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Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter Review 2022| Review & Guide

Madd Gear needs no introduction in the action sports market as it has become a prominent brand since 2002. It is a top favorite choice among sports fanatics as well as professional athletes.

Every year or within 2 or 3 years, the company comes with new models and a new scooter series. Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter is one of the finest series till now. Have you ever read any Madd Gear Kick Extreme scooter review?

There are so many benefits associated with riding a kick scooter. This convenient and portable device can help you learn to balance your body, save your time, get some workouts, etc. Also, you get some fun rides while enjoying the outside environment.

Finding the best Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter from the bottomless option can be a tricky job. You may end up picking a wrong up if you don’t know the bad side and good side of the product.

In this MGP Kick Extreme scooter review session, we will discuss some top-quality kick scooters. After reading this post, we are pretty sure you will find your preferred one. Let’s jump in!

Top Best 5 Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter Review| At a Glance

What Is The Difference Between Madd Gear Scooter And Razor Scooter Brand?

Madd Gear scooters and Razor scooters both are two leading brands in the scooter industry.

Razor scooters are well-built, lightweight, and have decent motor power. They are mainly used on sidewalks. Razor brand primarily made foldable and compact-sized scooters for high portability.

On the other hand, Madd Gear scooters focus on manufacturing cutting-edge scooters. Whether you are a newcomer, intermediate, or pro player, they offer a wide variety of options to choose from. They also introduced so many stunt scooters too.

Is Madd Gear a good scooter brand?

In the world of scooters, Madd Gear already distinguished itself from other scooter brands. They offer a wide array of scooters with different product series. Aside from that, they have introduced the first titanium components package recently.

You have an enormous scope to choose from a wide range of options. Plus, they make scooters from high-quality materials to ensure durability. Other than this, you can choose their scooters based on your scooting performance, like a beginner, moderate, or advanced. Even if you are looking for a stunt scooter, they also offer that too.

What does MGP stand for Scooter?

MGP stands for Madd Gear Pro, which is a popular series from Madd Gear. This “Pro Scooter” category is mainly focusing on Pro and Flow Riders. The series was established in 2002, and they are still trying to add new technologies and features to make scooters more convenient and user-friendly.

You have an enormous scope to choose from a wide range of options. Plus, they make scooters from high-quality materials to ensure durability. Other than this, you can choose their scooters based on your scooting performance, like a beginner, moderate, or advanced. Even if you are looking for a stunt scooter, they also offer that too.

How to Assemble MGP Scooter?

First of all, you need to pull the MGP scooter out of the box. When you pull your Scooter out of the box, you will notice it looks like a zip-tied together. The good news is that most MGP scooters come in almost 90% assembled. As a result, there is really not much you have to do—all you need to just slide the bar on and tighten up the clamp.

The best way to tighten the clamp on your Scooter is to do it evenly. You tighten it down evenly so that you don’t strip the bolts. Make sure to apply equal clamping force on the top and bottom at the same time.

In Depth Top 09 Madd Gear KickExtreme Scooter Review

1. MADD GEAR MGP Kick PRO Scooter – Suits Boys & Girls


Best Price Check from amazon

Let’s start our review session with the MADD GEAR MGP Kick PRO Scooter. It is a perfect choice for riders aged six years or more. Younger who prefers to play with a retro-style kick scooter will surely love this model.

The unit is available in 5 different colors, so picky riders will not struggle to choose a convenient one. More importantly, all five colors have a vibrant appearance along with catch texture to stand out from the crowd. So, while riding sideways, you will surely grab passerby’s attention.

This unisex product has improved design and features than the old models. It takes the authenticity to the next level as many world-class pro-level riders tested and approved it.

What’s more, the maximum weight capacity of this Scooter is around 220lbs —perfect for younger teens. According to many experts, the kick scooter is an ideal addition for beginners and intermediate riders. With its 19” by 4”heat-treated aluminum deck, it gives your sufficient foot space for easy riding.

You can install up to 120mm wheels on the forged aluminum fork. That gives you a lot of flexibility to include mod or wheels instantly. Apart from that, it comes with a single-piece Chromoly handlebar. It is 18 inches wide and 22 inches long. Also, you can adjust it. This type of handlebar is incredibly hardwearing without showing any sign of fatigue.

Furthermore, the kick scooter has 130mm swirl grips to provide comfort while riding. Plus, it can absorb shock to keep your hand stress-free during stunts and cruising. Above all, it comes with three years limited warranty to ensure long-lasting durability.

Why We Liked It:

This Kick PRO Scooter is tested and approved by professional-level players, which indicates its exceptional quality.


  • Only a few customers feedbacks

2. Madd Gear VX8 Extreme X Titanium Pro Scooter

Madd Gear VX8 Extreme X Titanium Pro Scooter

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes a historic complete scooter for the Madd Gear brand that is made from titanium components. If budget is not an issue for you and all your preference is after a luxurious scooter, this model can be considered a great choice.

On the handlebar, there is some TP art drawing drips that looks amazing. It is pretty soft and comfortable; you will not face any problems.

It features a 26 inch high by 26 inches wide grade-9 oversized titanium bar, which is super light and extremely strong. It is perfect for most young teens and adults.

Plus, it has an aluminum forged double clamp with titanium hardware. It also comes with a Madd gear integrated headset, which is pretty good spins excessively fast. Aside from that, it includes a 4.8 wide and 20.5 extended aluminum deck. The deck contains a slip-resistance pad to ensure a longer lifespan and comfortable grip.

The degrees of concave also integrated ad includes tryouts with a fluted inside, which means all weight has been taken out as possible, making this super light.

Additionally, it features plastered deck inserts that stop tracking and bending over time from drawings. As for the fork, it has a catchy appearance and unique design. One plus point for this fork is that riders will not experience any foot jams (like shoving your foot.

What’s more, the unit has two 120 millimeter titanium wheels. Both front and back wheels work smoothly on different surfaces for convenient riding with minimal effort.

Why We Liked It:

It is one of the finest kick scooters introduced by Madd Gear that are made of titanium components.


  • Pretty expensive.

3. Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scooter – Great for Kids Ages 5+

Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scoote


Best Price Check from amazon

Are you looking for a foldable and compact kick scooter? Then, your wait is over; grab the Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scooter and fulfill your high demand.

It is one of the lowest-priced kick scooters in our Madd Gear kick extreme scooter review list. But that doesn’t mean it will not offer you the ultimate comfortable journey you want. In fact, it has all the necessary features to be deserved in this kick scooter list.

When you consider its low price, you might be surprised to see it performs even better than high-priced scooters. As for the quality, it is made from decent quality materials to provide a minimum of few years of services easily.

The minimum recommended age for this Scooter is five years; it can load up to 143Lbs weight. As for the design, it comes with blue-black combined textures that look pretty cool.

Thanks to its one-click folding mechanism to save space for storage, you can even carry it easily as it has a lightweight design. What’s more, there is built-in suspension under the deck to offer a smooth and vibration-free journey while riding on bumpy roads.

Aside from that, its front wheel has shock-absorption properties to avoid shaking or frightening you. Not to mention, it has a comfortable handlebar that allows you to control the kick scooter more conveniently with minimum effort. It features new Eva Slimline comfort foam grips to keep your hands relaxed while riding.

People say you get what you paid, but we see you are getting more than what you are paying! It is a worthwhile investment as it is on the low-price side without compromising the quality.

Why We Liked It:

The unit comes with a foldable design for easy storage, along with a low price for people who have a strict budget.


  • Not as much as durable as high-priced models

4. Madd Gear MGX S1 Complete – RECCOMENDED for Ages 4+

Madd Gear MGX S1

Best Price Check from amazon

If you want to take your morning commute to the next level, the Madd Gear MGX S1 Complete is a great option you can consider. Its 110mm wheels are made from hollow-core materials to ensure lightweight. It won’t be hard for you to maintain strength. More importantly, you can expect a safe ride even while riding at higher speeds

Suitable for 4+ ages, the adult scooter has a decent load capacity. It comes with a low-profile design to make the riding experience enjoyable. You have nothing to worry about while riding speedily with its strong rear-wheel friction brake.

The Madd Gear MGX S1 is available in two colors: black/green and purple/teal. Hence, boys or girls can easily pick this model. We particularly like the Aluminum Extruded Deck that will be long-lasting and requires low maintenance. Also, it doesn’t attract pests. However, it has a compact footprint, 18 inches long. If you are 5’-6′ tall, it may not be an ideal option for your large feet.

Young boys and girls like the height-adjustable handlebar; the manufacturing company mainly followed Japanese Chromoly Standard Diameter with Internal Fluting to make it.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have any foldable design. As a result, it will take a little more space than foldable scooters. However, as it is lightweight, even younger kids can easily carry it.

It is one of the best kick scooters for commuters who prefer a decent quality kick scooter with digging their bank accounts.

Why We Liked It:

The Madd Gear MGX S1 Complete features high-quality wheels that go smoothly on different surfaces, making it a must-have option for young who want to drive on different surfaces.


  • Small deck size
  • No foldable mechanism

5. Madd Gear Zycom Easy Ride Hydraulic Folding Scooter

Madd Gear Zycom Scooter

Best Price Check from amazon

Can you imagine an ultra-stylish scooter? No worries, you don’t need to when you have the Madd Gear Zycom Easy Ride Adult Scooter. This modern Scooter will surely grab your first impression through its vibrant appearance. It comes in two colors with a cool color combination: blue/orange and green/blue.

If you plan to quit public transport and enjoy your weekend full of adventures, Madd Gear Zycom can be an impressive option.

Another thing we like about this Scooter is its larger wheels to ride smoothly and quickly, even on the most challenging terrain. Unlike other 200 mm wheels, we found its wheels last more than others even after taking heavy messes.

We love how easy it is to hop on and off public transportation thanks to the practical, one-step folding mechanism. Additionally, its convenient design makes parking and storing a straightforward task.

Another important thing that came in front is its sturdiness. It features a heavy-duty full aluminum deck frame that dissipates heat better and has scratch-resistant properties.

Not only this, it also has an Aluminum bearing, making it resistant to wear and corrosion. Besides, it supports high load-carrying capacity with balanced strength.

No matter what roads you are driving, this beast delivers quality rides, even downhill. You’ll love how responsive it is on various terrains.

Both adults and kids can smoothly use this Scooter as it has an adjustable bar. No doubt, the unit is the best choice for commuters who can’t wait to explore a nerve-racking riding mode.

Why We Liked It:

It comes with a color combination, along with safe and adrenaline-charged riding mode.


  • Handlebar tolerance wiggles

6. Madd Gear Flight Light-Up Scooter – Great for Kids Ages 3+ – Multi-Function LED Light-Up Deck

 Madd Gear Flight Light-Up Scooter


Best Price Check from amazon

Just because you want a decent quality Madd Gear kick scooter, you don’t need to always go beyond the budget. That’s where the Madd Gear Flight Light-Up Scooter comes to play.

Parents who are looking for a multi-functional scooter for their children will surely love this Scooter. It features four different LED patterns that make it cool-looking while riding it. Also, it comes in two colors: blue/green and teal/pink.

This light-up Scooter has an adjustable handlebar, which you can adjust up to 3 levels. As a result, riders can smoothly ride the Scooter without having any back pain.

Designed for no compromise, perhaps one of the most impressive things about this unit is its dual suspension. Your entire riding will be almost vibration-free.

Controlling and balancing the kick scooter is pretty straightforward. Even children can get used to riding the Scooter within a short time. What’s more, users need minimal effort to push the Scooter as per push can go a longer glide distance.

Other than this, the Madd Gear Flight scooter features a foldable design for convenient storage in a limited space. With its small size and lightweight, you can easily carry it on public transports.

Thanks to its tight handlebar that doesn’t get prone to any shakiness. Hence, parents can expect a safe riding experience for their kids.

Several parents gave positive feedback for buying this Scooter for their kids. One parent shared that the Scooter has a solid construction, excellent grip tape, and an amazing color combination. She added that her kid feels secured and confident while riding on the Scooter. She also loved the switch, which allows her to turn different lights.

Another parent commented that she bought this Scooter for his 6-years-old boy. His boy loved the light-up feature. Also, it is pretty easy to store and balance.

Why We Liked It:

It has a cool light-up effect and an affordable price too.


  • No warranty

7. Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scooter – Great for Kids Ages 5+

Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scooter

Best Price Check from amazon

When searching for the best Madd Gear Kick Extreme Scooter, you never want to compromise the look. The Madd Gear Carve 100 Alloy Folding Kick Scooter comes with a stunning design to grab the first impression. However, this Scooter is capable of much more than looks.

As for the wheels, they are made from polycarbonate a material, which has excellent durability and high impact resistance. The wheel size is 98 mm; it is small than average kick scooters that give riders more scope for quick steering.

Plus, due to small wheels, you will get additional space. However, you need to keep in mind that the kick scooter might be unstable at high speed. But you will not face any while riding on average speeds.

The recommended age for this Scooter is a minimum of 5 years, and its highest load capacity is 143LbsAny kid above five years old would find it appropriate. So what makes the Carve 100 perfect for kids? Obviously, it’s adjustable handlebars so kids can use the Scooter while growing up.

As it comes with small wheels, there is a decent space on the deck. Kids with long feet can easily place their feet on it without changing it frequently.

A stand-out feature of this model that we can’t miss is its New Eva Slimline Comfort Foam Grips on the handlebars to make your hand relaxed while riding. Plus, it can absorb sweat, so kids will feel comfortable even while riding during the summer.

Apart from that, the unit has a rear braking mechanism on the left handlebar to stop the Scooter instantly. It will save your kids from accidents.

Why We Liked It:

It is made with high-quality materials and features a rear braking mechanism.


  • Only suitable for kids

8. Madd Gear Complete Cruiser Skateboard 4 New Graphics – Suits Ages 5+

Madd Gear Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Best Price Check from amazon

Commuters who want a smooth and quick journey can pick the Madd Gear Carve Pro Stunt Scooter. This pro scooter has excellent design and color for riders who prefer to always stand out from others.

Riders can ride this Scooter on different surfaces, especially on the pavements. It is an excellent option if you want to learn new tricks as it features a high-tensile threadless fork and sealed headset.

Whether you want to ride in on the streets or skate park, you can scoot well with its 100mm composite flex brake. Thanks to its 100mm nylon core wheels that have robust construction and are perfect for entry-level riders. This type of wheel can show reliable performance with a low weight ratio.

We found the Madd Gear Carve Pro Stunt Scooter is one of the best light kick scooters on our list.  There is an internal suspension on the front of the vehicle that reduces vibrations while riding on bumpy and jagged terrain, giving users comfortable rides at every moment.

As for the customers’ feedbacks, they liked the products. But the only thing they complained about is its handlebar’s adjustability. Even more than 5 feet 6 inches, teens will face some difficulty even after adjusting to the highest level. That’s why it could be better if the scooter is a little bit taller.

However, for any ordinary kid, it doesn’t seem any problem. And, as for the quality, it is unquestionable. It can easily last few years easily even after heavy use. On top of that, it requires less maintenance like other kick scooters.

Why We Liked It:

It is made from heavy-duty materials and ideal for tricks and stunts.


  • Limited height adjustment

In this time we review some — Madd Gear Accessories

1. Madd Gear MFX X2 Cobra Clamp

Madd Gear MFX X2 Cobra Clamp

Best Price Check from amazon

A true one-of-a-kind light and simple clamp, the MFX X2 Cobra Clamp stands out from the competition.

The clamp comes available in only one color: the Blue Ano. It has two five-millimeter bolts to make sure it’s held evenly. These bolts are much stronger than ordinary clamp bolts.

The x2 Cobra clamp is compatible with both oversize and standard bars. However, you will need to purchase a shim separately if you want to run standard bars with this clamp.

As for the construction, it is made from ultra-lightweight and robust, high-quality alloy materials. Hence, it has long-lasting durability without any doubt.

What’s more, it has a durable anodized finish that is heat-resistant, non-toxic, and chemically stable. More importantly, it is resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Cobra Clamps are designed with high-tensile hardware and flared bases that fit snuggly over your headset dust caps.

Why We Liked It:

It is made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and fits both oversize and standard bars.


  • Only available in one color

2. Madd Gear Rwilly Signature Bars

Madd Gear Rwilly Signature Bars

Best Price Check from amazon

The Madd Gear Rwilly Signature Bars is one of the best bars for kick scooters in the market. Since it comes from a well-known brand, it is reliable to use. As for the color, the unit comes in two colors: black and gold. Both versions have a classic and stylish appearance to match with your kick scooter.

The signature bar is 25 inches wide by 26 inches tall. Plus, the bars exposed comes with a shim. The shim is pretty much for HIC compression. You can run that compression, but it is optional.

As it is made from aluminum, so the inside diameter is a standard size diameter while the outside diameter is oversize. Hence, if you’re running SES, you need to have an SCS— because it is compatible with the oversize bars. For that, you will first remove that shim, slide the bars in, and you are ready to go.

No assembling is required for this bar as it is a one-piece product. Thanks to its hydro-formed design that is specially shaped at high pressure using hydraulic technology.

Additionally, though it comes with a huge diameter, it weighs only 900 grams. Hence, it will not add much weight to your scooter to make it heavy.

Apart from that, it has an anodized finish that ensures no color fading during the service. Also, it is incredibly resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Why We Liked It:

It is a hydro-formed alloy bar crafted from one piece of 6061-T6 Alloy that has long service life and excellent contraction.


  • Pretty expensive

3. Madd Gear Scooters MFX 4.8″ Green Scooter Deck

Madd Gear Scooters Green Scooter Deck

Best Price Check from amazon

Madd Gear Scooters MFX 4.8″ Green Scooter Deck is only available in green color on Amazon. When you take it out of the box, there’s nothing else inside besides the scooter deck itself.

The deck comes with pre-installed with grip tape, which is pretty nice. The back end comes with a standard back axle with a 5 millimeter head on one side and a 13-millimeter nut on the other.

Besides, it features four spacers that have perfect for normal-sized wheels and most Madd Gear wheels. This slimmer version deck has durable plastic, along with a steel tab at the bottom, which reduces the heat transfer from the wheel to the top of the brake.

What’s more, the deck is 4.8 inches wide and 21 inches long; it comes with a head tube angle of 84 degrees that is incredibly nice to keep you straight.

The Blitz brake features a integrated nut on the inside, which is casted into the mold, meaning you don’t have to use a nut. Instead, you can literally just tighten with your tool, and that’s all.

This hand integrated deck weighs 1.74kg; it is slightly weighty than 4.5 mm MFX. Due to its wider diameter, it feels solid under your feet.

Why We Liked It:

The unit includes Rear Axle & Wheel Spacers and has a wide and flat base.


  • A little bit heavy

4. Madd Gear Scooter Stand, Green, One Size

Best Price Check from amazon

A scooter stand is a must to keep it situated nicely. It prevents tripping or falling and damaging surfaces. However, not all scooter stands are made equally. But one thing we can guarantee you can’t go wrong with the Madd Gear Scooter Stand.

Though scooter stands seem a simple product, two things you must consider before buying it: wheel size and user-friendly design.

As for the wheel size, the Madd Gear Scooter Stand is compatible with different types of wheels like 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm. Hence, most scooters will easily fit within these sizes.

If the scooter stand doesn’t have user-friendliness, you may struggle to keep the scooter in position securely. Thankfully, the Madd scooter stand has a straightforward design, allowing riders to keep the scooter without tripping and falling safely.

Most importantly, Madd Gear Scooter Stands are perfect for Madd Gear Scooters because the manufacturing company made them according to their weight capacity, wheel sizes, and overall diameter.

Why We Liked It:

It has a user-friendly design to fit most wheel sizes and keep the scooter in a safe position.


  • Only one color

5. Madd Gear Pro MGP DDAM 110mm Wheel

Madd Gear Pro MGP DDAM 110mm Wheel

Best Price Check from amazon

Are you planning to replace your current kick scooter wheels that are not giving satisfactory service? Then you can try the Madd Gear Pro MGP DDAM 110mm Wheel.

This 110mm Wheel can easily fit any average Madd Gear scooter. It is only available in one color. But, the pinkish-orange color can be compatible with most scooters.

By installing this wheel, you can make a custom pro scooter. It is a cold-forged wheel with two different anodized finishes.

The DDAM CFA Wheel is constructed from superior quality materials to last for years. Also, it features a cutting-edge core design to make it compatible with differently designed scooters. It can be easily fitted with K2 bearings.

Why We Liked It:

The wheel is made from decent quality materials and perfect for average Madd Gear scooters.


It May not suitable for scooters that require large size wheels

Wrapping Up

We listed both Madd Gear Kick Extreme scooters and accessories in the Madd Gear Kick Extreme scooter review session. Hopefully, you have already found your ultimate from this MGP Kick Extreme scooter review, as we have mentioned top-notch quality kick scooters. Choose your preferred one based on scooting skill, budget, and many more things. Thanks for reading!

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