds, toothpicks, etc., are popular among scooter enthusiasts. Pegs are a must-have option when you want ample stability and implement lots of scooting tricks and stunts while riding. It will help you to improve your scooting performance and land in the right place with great accuracy. It can be dangerous and hard to perform risky stunts and tricks without decent pegs.

1. Kutrick Pro Scooter Pegs Set with Axle Hardware – Freestyle Scooter Grinds

Kutrick Pro Scooter Pegs

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for exceptional quality pegs set, you may want to try this package. They are super simple to set up with minimal time. Also, they are safe to install as they will improve your scooting skills.

They are made from premium-quality aluminum to ensure a long-lasting lifespan and impressive performance. Besides, it is available in several colors to match your scooter deck color and differently-sized axles compatible with the particular brand you use. Hence, it is an excellent deal of investment with super convenient service.

2. Aluminum Pegs with Strong Axle for Extreme Stunt Scooter Parts

Aluminum Pegs with Strong Axle

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for high-end pegs, then the Ideal-Enjoy stunt scooter parts, Aluminum Pegs with Strong Axle is the perfect option to consider. It comes with a shiny, colorful design to grab attention quickly. The pegs are made from top-class aluminum to help riders with stunts and grinds.

Two pegs are included in the set; one is for the rear, and the other is for the front. Its light-weight makes it stand out from other pegs, and you can efficiently perform several stunts or hitting the rails with your powerful scooters. Aside from that, it comes at an affordable price, but gives you more value for the money than expensive pegs.

Cheap Scooter Parts Fork:

A freestyle scooter riding is incomplete with scooter forks. Scooter forks come in different types like one-piece or two-piece, threaded or Threadless, aluminum or steel, etc. However, most forks are one-piece made of aluminum materials, and they are manufactured with a unique technology named cold forging or CNC to make it. Also, they have a different diameter to fit with your scooter and compression systems.

1. Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Best Price Check from amazon

Are you wondering how to get a top-notch scooter fork without digging your bank account? This fork is ultra-durable yet has lightweight. Moreover, it is compatible with both the latest and old models.

This budget-friendly fork is made from solid aluminum, and it comes in different colors too. What makes it unique from other forks is its attractive color and design to enhance your scooter appearance. The whole fork is 6 inches long with a 10mm offset. It will perfectly fit most standard-sized wheels without facing any difficulty.

1. Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Gold Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Best Price Check from amazon

We are really excited to introduce the Liberty Pro Scooters Mach 1 Gold Fork, which has breathtaking design and color. Just glancing at the reliable built-in quality will give you a hitch about the product quality. Though it is a little bit pricey than other options, cheaply-made forks come out of nowhere of this model.

This ultra-durable fork is an ideal option for beginners to improve their performance and ensure outstanding stability. It will make the freestyle tricks easy-going and hassle-free without making you injured.

Scooter Parts Brakes:

Brakes are one of the key components of electric scooters. A dedicated scooter brake can save you from getting injured by stopping instantly to prevent collision with vehicles or any hard object. During wet conditions, brakes help you to control your scooter on slippery roads. Also, your brake quality will determine stopping distance and how much pressure you need to put into taking braking action.

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1. Bicycle Brake Levers 2pcs Anti-Skid Mountain Bike Brake Handles 4 Finger

Bicycle Brake Levers 2pcs

Best Price Check from amazon

Anti-Skid Mountain Bike Brake is a reliable and efficient product with a superior stopping force to stop quickly and suddenly. Thanks to its high hardness aluminum alloy bike brake levers, they are long-lasting with an attractive design. Since it comes with a lightweight design, riders will not experience additional weight while riding the scooter smoothly.

What’s more, the unit compatible with a cantilever and V-brake, and it super easy to install for most scooters. Additionally, it doesn’t produce any notable amount of heat even though it has incredible stopping power. The most striking point it has a low price without breaking your bank.

2. CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake Front Rear Pair Set for Two Wheels

CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes another high-quality scooter brake that has high flexibility to use in different situations. It is made from aluminum alloy materials and works gently on the handles. Aside from that, it comes with both a rear and front brake system to efficiently control your scooter.

The arch size is 107mm, and it can fit most standard scooters easily. Additionally, installing the brake is pretty simple and straightforward within a short time. It has decent modulation and weight distribution to efficiently input the perfect amount of force using the lever. Since it comes with a lightweight design, riders can smoothly ride their scooters without feeling the additional weight.

Very Essential Parts “Battery”:

An electric scooter can’t run without batteries. Even most features are inaccessible if the batteries don’t have any charge. The built-in battery has enough power to turn your scooter in different ways, ride on uneven surfaces, or turn on the headlight. It also protects several parts of a scooter from the impact of high voltage and current output. However, the battery quality will start to deteriorate after a specific time.

1. YTX4L-BS 12V 3AH 50 CCA Power Sport SLA Battery – Mighty Max Battery

Mighty Max Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are on the hunt for a compact battery for your scooter, you can’t go wrong with this model. This 12-volt battery is a sealed lead acid type, and it weighs only 2.93 pounds. As a result, you will not feel heavy after installing it on your scooter.

According to manufacturer claims, it is made from high-quality materials, and it contains fiberglass mats to ensure exceptional safety for your internal components. This non-spillable battery comes in fully charged, so you will never concern about pre-charge. Most importantly, the battery has a digital display to show the current-voltage.

2. YTX7A-BS – 12V 6AH 105 CCA – SLA Power Sport Battery – Mighty Max Battery Brand Product

SLA Power Sport Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

f you are looking for a high-performance battery, then you want to try this model. It is a sealed lead-acid battery, which is easy to install in a convenient position. This shock-resistant battery has a high discharge rate to charge it quickly.

This 12-volt battery works efficiently in low and high temperatures, and it works in most scooters to ensure high compatibility. Apart from that, it is resistant to cross-resistance and has a prolonged lifespan. You don’t need to charge it fully after buying it as it comes already set and ready for installation.

Very Essential Parts “Bars”

While looking at the best scooter parts reviews, don’t you think we should include the scooter bars too? Scooter bars mainly provide perfect balance and help easily control the scooter with more comfort and stability. Most scooter bars are made from steel or aluminum tubing, and its ideal height sits around waist-to-hip while standing on the deck. They come in different heights & widths, and you will choose a particular one based on the height that prevents you from bending.

1. Liberty Pro Scooters – Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars

Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars

Best Price Check from amazon

Liberty Pro needs no introduction to making high-quality scooter parts. The pro scooter bar is an excellent example to portray the company’s reputation. This well-made scooter is made from grade 9 titanium materials, and it is relatively lightweight, weighs only 1.6 pounds.

Though the bar is lightweight, it is highly long-lasting. It can last several years easily, even after heavy scooting everyday due to its wear-resistance properties. The bar has 24-inches in width and 27 inches in height. However, users can increase or decrease the size based on their preference. This customizable bar has an over-sized diameter.

2. SCT USA Titanium 27″ x 24″ T-Bar for Scooters

SCT USA Titanium T-Bar

Best Price Check from amazon

SCT USA Titanium T-bar can provide users an enjoyable experience for scooting. This premium quality bar is made from the highest grade titanium, corrosion-resistant, and not prone to wear down easily. It is undoubtedly a high-end creation for providing professional service to riders.

It is 24-inches wide and 27-inches tall. This model can help users to improve performance for better stability and precise balance. Also, it is relatively more durable than standard bars. Needless to say, it has a vibrant and shiny design to stand out from your friend’s circle.

Our Last Cheap Pro-Scooter Parts “Clamp”

Scooter clamps are necessary if you want to secure the handlebars to the threaded fork; it provides incredible ‘clamping power’ to ensure perfect wheel setup. Some people prefer to use several clamps to improve their scooting performance. Most clamps come in either 32 mm standard size or 34.9mm oversized. It is better to tighter a clamp as much as possible using an Allen key and ensure that you do it after tightening the compression system.

1. Liberty Diamond 2 Bolt Oversized Scooter Clamp

Liberty Clamp

Best Price Check from amazon

This clamp is made from solid 6061 aircraft aluminum, which is a highly durable material. It is an ideal option for HIC Oversized Bars, and it features a heavy-duty M8 size bolt, making it much more robust and long-lasting.

The unit is 3.92 Ounces in weight and has a 7.87 x 2.36 x 1.81 inches dimension. Hence, it is a great choice of compression system because it is extremely compatible with most forks and bars.

2. Liberty Pro Scooters – aXis SCS Compression Clamp

Liberty Pro Scooters Clamp

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes another clamp for the Liberty brand. It is an excellent clamp, which comes in four different colors. The unit comes with a lightweight design, weighs less than 180 grams. It will never become loose due to its compression cap.

It is probably your best compression option, and it can be threaded perfectly into the fort and will stay in a tight position for a prolonged time. Most importantly, it will fit standard and oversize bars, which is an important thing you should focus on while purchasing the clamp.

How do you set up a scooter?

You need to follow three steps to set a scooter. All three steps are given below; make sure to follow them step by step.

Unfolding the Scooter

First of all, you will get your hands on the deck and free the lever on the left forward on it. Then, use one hand to raise the steering and press on the clamp of the folding mechanism with the other hand on the right-hand side of the scooter deck. After that, secure the handlebars by locking the first lever.

Adjusting the Handlebars

Keep the forward wheel in the position according to the length of the scooter’s deck. While catching sight of the bars, make sure the line created by the steering grips is in a vertical position to the line created by the deck and wheels.

If this doesn’t happen, use a simple tool like the Allen key to release several clamp screws on the down tube base. Then, move the steering at the center again and tighten the screws again.

Now verify whether the steering is positioned at the right height or not. To confirm about it, you can place your feet on the ground while keeping the deck in the middle and taking hold of the steering. Make sure to keep your arm a little bit bent towards the scooter, and your steering should be at your below-waist.

If the steering is not at your hip-level, you need to adjust the height level. Before pressing the spring button, make sure to free the head tube lever to move it easily. Make sure to lock the lever properly after adjusting the height.

Checking the Steering and the Wheels

To check the steering system, keep your scooter in a straight position and then move the head tube further and back. Make sure to fasten the screws on the clamp ring if you notice any looseness between the forward wheel and the steering roof. Avoid tightening the steering excessively; it may damage or block the steering system.

On the other hand, if you notice any looseness between the deck and the handlebars, lock the clamping mechanism and nuts below. Then move the upper and the lower parts of the scooter in reverse position to check the wheels.

Keep the electric vehicle in a perfect position and try to move the wheels from one side to another. It is better to re-tighten the bolt using an Allen key when any wheel moves excessively. Make sure to fasten the screws on each side of the center to ensure no loosen up.

That’s all for the setup process, and your scooter is ready to ride.

Whats the technique when think comes: How do you raise the bar on a scooter?

Most experts suggest keeping a scooter’s handlebar  18-20 inches long. However, the height may vary due to the person’s actual size. To raise the bar on a scooter, you need some things, including a spanner, a screwdriver, and a no. 5 Allen keys. Now, kindly go through our step-by-step procedures to adjust the bar on a scooter.

Step 1 — Slacken the Handlebar Clamp Latch

Begin the procedure by slackening the handlebar clamp latch. It is mainly a locking mechanism to hold the handlebar in a firm position and stop it from falling off. Now take a wrench or spanner to untie it and catch it using the tool and then swirl the spanner in the counter-clockwise direction. Avoid forcing the parts excessively; they may fly off unreasonably.

Step 2 — Increase the Handlebar Height

In this step, you will increase or decrease the handlebar height based on your needs. Make sure to act gently and cautiously to avoid the components from flying off unreasonably. You can use a measuring tape to set the height precisely when the handlebar lacks calibration.

Step 3 —Stiffen the Clamp

After setting up your desired height for the handlebar, you will stiffen the clamp using the No. 5 Allen key. All you need to clutch the handlebar and turn it in the right-handed direction.

Then you may want to pick a screwdriver to tighten the clamp firmly. Make sure to put screws in the correct holes or apertures. Use the screwdriver to implement turning force, which is essential to put them in the special perforations.

Make sure to double-check whether all the screws are screwed correctly to avoid them from falling off needlessly. Plus, be cautious while tightening them, and it is best to keep the clamp latch open to prevent unwanted harm and injuries.

Step 4 —Shutdown the Latch

Once the tightening procedure is finished, shut down the latch as fast as possible. However, the process you will use to close the latch relies upon how the latch is made. Sometimes you are hands are enough to do the job. For others, you may take the help of a spanner to do it. First, identify the latch type and take action based on it.

Step 5 —Give a Trial for Adjustment

The adjustment process is done. But, before finally using it, you should test whether the height is perfect for riding. Put medium pressure on the handlebar to see how it responds. Determine the reaction while shaking, impacting, and forcing it.

If you think the adjustment is not tightened properly, you need to redo it multiple times until you accomplish your wanted result. It will keep your scooter and yourself safe from unwanted damage and injuries while riding the scooter.

What the bottom of a scooter called?

The bottom part of a scooter is called a scooter bar. The scooter bar on a scooter is often referred to as the handlebar on a bike. Basically scooter bar consists of two vertical bars, one is downtube and another is crossbar. The slight incision at the bottom of the downtube is referred to as a slit that allows the clamp to hold the downtube in place with the fork. In order to get the most out of the clamp, the incision must be at least the same height as the clamp.

How to maintain kick scooter in good condition?

Appropriate care and maintenance will provide reasonable durability for your kick scooter. Some pro tips are given below to prolong the good condition of your favorite scooter.

Wheel Shape & Quality:

The wheels are one of the essential components for scooters since it helps you to ride the scooter smoothly on various surfaces. You must ensure the wheels remain in decent shape and free from grease. Numerous people think grease will increase the scooter speed, but it also adds dirt to the bearings. That’s why regularly clean the wheel to eliminate grease buildup or hair on the outer side.

Brake Mechanism:

Use the hand brakes frequently to stop the vehicle in times of need. Make sure the fender brakes always remain in good condition without being excessively thin.

Perfect Tightening:

One of the most common issues is the imperfect tightening of the screws. Replace the handlebar and stem if the quality already deteriorated too much. Besides, make sure the handlebar stands in an upright posture without any dent. If it becomes excessively dirty, change the bars since they are cheap and straightforward to set up.

Safe Place to Store:

Don’t forget to store your scooter in a protected place when you are leaving it idly. Avoid leaving it outside where it may get drenched or excessively hot due to direct sun. Additionally, when you keep it outside for a long time, it gets contacted with mud, rust, grease, etc., which damage the quality gradually and reduce the smoothness.

Regular Monitoring:

Regular monitoring is essential for a long-lasting lifespan. Before starting to ride the scooter, check every part properly to ensure that all components are working correctly. Some essential features you should regularly check including tightness of nuts, tire condition, brake function, brake pads condition, wheel bearing adjustment, handle grips condition, etc.


What parts of your scooter do you want to change to give your scooter a fresh, stylish, and unique look? We have summed up several essential components of a scooter. They might not be compulsory to change. But when you want a reliable, efficient, and high-performance ride, you must consider each of them.

We have shortlisted the 16 best cheap scooter parts, which are high in quality and durability. If you want to improve your scooting performance and beat your friends vigorously in the scooter race, it is best to change some essential components. The faster you replace the component, the better performance you will achieve. Hopefully, you have gotten a clear idea about all parts.

Thanks for reading!

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