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Best Experience with Glider Deluxe Scooter Review| Best Kids Scooter 2022

Scooters are becoming a common mode of transportation today. And, children are quickly catching on to this trend. If your kid is begging you to buy them a scooter, we totally get your concerns. Moreover, things can turn frustrating pretty quickly when you’re not sure what to look for. Fret not, we’ve come up with a detailed  Glider Deluxe Scooter Review from Yvolution.

Together, we’ll go through the ins and outs of this matter. First, we’ll skim through the important features you need to consider before buying a scooter, before jumping into an analysis. To calm your fears, we’ll check whether this scooter is safe, and finally come to a conclusion.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out what we have in store for you.

Glider Deluxe Scooter Review: At A Glance

  • Braking system- Rear brake
  • Deck material- Polycarbonate
  • Wheels Material- Polyurethane
  • Maximum Weight Capacity- 40-45 lbs
  • Deck Type- Wide Deck
  • Handlebar Type- Rubber grip
  • Available Colors- Blue, Pink, Green, Red
  • Weight- 5.4 pounds.

Yvolution Glider Deluxe

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Features and Benefits

If you’ve come so far, that means the quick facts haven’t been enough to justify the Glider Deluxe scooter. So, here goes the core features of the scooter, followed by the real-time benefits of each. We promise to keep it unbiased-

Tough Yet Kids-friendly Built Quality

A kid’s scooter is next to trash if it doesn’t promise utter durability while keeping it light. Upon research, we’ve found Yvolution to reflect that in Glider Deluxe kid’s scooter that we’re talking about. Hence, we’ll go through the handlebar, deck and wheels and talk through the materials, built and durability of each. It’d be easier to understand for you in this way.

Here we go-


Firstly, the handlebar comes with a superior grip, which allows for easy handling and steering. Even on the hottest days, there’s no risk of your child’s hand slipping from sweat. Sadly, it doesn’t come with an adjustable handle. However, it is beginner friendly, and the lean-to-steer method is beneficial and acts as a guiding hand. The handlebar is also removable, in case you want to store it away during the cold winter months.

All in all, it’s safe and ensures easy maneuvering.


Next, let’s talk about the deck size and shape. It comes with a rubber-padded deck so that children don’t slip even after playing in the sand. This may seem like a small feature, but offers superior grip than other scooters in this segment. There are also 3 wheels connected to the deck, which is a great way to start learning how to ride. Even if your child’s balance is a bit wobbly, they can enjoy riding around the city and gather some courage. Another nice touch they’ve added is to include a large deck size. This makes the investment behind the scooter worth it since children can use it throughout their growing stages.


The three wheels attached to the deck are made out of polyurethane. This is a great material, which acts as a shock absorber. Thus, even while riding on bumpy roads, it allows your child for a smooth ride. Moreover, it ensures durability and makes less noise compared to rubber wheels. Other than that, it can also bear more weight than traditional wheels, which makes the whole scooter sturdier. Plus there’s a lower chance of slipping on the curb and avoiding nasty accidents. Thus from looking at all the features of the scooter body, we can see that the Glider deluxe Scooter is pretty stable, and emphasizes durability all the way.

Now let’s take a look at the other important factors of the scooter, to determine whether it’s actually worth your money or not!

Wider Rear Brakes For Better Footing

When buying any kind of vehicle, the braking is something that just can’t be compromised. Even if the scooter has all other premium features and the braking falls behind, then we won’t suggest you buy it. But the Glider Deluxe Scooter doesn’t fall under this category. With a wide rear brake, your kid can easily stop the scooter with their leg in front of obstacles.

Did you know that this is proven to help build leg muscles? So you’re not only keeping your kid safe but also helping them grow stronger! If you’re concerned as to why this doesn’t have a front brake, manual scooters of this kind don’t need one to begin with. These are mainly used in an electric scooter and are pretty unnecessary for manual scooters which are usually slower.

40-45 Pounds Weight Capacity

Coming to the weight capacity, this scooter is mainly targeted towards small children. Thus, the weight of the whole scooter is around 5.4 pounds, which is extremely lightweight, yet stable enough to not lose balance.

Now for the weight capacity, it’s stated that the weight capacity is 40-45 pounds. That’s around 20 kgs for you, so you can get an idea that it’s targeted towards children from the age 3-5 years old. But you can still buy it for your child if they’re on the smaller side, and older than 5 years. Also, the weight limit is a rough estimation. If your child weighs a little more or less, they can still enjoy riding the Glider Deluxe scooter.

Safer Handlebars, Decks, & Wheels

If you’re still unsure as to whether this is a good scooter for your child or not, let’s recap the safety features once more. The handlebar comes with a rubber grip so that your little one’s hand doesn’t slip during hot sweaty days. Moreover, it comes with polyurethane wheels which have a nice grip and the extra-large deck comes with rubber grips to ensure that the kid’s foot doesn’t slip. Another small touch that keeps your baby extra safe, is that the rear brake is strong and sturdy. This ensures quick braking, but also helps develop your child’s leg muscles and contributes to their healthy growth.

All in all, this scooter was designed, keeping your little one’s safety in mind. So you can see your child having fun, while you have the peace knowing that your precious one is all safe and protected.

Numerous Available Color Options

Last but not the least, let’s touch upon what colors this scooter is available in. Now you may wonder why is this a big deal? But just think, colors are actually a huge deal for children. No matter how splendid a scooter is, and how top-notch it’s features are, your child won’t be excited using it, if it’s all dull and grey.

Keeping the little one’s preference in mind, the Glider Deluxe scooters come in bright shades of pink, blue, green, and red. These attractive colors will make sure that your child is the whole envy of the town, and also makes the scooter easier to spot in a school’s parking lot.

Wider Size Diversity 

You’ll also be glad to know that the Glider Deluxe Scooter comes in two sizes, to be enjoyed by children of all ages. The bigger Yvolution Glider Deluxe XL version, can carry upto 154 lbs or 70 kgs. Moreover, it has an adjustable handlebar, unlike the Glider Deluxe Scooter, which is targeted towards smaller children.

Things We Like

Let’s sum up the things we enjoyed about the Glider Deluxe Scooter

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Rubber grip on the handle and deck
  • Wide deck size for better footing
  • Polyurethane wheels for shock absorption

Things That Require Improvements

Despite the pros, there are a few things that could’ve been improved. They’re as follows.

  • Handlebar isn’t adjustable
  • May be difficult to maneuver for young children, due to two front wheels.

Glider Deluxe Scooter FAQ:

Question: How much does the shipping cost for yvolution y glider deluxe scooter?

 Yes, the mudguard of the scooter can be removed or customized. Moreover, the wheels of the scooter come with colorful fenders that can be attached according to your child’s preference. With four color options of green, blue, pink, and red, your child will definitely be able to personalize the scooter in their own way.

Question: How do I choose a scooter for my child?

When selecting a scooter, make sure that the height of the handlebar is compatible with your child’s height, in case the scooter isn’t adjustable. Next, don’t go for two wheeled scooters if your child doesn’t have previous experience. Also, steer clear from plastic scooters once your child is over 5 years old, since these are less durable.

Question: Does my child need a helmet to ride a scooter?

Absolutely! Even if your child only rides around the neighborhood, wearing a helmet will protect them from any major accidents. Moreover, don’t buy one helmet for your children, since they need to be well fitted. Wearing too big of a helmet will not offer protection.

Final Verdict:

With that, we’ve come to the finishing line of our blog post, guys. We hope you liked our review and got all of your concerns met.

In case you’re still unclear about our Glider Deluxe Scooter Review, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your questions.

Also, do tell us if you think we missed something. Until then, stay happy and keep riding!

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