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Best Value Motor Scooter Ramps reviews 2022| Mobility & Portable scooter

The task of finding the right motor scooter is already completed, whether it is for yourself or your friend, or your family member. Driving it conveniently on different roads and places is all you want now.

Unfortunately, you may not ride your motor scooter as much smoothly as you want. Because some roads will not allow you to do that. However, there is a practical solution to deal with this problem, and it is nothing but a well-constructed ramp.

Using a motor scooter ramp will help you to pass different places freely without crawling up. You can easily move your mobility scooter to elevated places; lift it into the back of your vehicles, and enter your scooter ramps for home like, house from your veranda.

Finding a reliable mobility scooter ramp is an uphill task as there are so many options available. Thankfully, we have shortlisted some best value motor scooter ramps, which have a 3X safety factor. Let’s move on!

What are scooter ramp & How can I find out the best value motor scooter ramps?

A ramp is a Product which helps you loading/uploading a mobility scooter into a vehicle. It is also used in a road where your mobility scooter does not run as well as because of damage road.

It is always said what is best for you may not be an ideal option for someone else as our needs vary. The first thing you should consider for a mobility scooter is its slip-resistant surface so that you can move it smoothly even on high-rising steeps. Another thing you should never compromise is the correct length and width of the ramp as they come in different sizes. Additionally, don’t forget to consider its foldability or solidness, weight capacity, and which materials are used to make it. When you consider all these valuable things, you can ensure to find out the best value motor scooter ramp.


Mobility Scooter Ramp: Difference between Foldable vs. Solid

One of the first things we should consider before purchasing a motor scooter ramp is a foldable or solid design. Both are great in their own way. You just need to know your own needs and pick one of them. Although most of the time we used ramps for scooter and bikes.

Attributes Foldable Solid
Size Relatively smaller size Relatively bigger size
Mobility High mobility Less mobility
Usages Suitable for steps, porches, and vehicles Suitable for home use
Transport Easier to transport Difficult to transport
Fold Facility Can fold into briefcase-style design Can’t fold it
Stable Less stable More stable
Space Easy to store in limited space Take relatively more space for storage

View The Top 10 Best Value Motor Scooter Ramp Below

After researching and testing more than dozens of motor scooter ramps, we have finally picked the top 10 best motor scooter ramps. Here we will review different types of ramps so that individuals can find their preferred option based on their needs.

1.Ten-Eighty Motor Scooter Ramps

Ten-Eighty Motor Scooter Ramps

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If you are looking for a decent motor scooter ramp for your young one, the Ten-eighty motor scooter ramp is one of the best options you can consider. It comes with two super-sturdy ramps connecting them with a tabletop connector.

With the ramp, it can hold up to 125 lbs weight. The recommended age for this scooter ramp is eight years or above. For large-sized kids, you may look out for other options on our list.

As for the construction, it is made from high-impact polymers, which have strong impact resistance properties. The ramp has long-lasting durability too. Apart from using it for mobility scooters, it is an ideal option for skateboards, BMX bike scooters, and inline skates.

The unit features a slip-resistant finish to ensure no slippage issue while landing or moving upward. You can perfectly and safely drive up and down without facing any issue. Assembling the scooter ramp is super fun as it takes only a few minutes to put the parts together. No complexity you will face to put them together. Even your kid can do it himself.

Though it is a high-quality product, its price is relatively less than other same-priced ramps. So you should not worry about anything as you are receiving the best value of the money. Thanks to its compactness, you don’t need to move the ramp to let another pass. They can easily go through the sidewalk.

Many customers complained that it would be better if there are some molded supports on the underside of the center. Another thing some customers didn’t like is its green stickers. The stickers often come off easily and don’t stick on the ramp well.


  • Low weight capacity
  • A little bit narrow

2. 4FT Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Mobility Ramp Scooter

4FT Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Mobility Ramp Scooter

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We always love to buy high-quality products that can satisfy our high demand. The 4FT Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp is an excellent addition, to help you ride your wheelchair smoothly.

The unit has skid-resistance properties to ensure no wanted movement of your wheelchair. Not only this, there is an exceptional grip at the bottom of the unit to prevent slippage issues. With the locking mechanism, you can easily keep it in a secure and steady position whenever you want.

This multifunctional ramp can be used for different purposes such as scooters, bicycles, small vans, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc. They can pass through the aluminum ramp easily. It holds a decent weight capacity, up to 600 lbs. Hence, both children and adults will not face any issue to ride over it smoothly.

This unit’s lightweight construction is another plus point. Though it is made from super-sturdy aluminum, it gives users high portability for easy transportation. Because it is foldable, you can carry it with you where ever you go.

When you fold it, it converts into a briefcase-style pattern. Additionally, no worry about unwanted opening as it features two pins for locking. Also, it takes less space for storage. Hence, it fits easily in your car trunk or any compact place where you want to store it. Unlike residential-type ramps, this portable aluminum ramp is perfect for different places, including steps, porches, curbs, minivans, veranda, and so forth.

Customers think it should have a clip to keep the parts locked in position when they are not using it. Other than this, when you want to go top of thresholds, you may need to lift your wheelchair or mobility chair a little bit to pass the bump.


  • A clip for locking would be better.

3. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

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Here comes another portable scooter ramp, which can help you to pass risky uneven places safely. This small motorized wheelchair ramp will aid you to get in and out of your residences, even if it has a two-step entrance.

It comes with a moderate-weight design while being impressively durable. Many users think it is a little bit more weight than other ramps. But you can still carry it easily. You just fold it in several parts and keep it in at the back of your vehicle. The unit holds a decent weight capacity and can endure a maximum of 600 pounds.

You can even place the ramp on thresholds; it is perfect for 30 inches wide thresholds. As the ramp is made from high-grade materials, it can withstand various weather conditions. Its heavy-duty construction ensures the excellent safety and stability essential for moving your motor scooter on different surfaces.

Plus, it includes a convenient carry bag so that it can be easily stored. Make sure to keep the ramp in the bag while carrying. Because it has a sharp edge that may hurt your hands for being uncareful.

Some customers complained that the ramp didn’t properly lay down on many places evenly. Plus, it makes some sounds while passing the scooter over it. Some people faced an issue with the handles, while others didn’t. It might be associated with how they are using it,

Since the ramp comes in a compact size, you can’t pass more than two steps at a time. You need to place the ramp in on the third step again. However, you can still use this ramp for inside and outside to easily get up and down.


  • A little bit heavy
  • Can’t pass more than two steps

4. Graw Jump Ramps J20-7.9″ Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard, BMX and More

Graw Jump Ramps J20-7.9" Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard, BMX

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This Wooden Launch Ramp is an excellent option if you prefer to use natural wood. You can also choose it for your kids who just love skateboarding. It will help him to boost his skateboarding skills.

As for the quality, the unit is made from sturdy Beechwood, which has decent strength properties and is known as abrasion-proof. As it is a single-piece ramp, no assemble is required. It is suitable to use the moment you receive it. Just the moment you recipe it, you can use it right away. Hence, people who don’t like to set up ramps repeatedly will surely like this model.

Though it is a lightweight ramp, it can still bear up to 200 pounds of weight. You won’t face any unwanted movement while rolling up or moving from one place to another. In fact, you will be glad to see the results as it pops higher than your expectation.

As for the design, it comes with a lovely color pattern and beautifully written texture on the unit. It will match your wooden stairs or veranda pretty well.

Whether you want to use it for skateboards, motor scooters, BMX, Inline Skate, or RC Models, it is perfect for all. But it is worth mentioning its weight limit. Your weight and your motor scooter weight can’t be more than 200 pounds combinedly. It is a better option for kids whose weight is not more than 100-120 pounds.


  • Small size
  • Less weight capacity

5. Non Skid Wheelchair Ramp

ORFORD Non Skid Wheelchair Ramp

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If you are looking for the highest weight capacity wheelchair ramp, this ramp from the ORFORD brand is a suitable option you can consider. Unlike many wheelchair ramps, it comes with a pretty wide platform to ensure better stability and security while passing over the ramp.

This unit can accommodate approximately 800 pounds of weight. It is enough to take a load of any plus-size men or women along with their heavy wheelchair. Though the ramp has a heavy weight capacity, it weighs only 10.92 lbs.

This lightweight ramp features a slip-resistant paint finish on the high traction and a ribbed surface. As a result, you will not face any issue riding your motor scooter on different surfaces and also thresholds.

The unit has a convenient design that allows you to fold it easily within seconds. Additionally, it features a handle for easy transporting the ramp from one spot to another. Installing the ramp is hassle-free, and you can use it for various purposes, including, scooters, wheelchairs, low stairs, curbs, porches, landings, and so forth.

The ramp is constructed from rust proof aluminum to ensure long service life and safety. Its rustproof construction ensures no susceptibility to rusting in different weather conditions.

You won’t have any difficulties moving smoothly on the doorway as it features a loop on the top. Enjoying your holidays, outside the home will be super fun as it is portable.


  • Not fully flat from side to side

6. DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp and Threshold Ramp

DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp and Threshold Ramp

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If you are looking for the best portable mobility scooter ramp, the MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp is hard to overlook. This wheelchair ramp has high adjustability to give you more advantages for smooth movement.

Adjusting the ramp is effortless as you just need to push the simple button. Users have the accessibility to expand or shorten the ramp size from 3 to 5 feet based on your requirement. After setting a specific height, you just need to use the locking mechanism to secure its position. With this considerable height, it will offer you a gentler incline and also get up and down from your car.

From 300 pounds to 600 pounds, the unit has a decent weight holding capacity. However, each ramp weighs only 6 pounds that gives you high portability for convenient transport and storage. The manufacturing company provides a free nylon storage bag too to protect the ramp from the outside condition and also easily transport it from one place to another.

Moreover, the unit is rust-resistant, making it suitable for various weather conditions. No additional tools are required to put together all the parts of the ramps. So, it becomes hassle-free and time-saving.

Furthermore, it features non-skid u-shaped tracks to ensure maximum safety and remain in a stable position while moving your motor scooter.

The manufacturing company recommends avoiding using wheels that have more than 4 inches wide. Hence, if your motor scooter has wider wheels, you may look out for other options. Apart from this forgiveness, it worth the investment in the long term.


  • Wider dimension for placing wheel could be better

7. EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp, 4″ Rise

EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp, 4" Rise

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes a classic aluminum ramp. Just looking at the design will give you some idea about its construction quality. Like many ramps, it doesn’t have any jointed parts. You don’t need to take the hassle of complicated assembling. It is simple to install too.

One added benefit of this unit is that you have options to choose from for different sizes. From 1 inch to 6 inches, it is available in multiple options. You just need to decide the type of places you will use your motor scooter and pick the right size based on it.

Another convenient thing is that if you think you bought a little bit of short ramp, you purchase additional sections and just slide them together. So much flexibility!

Beyond using it for motor scooters, it is conveniently suitable for walkers, wheelchairs, and also for cane users. With its 700-pound superior load capacity, it can hold better weight.

Due to its built-in aluminum quality, it offers decent mobility to move from one spot to another, and it isn’t prone to rust easily.

However, many users complained it made an awkward sound whenever they step on it. Plus, it isn’t fully slipped-resistant, so it may slide down sometimes. Some of them recommended using a rubber mat underneath the ramp to prevent scraping on the concrete floor.

Furthermore, according to some users, the design of this solid and sturdy ramp is like rising or falling sharply, which makes it a little bit risky, especially for wheelchairs and power chairs. However, most experienced users don’t face any accidents while using their scooter on the ramp.


  • Screws are a little bit tricky

8. Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp

Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp

Best Price Check from amazon

If you want to get reasonable stability while moving your motor scooter up and down, this ramp is an ideal solution. Though the standard ramp comes in inches wide, they offer a variety of widths.

Its 800 pounds load capacity makes it an excellent pick for users looking for high-capacity ramps. The well-constructed and sturdy ramp works impressively well for different mobility devices and wheelchairs.

Make sure you pick the right size as some people faced difficulties in ordering a shorter size. They had to use rubber mats to make the job done.

Due to its portable and portable design, you can pick it up and move it anywhere. You have no reason to complain about safety as slip-resistant materials are used under the ramp. The solid ramp is also not prone to rust or corrosion promptly. On top of that, the manufacturer, company provides video instruction and safety pins for maximum protection.

With its simple design, no issue will arise for installation. The instructional video makes it more convenient. The well-made scooter ramp will surely last several years without deteriorating its quality.

9. Portable Poly Ramp With 1000lbs Weight Capacity– Curb Ramp

Portable Poly Ramp With 1000lbs Weight Capacity

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The Stalwart Yellow Curb Ramp is constructed from high-density polyethylene. This stiff material has excellent durability and resistance to most chemicals.

Hence, it is perfect to use in different dry and wet weather conditions. Above all, it is super-simple to clean and resistant to impact and corrosion.

It has 1000 pound weight load capacity and 650 pound impact capacity. The sturdy and lightweight ramp comes with two rounded handles. Installation requires no tools, so it gives high portability and maneuverability to take it anywhere you want.

The unit is suitable for different purposes, such as scooters, wheeled carts, bicycles, hand trucks, mopeds, curbs, etc.

Safety is the primary consideration in providing this curb ramp which has a textured surface to prevent sliding in wet weather.

You can’t adjust this stationary ramp for slop on any side. Though going up is fine on different surfaces, few wheelchair users faced issues while coming down. Buyers also think it should have a slip-resistant surface to make it more stable. Additionally, it is excessively light, so many users need to step on it firmly to keep it grounded.


  • Not slip-proof
  • Excessively light

10. MAGIC UNION 1″ Rise Solid Rubber Power Wheelchair Threshold Ramp Doorway

Solid Rubber Power Wheelchair Threshold Ramp

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for a compact ramp for thresholds or doorways, the MAGIC UNION 1″ Ramp is a perfect one. It can help you to access openings smoothly and confidently without having any problem.

This one-inch rise ramp is crafted from durable rubber materials, and its innovative design makes it compatible with most floors pattern.

The slip-resistant surface of this unit ensures no slippage issues in a wide array of weather conditions. Plus, it features slanted edges to provide maximum protection on all sides. With drain channel construction, it takes safety to the next level.

Whether you want to use it for motor scooters, walkers, foot traffics, or wheelchairs, it is perfect for all. The color and design of the ramp are not that much bad to look at on your entrance floor or doorway.

The solid ramp also stays well in place due to high-quality rubber and perfect size and shape. However, many buyers aren’t happy about its strong rubber smell. Even after several months of use, the smell remained. That’s why they prefer to use outside entrance.


  • Strong smell
  • Extra Feature Motor Scooter Ramps

Extra Feature Portable Scooter Ramp

1. HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Portable Skidproof Folding Wheelchair Carrier Ramp

Portable Skidproof Folding Wheelchair Carrier Ramp

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for the best lightweight mobility scooter ramp, the HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Ramp is one of the best options.

This versatile ramp is suitable for different uses, including mobility scooters, bikes, and wheelchairs. The unit is crafted from aluminum alloy to ensure long-lasting durability. It is also corrosive resistant and has the considerate strength to endure high load capacity.

Furthermore, the unit features a black frosted skid-proof surface to create improved traction and prevent sliding. At each side of the ramp, one raised sidewall is installed to give users more control while stepping on the surface.

The ramp installation seems time-saving and straightforward. It is also bio-foldable and lightweight, so no complication for storage and easy carry. You can fold it compactly and store it in your vehicle trunk or any limited space.

This well-constructed ramp features a lip, which helps you to drive your motor scooter smoothly. After folding the ramp, you can also lock it to avoid falling. Also, it comes with a handle to carry it effortlessly.


  • Has sharp edges

2. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

Prairie Portable Singlefold Ramp

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are searching for the best foldable mobility scooter ramp, you can’t go wrong with this model. The unit has a durable welded construction instead of riveting.

The ramp features a skid-resistant surface to conveniently stepping on it without facing any difficulty. Thanks to its smart design, making it highly portable for carrying. You can easily take it like suitcase-style using the convenient handle.

The unit is 30 inches wide, so any standard mobility scooters can easily pass over it. You will get more stability and support from this width ramp. The maximum weight recommendation of this unit is 800 pounds; it is perfect for even any large-size adult.

Once you install it in your preferred place, it will stay will on the spot firmly. No unwanted movement! This valuable and handy tool is super sturdy, so it won’t show up any looseness or squeaking even after everyday heavy use.

It provides more support while navigating small steps on your home entrance or veranda. However, it is not excessively long, so you should think twice before installing if the spot has more than two steps. Anything between two steps is suitable for this unit, and you can get in and out easily in that case.


  • Not perfect for more than two steps

Mobility Scooter/Motor Scooter Ramp Buyers Guide

Why is choosing ramps for wheelchairs or mobility scooters important?

In choosing ramps, the slope is an important aspect. The slope of a ramp will define how much you can raise it. Due to safety concerns, you need to ensure the ramp you pick has a compatible slope with your mobility device for the incline limits. Here we are mentioning the recommendation of ADA for mobility scooter ramp slopes:

  • A wheelchair ramp should have about one foot of rising for each inch of rising if you move upwards or downwards from a flat position in your mobility scooter. For example, a 15″ rise needs at least a ramp length of 15”.
  • The amount of ramp you need for every 3 inches of rising will be about 1 foot if you will walk along with a mobility device and power it up unoccupied. For instance: with three steps and a total rise of 15 inches, you may be able to use a 5-foot wheelchair ramp.

Aluminum or Wooden Wheelchair Ramp?

Using an aluminum platform ramp will give you high mobility and flexibility to move. You can easily lower and raise the sliding legs. Hence, it provides a lot of scope for customization and adjustment. Also, the ramp allows you to modify it if the need arises.

As for the wooden ramps, they are preferably more suitable for home use. Most wooden ramps are made from super-sturdy and high-quality woods to ensure long-lastingness. For added convenience and matching, painting is also allowable.

But, you may need to use concrete anchors to ensure optimum safety. When you keep a lot of concrete anchors under each supported leg, they become stable and secure. However, it will become pretty hard for you to move or adjust them after the installation process is completed.

On the other hand, you will face no issue removing or reuse aluminum ramps easily without leaving any damage to your house and veranda.

Another notable thing about wooden ramps is that you may encounter slippage issues during rainy or snowy weather. They will be a better option for dry conditions.

As for the installation cost, wooden ramps take less cost to install than aluminum ramps. Therefore, if you are strict with the budget, you can choose wooden ramps. But the maintenance cost of wooden ramps is higher than aluminum ramps. So, make a wise decision by comparing their pros and cons and obviously your requirements.

Are portable wheelchair ramps safe?

If you follow the proper installation process, a portable ramp could be risk-free and stable. However, you may face a risky situation or even accidents if you try to transition into is uneven. That’s why ensure that the ground surface area is fully flat to land safely. If needed, use concretes or warped wooden steps to make the place completely level.

Apart from that, the quality and functionality of your wheelchair ramp will also be necessary for safety. Here are the few factors you will take into consideration to ensure optimal protection.

  • Does the ramp have non-slide surfaces?
  • Are edges on both sides made from high-quality materials?
  • Does it have a decent weight capacity?
  • Can you change the direction of the ramp?
  • Are the level change plates on the two finishes included?
  • How long are the handrails?

It isn’t easy to get everything perfect for a scooter mobility ramp. But try to choose the best one that fulfills your demand and requirement.

Final Words:

It is essential to pick a convenient and reliable ramp to pass over many tricky places. Don’t just grab a product by feeling overwhelmed while sitting on it, as there are many best value motor scooter ramps out of there.

Take everything into consideration, along with your needs. We have reviewed several serious and durable motor scooter ramps. You have full freedom to pick any of them that seem the best option for you.

Thanks for reading!

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