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Best Scooter Helmet || Buying Guide Tips 2020

Scooters are the most discussed topics at present. It is very useful for a short distance. Everybody has an interest in scooters from the children. But you have to keep in mind the subject of the helmet with the scooter. You must also consider the safety when riding, That’s why need to collect Best Scooter Helmet. There are many things to consider for finding a good helmet. Colors, features, stability, etc. should be carefully reviewed before the buy. We will give you an idea of how to get a good scooter. Considering the safety of the market analysis, we have chosen the most popular stylish helmets for you. Each scooter is detailed with pictures so that you can easily choose the best scooter helmet.

At a glance important kick scooter Helmet Review

  • Bell Qualifier Full-Face scooter Helmet
  • Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet
  • Unisex-Adult Half Size scooter Helmet
  • Vega Helmets Warrior Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women
  • LS2 Helmets Rapid Crypt Graphic unisex-adult full-face-helmet
  • Daytona scooter Helmets Half Helmet Skull Cap
  • TORC T55 Spec-Op with ‘Flag’ Graphic scooter helmet
  • Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Top Rated Best scooter for Helmet Reviews & Feature

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

We are now introducing Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet.  The Razor V-17 multi-sport helmet is the best scooter helmet on the market. You get 2 facilities at a time to use this helmet. You can get style and full safety. It has a gorgeous cutting edge design. You can also use for sports. Razor V-17 has a big part, you can get superior security and protection. A rider can easy ride without heat and disturb. If they long time ride head didn’t hot.

Razor V-17 Helmet


  • Cutting edge design.
  • Comfortable wear
  • Efficient breeze facility
  • Heavy Helmet
  • Superior quality & Colorful attractive design.

Adjustable Foam KIDS Bike Helmet- best kids bike helmet

The kids’ bike helmet is the another best choice For your child. This helmet is perfect to wear and safety. This helmet is liked by children’s, Because of this helmet nicely decorated and variety design. A child feels comfortable to wear, this helmet, and gets free from the sun. Breeze enter and exit available that’s way child didn’t uneasy. Child feel also comfort at summer, it has 14 vent holes for cooling air flow. Adjustable toddler and strong equipment prefer kid’s age 3 to 7 years.

Kid's bike helmet


  • This helmet certified by CPSC
  • Easy and Lightweight
  • Two-year warranty
  • Scratch free & cool enterior design
  • Attractive child colorful design

Bell Infant Sprout Bike Helmet || Infant bike helmet

bell infat scooter helmet

Bell Infant Sprout Bike Helmet is very popular to children. You know that Children prefer lighter and shiny, Where this helmet will be like your baby’s mind. You must not take any risks to your baby, In this case, this helmet Protect your baby all around the side.  It has very softness foam and structure, which comfort for any little age baby. The extended rear coverage of the helmet offers additional protection. Though it’s made for specially 1year age kids, but you can also use up to three years kids.


  • special for 1year baby age.
  • Classic bicycle helmet
  • High quality ventilation process
  • Can be easily fitted
  • Extra protection system available
  • Avoid hook mackanism
  • Light weight and sofety

Performance Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified is the great helmet and it is Certified helmet is a team favorite across every sport. It has a better protection and sweat control, which feel comfortable ride time. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet has ​features most durable, high impact ABS shell, EPS liner with compression molded pads, 11 open vents, and a wide array of styles to find your perfect fit. You can easily use it. its built-in good quality will not disappoint you. This helmet you can also as skateboard helmet.

Classic Certified Skate Helmet


  • Safety  skin of your kid.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable & strong
  • More circulation

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Helmet-Kids Scooter Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter Helmet is another best stylish scooter helmet. This helmet is made in a very conscious and powerful way for safety. Inside the helmet, the foam and belt are arranged in a way that protects your child. It has 2-stage foam liner wrapped in Dri-Lex for maximum which give riding comfort. Most of the people use it and choice for less distance. Its ventilation air flow gives you a peace and your ear free from pressing.

Kid's scooter Helmet


  • It has wonderful design & color.
  • Air ventilation
  • Smooth & comfortable.
  • Secure locking buckle

Little Nutty Bike Helmet for Kids - baby nutty helmet

 Must be we become  worried when my child goes to outdoor for their safety concern. When comes to scooter, then it will be more. Little Nutty bike helmet remove your tension about safety. These kids helmets keep your baby cool all day long. Its airflow system and extra safety give you best kid’s helmet. It is most choice able helmet for child. It has adjustable dial strap along with three (3) foaming pads of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm give you ample possibility of having the perfect fit.

Little Nutty Bike Helmet


  • Multi-Sport, Street-Styled Helmet
  • Stylish & fashionable helmet
  • It has 11 vents and internal channeling for air flow
  • Get 360 degree reflectivity for a flashy look and extra safety.

Bell cruiser riot adult motorcycle helmet-bell riot helmet

bell crusier

A helmet is the most important part of ridding vehicles. For safety you have to use a helmet. If you are searching best adult helmet, may be you are in right position. This helmet is one of the most popular helmets. People like it most. The scooter definition largely depends on the man or woman who ride it. It boasts a polycarbonate/ABS shell construction and this helmet comes with a shield that is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV-protected. The main thing about this model is that you do not have to worry about being bothered by the road noise.

For convenience, you can want to know that this item comes with an interior that can be removed and cleaned .It is a best thing that the Qualifier has also been equipped with contoured cheek pads for an adequate fit. You can choose this helmet with confidence. It is a lovely product.


  • It is one of the protected helmet.
  • This helmet looks attractive, with its matte black finish.
  • The construction is a durable one, made with strong ABS.
  • When you wear this helmet, your eyes will also be protected by the shield that comes with many positive things like anti-scratch, UV protection, and anti-fog surface.
  • You can clean it easily. You can wear it easily .And remove it easily.

Core vintage open face helmet-best open face helmet reviews

open face helmet

Core vintage open face helmet is a light weight and comfortable helmet. When you are searching for a retro helmet to wear on your scooter, then you can choose the Core Vintage brand helmet. It looks like a ¾ helmet from the 60s and comes with a stylish exterior that will effectively impress everyone. Your scooter journey will enjoyable with this helmet. When you choose this model, you will get a 3-snap bubble visor as well as the possibility to attach a 5-snap flat shield for increased protection. It shell is made with an injection-molding technology, which confers it strength while also keeping it lightweight. The interior is lined with soft plush nylon that’s also breathable for a comfortable ride even when used for extended periods of time. The premium automotive paint finish gives this helmet the ultimate vintage look so you will definitely be proud to wear it throughout the city. This helmet benefits from modern technology. It is a better protected adult helmet.


  • Ventilation facility
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable foam use
  • Easy to wash
  • Attractive design
  • Parts have available

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet- triple eight helmet

Duel certified

Triple eight dual certified bike and skateboard helmet is a perfect helmet for the scooter rider. It is a good protected helmet. You can take this helmet with relaxing. The Triple 8 Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet include two different sets of removable Sweat saver Fit Pads to customize fit, and has an adjustable chin strap with side release buckle. You can super comfy and feel confident to use this helmet. It is available in three sizes:

  1. XS/S fits 19.7 – 21.5 in (50 – 55 cm)
  2. S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm)
  3. L/XL 22.75 – 24 in (58 – 61 cm).

Helmet liners should be used to further customize the fit. Manufacturer’s 180. Without tension you can buy this helmet.


  • Duel certified for bike/scooter and skateboarding
  • Standard safety concern
  • Strong quality and safe your head from hit
  • Ideal helmet for riding time use

Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Helmet -thousand bike helmet review

 Anti-Theft Helmet

Thousand adult anti guarantee bike helmet is one of the best helmet in the market. You can buy it with relax. It is the first stylish helmet to keep people who safe, while expressing their personal style. It designed a functional and lightweight bike helmet that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety .It is a popular helmet also. This helmet lock system is good. Patent-pending Pop Lock is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. It is perfect for the daily user.


  • Stylish and well decorated design
  • Men and women can easily use with comfort
  • Can be easily fitted to the head
  • Comfortable ventilation system
  • It has secret pop lock and anti-Theft Policy
  • Easily adjustable fit system
  • European and American safety standard

Typhoon Motorcycle Helmet - full face helmet-pairing ilm helmet

Modular full face

ILM Motorcycle Modular full face helmet is one of the best bike helmet for the rider.  It must be mentioned that this model is compliant with all the safety regulations issued by DOT so that you can wear it on public roads with full confidence. This scooter helmet is made from an ABS shell, designed to resist wear and tear, and also keep it lightweight, to avoid the usual fatigue that can appear after wearing a helmet for a long time. This helmet comes with removable cheek pads that can be washed so that your helmet doesn’t become an environment for bacteria to thrive. You will appreciate the sleek design that makes it more aerodynamic and capable of reducing drag. Since it is a modular helmet, you can turn it into an open face model.


  • Maintained DOT Safety Standards
  • It has Micrometrically Adjustable Strap
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design and Reduces Wind Noise
  • More color available
  • This helmet is very compact and featured.

Best scooter Helmet buying guide tips

When you will ride a scooter then helmet will be essential part of your ride. Then you have to buy a helmet. When you want to buy a helmet then you have to know some tips. Because it its important part of buying and selecting helmet. Helmet is the safety of riding scooter. People have to understand the importance of helmet.  There are some tips for buying helmet.

Use materials: Materials is the main things of a helmet. Low quality materials are not good for helmet making. So, if you want a better quality helmet then you have pay attention about the using materials.

Light weight helmet: Weight is also very important things before buying helmet. If you understand which helmet is comfortable for you then it is easy to buy a helmet. You can choose with your demand. But light weight helmet is much comfortable for everyone. Most of the people prefer light weight helmet. A light weight helmet is very relax able, easy to moves your head and don’t have panic to use long time.

Fitness: You have to choose a well-fitting helmet. There are different types of helmet in the market. You have to choose for your fitness. If it is too loose to ware, it will drop every time when you ride. If it is too tight to ware it will be difficult and you will be also feel uncomfortable. So fitness is very important for buying helmet. Which helmet have proper belt and system for fit, it will be good. You can customize as per as your requirements.

Helmet size: There are many sizes of helmet on the market. Small, medium, large size helmet is available in the market. Helmet size is important to riding any situation. Excess air can cause problems while riding the bike, which will make you feel better at the right size. You can choose the size of your personal demands.

Helmet prize: The Prize is one of the main issues of buying every product. There are many types of helmet in the market level with different prizes. So you can easily choose the right one according to your budget. A good budget helps you to get high quality branded helmet.

Riding safety issue: People mainly use helmet for safety. When you ride a scooter then unconsciously you can fall down in the scooter. That is harmful to you. For this reason you might injure. So helmet is very essential part of riding vehicles. You must should be check before buy. Foam, ventilation system, nock clip etc. is very essential for safety.

Face protected helmet: Face protected also very important part of buying helmet. Safety is fast. There are full-face, half-face and open face helmet in the market. You can buy a helmet for your won choice. Open face helmet is more comfortable to ware but full-face is more protected. But when you ride less accident vehicle or small distance like non electric scooter or Hover board not necessary for full face.

Consideration when we review- take best way

It’s natural time is money or time is value. At this point know that your time is also valuable and you have no extra time to find out or analysis a best scooter helmet. Thinks about customer, we are try to level best search best helmet. Kick scooter mart team selected every product list has been carefully and technically from thousands of available product. You can depends us to get best review and have good quality product with highly rated.

When we search product, we never compromise with quality and feature. First step we confirm quality with durable product. We know that without a good quality product people didn’t satisfied. We have selected products for different category like budget and customer. Our product has within $75- up to $300 over. In these circumstances customer can select their product according to their choice. We work for that there is something new & different for everybody on our list.

Our team select every product has been researched and we assure confirmed that it is worthy of making our top list. We don’t consideration that product which has no a minimum quality and feature. As a result people can easily select their preferable and right product.

We maintain some following steps: When a consumer searching for a new product must need check some following steps, such as quality, color and basic information and its needs to be informative with proper way.

Proper information: Our review has proper information. No short or unnecessary topic here. People are get full details of product. You can read full idea and clear image and feature which helps to take right decision.

Honest and some advice: We evaluate every product with a lot of honesty. We write clearly about the durability, quality, feature size, etc. of the product. Our goal is to highlight the right qualities, not to mention any brand. We also provide consumers with a variety of directions that make it easy for them to select products.

Size of the helmet: There are different types of helmet in our factory. You can choose what you want.

HELMET FOR MEN & WOMEN: A unisex women’s and men’s bike helmet certified for riding a bicycle, road bike, , skateboard, longboard, or e-scooter .we can give you both types of helmet.

Brands: Brand is an important factor in product selection. Some well-known expensive brands always try to produce some good products. It is not wrong for us to consider such products.

Questions ans Answer

Yes, can do. Here have no class to use helmet. All kind ages of people can different helmet.

No, helmets of every size are available in the market considering the size.

Each helmet comes with a ribbon which helps to fit the helmet.

Scooter helmets are available in the market starting from low prices to much higher prices. You can helmet choose according to your budget.

You can use helmet when riding scooter or bike. CPSC certified also said this. But not for mountain bike or boarding.

Yes, sure. Most of the time their need small size helmet.

Finallt we said

Kick scooter mart try to best review with right informative. Frequently we update our product and find out new and recently top product. We believed that our review will help people to get best scooter helmet. You can also advise us, how we can improve more and how can increase our specialty.

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