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Best Scooter Battery 2022|| Review & get idea for extended battery

Battery for scooters is known as “fuel tank”, as electric scooters run by storing energy. A battery is one of the most essential and expensive components for the scooter. Plus, no matter what you want to do with your scooter, unless there is enough energy in your scooter, you can’t operate it. So, it is extremely important to spend your money wisely before picking a scooter battery.

In fact, you need to consider the battery’s capacity, longevity, and functionality before buying your scooter. Some scooters have lithium ion-based batteries, while others may include lead-acid batteries.

As a highly knowledgeable person, you will always consider some fundamental points to find the best scooter battery. We are here to help find the best with our top 10 scooter battery list. Let’s dive right in to discover your preferred one.

View The Top 5 Scooter Battery, At a Glance

You Have to Know about — How To Add An External Battery To The Scooter

Actually, you can add an external battery to the scooter in many ways. But the easiest way is to use a relay with an external battery connector to power the coil. Then link the common terminals to the scooter, also the normally-closed terminals to the internal battery, and the normally open terminals to the external battery connector using a dual-poll-dual throw relay. When the external battery is wired to the scooter, the internal battery is removed. When the external battery is removed, the internal battery is attached. Maintain your safety when you go for adding an external battery to your scooter.

Do you know– How long does scooter battery last?

Most of the scooters’ batteries remain in good condition to use from 2 to 4 years. You can use a scooter battery ranges between 3000 to 5000 miles. But it also depends on many factors like your battery capacity, battery voltage, the number of miles you run, and your charging condition. With proper care and maintenance, you will even get a better service. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of it properly and use your scooter heavily every day, the lifespan of the battery may get shorter.

Now List of 10th Review Scooter Battery At Affordable Price

1. Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Scooter Battery

12V 35AH Scooter Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

Let’s begin our list with the 12V 35AH Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Scooter Battery. The Universal Power Group brand is dominating the market for 35 years. It is a replaceable battery, which weighs only 22.5 pounds. Moreover, the company offers two batteries in this package to save a few bucks. Even after heavy use, it will at least last one year easily.

This rechargeable battery is compatible with electric scooters, wheelchairs, toy carts, UPS, solar devices warning devices, bikes, safety lighting, golf carts, and so forth. Your money won’t go in vain because it sources adequate power to run your scooter smoothly. Plus, it is an authentic product, which is known as the original equipment manufacturer. So, the stuff will never do any harm on your device since it suits your devices.

Furthermore, the battery is made with absorbent glass mat technology to supply exceptional power to support the increased electrical requirements. Plus, it requires less maintenance to make your task hassle-free. Additionally, the installation process of this battery is straightforward. You don’t need to be a professional expert to set up the battery.

Some basic knowledge about the battery installation is enough to install it. As the battery is non-spillable, it is highly resistant to vibration and not prone to collision easily. The battery is also suitable to use for your solar devices. It can generate sufficient power to run your firm’s lighting easily without the need of installing an additional power source.


  • 0 volts battery
  • Rechargeable
  • 5 pounds weight
  • Comes in two batteries
  • 35AH rating

Pros & Cons:

The battery comes with an easy-going installation process. With a single charge, you can use your scooter for a few days easily. Besides, it works well with consistent performance. Not only this, its high-power capacity makes it compatible with different types of electric devices. Also, it comes at an affordable price while giving premium quality service. However, some customers complained they didn’t as much power source as they got initially.

2. Pride Mobility Jazzy Weize Deep Cycle Battery for Scooter

Weize Deep Cycle Battery for Scooter

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes another unbeatable battery, which sources an ample amount of power to properly run your scooter. Like our first pick, it also comes in double battery and is compatible with many electric devices like solar, scooters, wheelchairs, and so forth. Each battery has 12 volts and you will 24V Voltage when you use the two batteries at the same time.

Moreover, this lead-acid battery includes mature technology to use with different types of devices from solar panel wind energy storage to leisure RV camping. Not only this, it comes in a compact design to fit in your device easily without customizing it.

The battery holds up the charge well to drive the scooter without a hitch. This deep cycle battery has a high capacity to get output up to 30 amps. Besides, it shows decent performance with its 100 Ah capacity. It is sufficient to run your scooter easily for several hours with a full charge.

Most importantly, the WEIZE offers a 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty, which earns reliability of the products. You can easily use the battery for one year with no chance of complaint.  Plus, the battery doesn’t cause any internal issues for your scooter. It is a great battery to have when you want optimal charge back up from the battery.


  • Double rechargeable batteries with 12 Volts each
  • Suitable to use for many devices
  • 30 amps maximum current rating
  • One year warranty
  • A sealed lead-acid type battery

Pros & Cons:

The battery has a decent capacity to provide enough charge backup. It has a fair amount of tolerance to prevent overcharging and abusing. You can use the battery in different types of electric devices. They don’t do any harm to your device. The battery can give a minimum of one year of service without decreasing the quality. The only negative point of this battery is its lower current rating.

3. Mighty Max 12V 6AH SLA Power Sport Battery

YTX7A Power Sport Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

The Mighty Max 12V 6AH SLA Power Sports Battery is an ideal option when you want an inexpensive battery. It costs only $26 for each pack. You can also purchase up to 4 packs with some discounts. This Sealed Lead Acid battery has 12 Volts capacity.

Other than this, the battery includes plastic cells which are made from high-grade materials. Also, it has high shock and vibration resistant power. The non-spill design makes it a precise option for high portability.

You can use this battery at different temperatures from high to low. It will neither affect the quality of your battery nor the charging back up. Plus, the battery gets charged fast without battery drainage. Since it is a sealed maintenance-free battery, it loses electrolyte less quickly, unlike other types of battery. So, it ensures a fair amount of lifespan of your battery.

Furthermore, you are free to set up the battery in many positions without any inconvenience. This AGM spill proof battery contains high discharge rate technology to charge the battery rapidly. Moreover, the battery has decent power to endure heavy loads with no sign of any damage. Not to mention its exceptional safety, the battery has electrolyte suspended between fiberglass match, which protects your devices.


  • Superior discharge rate
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Deep discharge recover
  • Easy mounting system
  • High shock and vibration resistance capacity

Pros & Cons:

This strong battery has a high capacity to compatible with various devices and vehicles. It is an excellent option for an entry-level battery. Additionally, it contains an extraordinary safety system to ensure no harm to you and your device. The battery contains a robust container to protect the battery from the outside mess. No matter how unruly the external temperature is, your battery will remain in good condition. However, many customers thought that it has lower amp-hours than many batteries.

4. Razor E100-E125-E150 Replacement Batteries

Razor Replacement Batteries

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes another battery from Universal Power Group. The brand-new AMG Technology is used to make this battery. This spill-proof battery doesn’t need any service attention because it is not prone to lose electrolyte rapidly like maintainable models. So the battery will last for a long time while giving a fair back up.

The battery has a 5 AH rating, which is suitable to use for most of the batteries. Like a few models we mentioned above, this unit also comes in dual packs. Each battery is 12 volts and most experts termed it as safer voltage compared to other higher operating voltages. Another remarkable advantage of this unit is its hassle-free installation. You can set it up without difficulty in any position.

What’s more, your battery will remain in good condition to operate smoothly as it is shock-proof and vibration-proof. The battery will work rapidly to source power on different scooters. Its heavy built-in quality makes it less prone to the outside environment. You will forget about replacing the battery at least for a few years.

Though most batteries come in a fair amount of charge when you purchase it, it is best to charge it fully before using it for the first time. You don’t need to strictly monitor your battery every day. But make sure to check periodically to let yourself know whether there is any issue inside it.


  • Weighs only 3.09 lbs
  • Voltage capacity 12 Volts with 5 AH rating
  • Rugged construction
  • Shock-proof and vibration-proof
  • SLA/AGM maintenance-free battery

Pros & Cons:

The battery comes in small size to fit easily on your scooter battery slot. Since it has a standard voltage capacity, it is suitable for most of the scooter models. Because of being shock resistant and vibration resistant, it is highly durable and not prone to wear and tear too soon. You need to purchase additional components like soldering iron, solder, or something alternatives to install them properly.

5. Chrome Sealed AGM Motorcycle High performance Battery

Chrome Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for a power sport battery with a decent charge holding capacity, then the Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS is one of the finest options. This sealed lead-acid battery has a modern sophisticated design with top technology. It has peerless reliability along with long service. Plus, the product is highly versatile to use in various scooters.

One thing we will never forget to tell you is its fast-charging capability, which is five times quicker compared to the flooded version. Though it is slightly high-priced than other batteries, it is worth the price. You will never get to complain about charge backup. Even after using the battery heavily every day, it will be a few years easily. However, the charging backup will reduce with time, which is common for any battery you name.

Furthermore, this AGM battery has more charging and discharging rate than other types of batteries. Since it is completely sealed, you don’t need to worry about the protection of the battery. Also, its rugged construction makes it stand out from others. The manufacturing already gets it fully charged after making it. As a result, you are free to use it the moment you receive it. All you need to follow a simple installation process to set up.


  • Voltage capacity 12V with 30AH
  • Highly versatile to use for various scooters
  • Includes Absorbed Glass Mat technology
  • Fully sealed
  • User Friendly

Pros & Cons:

This heavy-duty battery is exceptionally versatile and durable with a high tolerance level. Since it has absorbed glass mat technology, you don’t need to take the mess of monitoring it all time. But occasional monitoring is encouraged to ensure 100% working condition. Besides, you won’t notice any charge heating issue while charging it. However, many customers rated this product lower due to the higher price.

6. Harley Davidson, ATV and UTV Replacement Battery

Harley Davidson

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes an American made battery from THROTTLEX brand, which hardly needs any introduction. The battery has the same original quality as the one you got while buying your scooter. As a result, it is 100% authentic and reliable to use.

Like some other batteries, it also contains AGM Non-Spillable Sealed Technology, which ensures a free flow of acid electrolyte and no leaking issue. Plus, the battery has a convenient cycle of life with a short charging time. Its sturdy built-in quality can handle intense vibration and shock without falling apart the internal component. With the high-power output, it handles your scooter well to load and drive it conveniently.

Furthermore, with the 18 Ah capacity, it provides 18 amperages per hour. Because of having such extraordinary features, it is undoubtedly a brilliant pick for your scooter. Though it is a little bit heavier than other batteries, the weight of the battery makes it more powerful. Plus, the battery includes stainless steel bolts which are robust and resistant to corrosion. As a result, the battery will remain in good condition even at extremely high or low temperatures.


  • Comes in fully charge
  • Includes protective shield and strong stainless-steel bolts
  • High-power output with 18 Ah capacity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install

Pros & Cons:

The battery comes with a simple installation process, which only takes a few minutes to set up. With the high-power output, it helps to run your scooter smoothly without any internal problems. It also includes a protective cover to protect the battery from the mess. Not only this, the battery has the latest stainless-steel bolts to add extra safety for your battery. Besides, the manufacturing company offers an 18-month free replacement warranty. One downside of this battery is its little bit heavyweight.

7. Weize YTX14 BS ATV High Performance Battery – Maintenance Free

Weize High Performance Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

Here comes one of the best-selling batteries on Amazon, which has more than three thousand reviews. The battery is suitable for different vehicles like a scooter, motorbike, snow scooter, Wave Runner, off-road vehicle, jet ski, and so forth. It is a Lead Acid type battery and the voltage capacity is 12V. Its high-grade absorbed glass mat technology makes it suitable for a variety of vehicles.

The sealed lead-acid battery is free from maintenance and technically includes all the essential things to run your scooter smoothly. Not to mention, the charge retention of this battery is pretty higher than other types of batteries. A protective cover like AGM casing provides an extra layer of protection to keep the active material safe from getting damaged.

Furthermore, you don’t need to activate the battery before installation. Because it is already tested and fully charged before shipping. You are ready to put inside your scooter battery slot and drive.


  • Amperage 12 Amps and Voltage 12 Volts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ready to install
  • A perfect length of bolts for terminal
  • Effortless to replace

Pros & Cons:

The product comes at a reasonable price while giving, even more, better service. Plus, the installation process is like a breeze since it is already fully charged and get fully installed. The battery is powerful enough to compatible with many scooters’ models. It is extremely durable to last minimum few years. However, many customers think it is not the most compact battery like some batteries.

8. Universal 12 Volt 5AmpH SLA Replacement Scooter Batteries

12 Volt Scooter Batteries

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are looking for a powerful battery, then this model is one of the perfect options. Each battery weighs 3.09 lbs.  The positive plates of the battery are thicker to ensure a longer lifespan of your battery. Plus, it has additional safety features to ensure no harm to the battery and your scooter.

Moreover, the battery can withstand in touch climate conditions. It has a conventional design and can get charged rapidly than traditional batteries. It has 12 Volts voltage capacity with a 5Ah amperage capacity. The unit also comes in double batteries so save you from spending a few additional bucks. It performs consistently to run your scooter without difficulty.

This battery works well even on high current systems with a constant temperature. On top of that, your battery will be protected from getting damaged when your surrounding temperature is extremely high or low. People often face mess setting up the battery on their battery slot because of not getting a precise fit capacity. But it won’t happen for this battery. It is perfect to fit in a different position.


  • Spill-proof and rechargeable battery
  • Comes in dual batteries
  • Shock resistance
  • Vibration resistance
  • 1-year warranty

Pros & Cons:

The two packs of batteries can boost the power source of your scooter. It fits perfectly for most of the scooters’ slot. The battery holds up the charge well for a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty. But you need to buy wire connectors since it doesn’t include any of them.

9. High Performance Razor E200/E200S/E300 Scooter Batteries

Razor Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

If you are after searching a long-lasting battery, then you might want to try the Razor E200/ E200S/E300 Batteries. The battery is a reliable one and highly powerful with its 24 Volts voltage capacity. It can withstand effectively vibration and shock. Because of having high cranking power, it is powerful enough to start your scooter quickly even in the warmer temperature.

This platinum high-performance battery provides impeccable protection against corrosion. It comes in completely sealed, so no additional support is needed to take care of the battery. The manufacturing company claims this model has a 28% longer run time than similar batteries.

Aside from this, the durability of the battery is the same as similar types of battery. Its rugged construction is relatively strong enough to withstand tough mess. It is a great alternative battery for different electric devices like APC battery, UPS battery, RBC battery Verizon FIOS battery, scooter battery, and so forth.


  • Run 28% longer
  • Completely Sealed
  • Upgraded and compact design
  • Weighs only 5 pounds
  • Simple to install

Pros & Cons:

The battery has extended battery life with smooth operation. It is a great option to replace the old original battery. Plus, the battery has a fast-charging system to save you time.  You need to buy additional clips for the tabs.

10. Pride Mobility Ultra x 3 Wheel Replacement Battery – 2 Pack

Pride Mobility Battery

Best Price Check from amazon

You can’t go wrong with the SC40X Go-Go Ultra x 3 Wheel Replacement Battery. Plus, it is an ideal option when you are looking for a pocket-friendly battery. The dual battery will cost you only $55. It has a 12V voltage capacity along with a 12AH ampere capacity. Shock-resistant and vibration-resistant, the product can endure lots of mess easily without damaging the battery quality.

Since it is a Sealed Rechargeable Batteries, it includes sufficient liquid to ensure a free flow of the electrolytes without needing any extra water from outside. Also, the battery has special acid-saturated fiberglass mats. It charges faster than other types of batteries due to its powerful build-up quality.

What’s more, they are not much prone to overcharging or undercharging. You don’t need to take care of the battery from the outside because it has an effective internal system to be maintenance-free.


  • Rated capacity of 12 Ah
  • Outputs 12-volt current
  • Affordable spill proof battery
  • Easy mounting system
  • Versatile

Pros & Cons:

The battery comes at the most affordable price. It has a one-year limited warranty to earn reliability. It comes with a hassle-free installation process without needing additional tools. The battery holds a charge well similar to the original battery. No heating issue will be found while charging the battery. The battery indicator light often doesn’t work properly.

Remove Your All quries By FAQ Section


How Can I Upgrade The Battery On My Electric Scooter?

Yes, obviously! To get better electric scooter battery capacity, scooter owners need to upgrade or replace the battery often. It is a simple process. First of all, turn your electric scooter upside down and unscrew the protective cover to clear the bottom plate. Then remove the existing battery within your electric scooter’s platform (deck) and disconnect the wired connections. Simply install your new battery and connect it to the contacts. Finally, close the cover firmly and switch on the scooter. You are successful if the new battery works well with no disturbance.

How do I boost my scooter battery?

Though the performance of the scooter battery predominantly depends on the quality of the battery, you can implement some proactive actions to get the best service from it.

  • Make sure to keep your battery adequately charged when you don’t use it for days.
  • Avoid overloading your scooter because each scooter has a maximum tolerance level. If you exceed the weight, it may damage the scooter and battery.
  • Don’t do out of the blue acceleration since it is not a fuel-based scooter.
  • Prevent changing your scooter speed frequently.
  • Make sure not to drive the scooter at maximum speed because it will consume more energy within a short time.
  • Charge your scooter according to your frequency of use. If you use the scooter daily, it is best to charge it every day.
  • Never use full charge at a stretch. Whenever you are busy or don’t need to use the scooter, turn it off. It will help to prevent battery drainage issues and keeps your battery in good condition.

Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of your electric scooter depends on your battery type, quality, lifespan, and weight. You will find three types of batteries in the market. The cheapest batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries, which cost around USD$80, and nickel-metal hydride batteries, which cost around USD$100. If you go for an expensive one, you have to choose lithium-ion batteries that will cost you from $100 to $500. So battery replacement cost of a scooter is up to your requirement. But try to maintain your first battery well so that you can go with this one as long as you can.

How many amps is a scooter battery?

Most scooter batteries have amp hours between 5 to 10. With one single charge, an electric scooter can go up to 40 miles. However, it depends on many factors aside from your battery quality. They are not as powerful as car batteries to ride for long hours.

The higher the amp hours, the more time it will run. On top of that, a higher mph battery is large in size. If you want to run your scooter for a long time, you need to buy a scooter that has a bigger battery along with a large capacity.  Besides, a scooter battery needs less time to get fully charged, unlike a car battery. Plus, different types of batteries perform distinctly based on their built-in quality.

How do I check my scooter battery health?

Many ways are available to check your scooter battery health. One of the easiest ways to check it via a digital multimeter. Make sure to go through a physical look on the scooter battery to ensure no collision on the terminals.

Then set the digital multimeter to the closest setting, which is near 20 volts. It is essential to know that a scooter battery has the highest capacity of 12 bolts or less. Now, use the two wires: one on the positive side(black) and the other on the negative side (red). If your battery is in good condition, the results will come close to it; either slightly higher or lower.

You can get an idea about your scooter battery health by observing its performance like:

  • Your battery never gets fully charged.
  • The engine gets stopped in the middle of the driving or starts slowly.
  • The shape of the battery case was modified or changed.
  • The batter has become too old.

Are all scooter batteries the same?

Not all scooter batteries have the same type and quality. Some batteries perform better, last longer, and run for several hours without dropping the quality. Also, many batteries can’t work as much smoothly as the premium quality batteries do.

Lithium-Ion and lead-acid are the two main types of batteries used in most scooters. The lithium-Ion battery is known as a premium quality battery, which is a little bit expensive. But it lasts for a prolonged time while showing an impressive performance and higher efficiency.

On the other hand, the lead-acid battery comes at an inexpensive price and is made with a tried-and-true technology. However, it is not as durable as a lithium-Ion battery.

Why Our Review Best?

As an extremely well-informed person, it is never going to work to tackle you with false promise. That’s why we will never do that. Before compiling our list with the best scooter battery, our professional experts have done market research and test adequately each product before picking it.

We have also rejected many products as they are not effective enough to fulfill consumer requirements. So, we will not say trust us blindly. Instead, we will say go through our reviews and take a decision to find your preferred one. But one thing we can assure each battery we picked is the best in its distinctive category. All you need to find the right one, which is compatible with your scooter.

Best Scooter Battery

What To Consider Before Choosing A Scooter Battery

Many essential factors get notable attention before picking the best scooter battery. Some main points are given below that you must consider before buying a scooter battery.

Voltage Rating

The first and foremost thing is the voltage rating. A battery voltage rating is important since it tells how much power it can consume in good condition. Make sure to select a suitable batter to match your scooter. If you select the wrong battery, which is not perfect for your scooter, it will not give optimal service. Once you know the type of battery ideal for your scooter, the task becomes easier and hassle-free.

Maintenance of the Battery

If the battery you choose needs regular maintenance, it may don’t have a fair lifespan. It becomes wear and tears gradually within a few months of use. That’s why go with the battery, which is maintenance-free or merely requires maintenance.

Type of the battery

The type of battery you choose should fit on your scooter. That’s why buy the scooter, which is compatible with your preferred battery. Various types of batteries are available in the market like lithium-ion batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries, and so forth.

Battery Management System

Many batteries include an effective battery management system that tracks battery condition. So when your battery gets fully charged, it stops the battery from getting overly charge. It retains the good condition of battery for a prolonged time without dropping the quality.

Size of the Battery

Another essential thing you should consider is the battery size. Not all the battery will fit in your scooter battery slot. So you need to pick only those batteries which is convenient to install on your scooter.

Things To Consider:

Your original battery won’t last a lifetime. You need to buy an additional battery for your scooter. But finding a powerful, reliable, and effective battery from endless options often seem complicated. From our compiled list, hopefully, you will able to choose the best scooter battery, which will fit in your scooter with better performance.

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