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Top 10 best mopeds for college 2022| Editor’s Choice & Review

Are you about to start college? If you want to make a strong first impression on others, arriving on a stylish two-wheeler is one way to do so. An electric scooter or moped is a must if you want a stress-free and stylish way to get between your dorm room and campus. Best mopeds for college students bring you the ultimate and easiest solution for these purposes.

Apart from that, you’ll never be late to class again, bedraggled and exhausted from missing your morning alarm and having to run the distance. On the other hand, if you commute to college on a regular basis, you know how frustrating it can be to get to class on time. If your city experiences frequent traffic delays, the situation will deteriorate.

You can get the best affordable mopeds for college students instead of saving for years to get your dream vehicle.  Both mopeds and electric scooters are incredible for commuting. But mopeds are exceptionally beneficial for some features like navigating the campus more quickly, excellent gas mileage, more parking spaces available, affordably priced, and a great way to take advantage of the good weather.

As a college student, there is no better choice than to purchase the best mopeds that suit your budget and is convenient. We understand how difficult it can be to find the best mopeds for college. Don’t worry, in this review we will guide you in making the best decision possible!

Top 5 Afforadble College Scooter Mopeds 2022

Moped Vs Kick scooter

People throughout the world choose two-wheeled vehicles like as Kick scooters and mopeds for numerous reasons. However, before you make your decision, you should know the distinctions between a moped and a scooter. Because they are not the same.

There is a great deal of ambiguity, mixed feelings, and views, as well as correct and incorrect facts, surrounding this matter. We’ve done our best to describe, clarify, and present statistics in a straightforward manner so that you can understand them. This is very basic that will assist you in differentiating. So let’s dive in !!

Kick Scooter:

Scooters are propelled by a small engine with a displacement varying from 50cc to 250cc that supplies much of the propulsion. Kick Scooters usually have small 10-inch wheels and rely on an electrical charging system to control the lights and ignition system as well as recharge the batteries.

Automatic and manual transmissions are available on scooters, but the automatic or CVT is the most popular option among newer models due to its ease of use. They’re fuel-efficient, compact, and easy to ride, and unlike mopeds, many scooters have powerful engines that can handle everyday commutes.


A moped is a two-wheeled bicycle-style vehicle with pedals and a low-powered motor that offers a cost-effective means of transportation. The word moped, or motor-pedal, refers to the bicycle-like pedals used by the rider to propel the vehicle and start its assist motor.

It usually has a smaller engine than 50cc and/or a top speed of 28mph. They cannot be ridden on highways because of their low-speed capability, since they are incapable of keeping up with traffic and would place your life at risk.

Key Differences Between Moped and Scooter:

Attributes Scooter Moped
Definition Step-through structure and footrest platform on a two-wheeled vehicle. A two-wheeled vehicle with bicycle-style pedals that the rider uses to drive it forward.
Wheel Size 10” – 16” Depends
Engine Size 50cc to 250cc 50cc
Speed Depends on engine size 28mph
Is it possible to ride on highways? Yes No
The Age of Legal Riding 14-16 15-16
Is a vehicle license necessary? Yes Depends on country regulation

So these statistics show clearly how mopeds are better than scooters for a college student in terms of size, maneuverability, fuel efficiency, safety, and commuting.

In Depth Review For 10 Best Mopeds For College: Comprehensive Buying Guide

Mopeds are available in different shapes and sizes. Your current lifestyle and daily activities will assist you in determining which moped is the best fit for you. To be very exact, it actually depends on how long and frequently you’ll be using it as well as your budget. In our review, we have covered the best affordable mopeds for college students.

1. FLY-10 Electric Scooter Moped 1500W Motor — Up to 50 Mile Range

FLY-10 Electric Scooter Moped

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One of the best silent commuting electric scooters is Fly-10. Fly E-Bike believes it can play an important role in enabling people to incorporate green transportation into their active lifestyles. With this specific model, you can enjoy clean and hassle-free commuting, especially for your college purposes.  Fly-10 doesn’t require any pedaling and has a top speed of up to 50mh. Most importantly, if you do daily commuting, this electric scooter has enough range for you. Front and rear hydraulic suspension ensures your controlling superbly. Besides, 12-inch tires anti-skid tires are sturdy and durable enough to give you extra security. Moreover, lockable under-seat storage gives you additional space to store your essentials things easily.

You can secure your Fly-10 with the lock alarm system. Isn’t it amazing? Just enjoy your ride with this silent scooter and never fear losing it. Furthermore, with the remote start, you will feel more convenient using it for your daily commuting. There is another exceptional feature of this electric scooter is the USB phone charging port. Suppose you’re riding for a long distance and your phone is nearly dead as it needs to be charged. Don’t worry! Fly-10 has a USB charging option that you can charge your phone wherever, whenever you are. So what are you waiting for? Get your Fly-10 fully assembled with a full lighting package.


  • It’s just a little difficult to remove the batteries.
  • Issues with the remote controller sometimes

2. Best Moped For Kids– MotoTec 24v Electric Moped

24v Electric Moped in Purple

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If you are searching for a great moped for your 12+ kids, MotoTec Electric moped can be your ideal choice. Because they have designed this moped especially for kids and college-going youth. You will be amused by experiencing the design’s comfort and style. A 24V 350W motor provides the necessary power. Moreover, it comes with two 12V (total of 24V) batteries to ensure you have enough power for long journeys. Your kid will enjoy its top speed up to 18 mph. Don’t worry about the braking- its rear braking is quite safe with great stopping power. The pace is in your hands with the variable twist-grip throttle.

With the Mototec 24v electric moped, you will have a robust alloy steel frame. Besides, 2 11″ pneumatic tires are included to accommodate every journey. Under-seat storage provides a safe space for your fragile valuables. Most importantly, it takes 4-6 hours to completely charge the battery. A padded seat ensures that you arrive at your destination in comfort. Moreover, a headlight illuminates the road at night. You may recognize recreation, but this trip brings it to a whole new dimension. So what are waiting for?


  • In some cases, batteries stop charging.
  • Assembling is not user-friendly.

3. SaferWholesale Chopstick Electric Bicycle Scooter Moped with Pedals

SaferWholesale Chopstick Scooter Moped with Pedals

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If your choice is to find an electric bicycle with impressive power, this one has lots of power on it. Besides, you will get lots of goodies on it. Keep in mind; it has come up with pedals which are very important. So you could drive it all across your entire locality. A 500w motor with immense power will speed up your journey no doubt. The front and rear drum brakes are for your safety. Besides, it has spring shock absorption with gives you additional comfort on rough roads.

As an electric bicycle, chopstick 48volt has a moderate tire size (22*2.125inch). You’ll get a nice front basket there right on the front. Apart from that, you also have your turn signals, which will go ahead and demonstrate along with your horn there and you have your nice bright LED lights in the front as well. Chopstick allows you to travel 21 miles per charge and takes up to 4-8 hours to be fully charged. This high-quality electric bicycle is lightweight enough comparing to its configuration (110 lbs). It is easy to ride, easy to handle, and easy to maintain. Just grab the chopstick and how it gives you the feel of riding conveniently.


  • The moped is a single gear.

4. Long & Bright 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bicycle Moped Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bicycle Moped Electric Mountain Bike

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Electric mountain bikes tend to be very fast. Modern day’s college students prefer to have mountain bikes due to their style and speed. You can have a 26-inch electric mountain bike from SAMEBIKE to fulfill your taste. It has a 350-watt motor that is patented. Most importantly, Shimano automatic transmission is mounted. The mountain bike has a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour. It can carry a payload of up to 150 kg thanks to its aluminum alloy structure. The composite wheels are 26 inches in diameter and made of composite materials.

The SAMEBIKE E-bike is one of the most technologically advanced electric bicycles available for college students. A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10.4Ah powers the unit. The battery is hidden under the seat in the bike’s frame and does not mess with driving. As a result, you can safely cover a distance of 70 kilometers in moped mode or 40 kilometers in pure electric mode. It will take up to 4 hours to charge fully. A unique steering and seat adjustment mechanism distinguishes it. The geometry of the frame and the fit of the saddle allow you of various heights and body sizes to feel more comfortable. So in short, it is perfect for your daily commuting.


  • The charger gets very hot often.
  • A taller seat post needed

5. SaferWholesale 500 Watt Wizzer — Electric Motor Scooter Moped with Pedals

SaferWholesale Electric Motor Scooter Moped with Pedals

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If you want a decent scooter at a great price, the YW 182 Wizzer Electric Motor Scooter is the right choice for you. Because it allows you to drive quickly without incurring the costs of owning and riding a motorcycle or vehicle. First of all, you will be impressed with the performance of the 500W brushless DC motor. Don’t think about the power when it comes to how far you want to go. Moreover, drum brakes in the front and in the rear end enable your security well. It has a cool automated dash with one, two, and three-speed settings.  Apart from that, spring shock absorption provides extra comfort on the rough tracks.

When it comes to the tire size for speeding up your moped in case of urgency, YW 182 Wizzer Electric Motor Scooter has16*2.5-inch vacuum tire. The 48V lead-acid battery is just awesome to supply you with 21 miles commuting at a time. Besides, it takes 4-8 hours to fully charged. With a wonderful seat, you will feel comfortable when riding. College students like you always like to put their tarp and with this moped, you will find lots of storage right up there.


  • It is not as durable as it should be.

6. SAY YEAH Fat Tire Scooter for Adult Moped with 60V 2500w Citycoco

SAY YEAH Fat Tire Scooter for Adult Moped with 60V 2500w Citycoco

Best Price Check from amazon

SAY YEAH has designed its own adult moped in order to achieve the best possible combination between design and performance. It has a 2500-watt hub motor with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. The maximum speed varies based on your weight. The adult moped has two seats, meaning it can transport two riders, but the pace would be significantly reduced. Moreover, on a 15-degree slope, it takes little effort to pull a single passenger. The hydraulic braking mechanism, which can be powered by the brake levers on the handlebar, allows the moped to come to a fast and fast stop despite its speed.

This Adult Citycoco has a 60 volt (Lithium Ion) battery that allows you to ride the fat tire scooter for up to 25-38 miles. However, bear in mind that if you have a passenger, your range will decline steadily. This Adult Moped’s key feature is the comfort it provides: the backrest and front and rear shock absorption make for the smoothest and most relaxed ride possible. Just enjoy your ride and experience the updated adult moped performance.


  • The battery is unable to be ejected.
  • It is ineffective on damp surfaces.

7. Electric Moped Fat Tire Scooter with Front/Rear Shocks– Button Start Electric Fat Tire Motor Bike for Adult

Electric Moped Fat Tire Scooter

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This is another hybrid scooter with fat tires that has a striking appearance. Winkine was able to achieve this luxurious feel and look by combining argon arc welding and the porcelain technique. The base is sturdy and can accommodate up to 440 pounds. With front and dual rear led headlights and IP54 waterproof protection; this scooter can ride in any heat. Obviously, you will thank the 2000w engine, which can reach speeds of up to 40 mph. Moreover, it is very fast and can easily accelerate to climb smoothly.

Wondering about the power? Don’t worry! A 60 volt 21.8AH Lithium-ion battery powers this engine. You can travel 50 miles on a single charge. If you’re concerned about traveling at such high speeds, you can use the hand-operated dual disc brakes to slow down or halt. When the load hits the cap, a super load warning mechanism locks the wheel. Apart from that, it has come up with a convenient remote controller and a super load alarm system.

So you can easily lock and unlock the wheel from a far distance. Most importantly, with a single click, you can now start your moped. Because of the spacious bench, front fork suspension, wide platform, front, and rear hydraulic shock absorbers, and thick tires, you can expect a comfortable and thrilling ride.


  • Mirrors, shipping containers, and clocks are notoriously difficult to assemble.

8. X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooter Motorcycle Scooter — Adult Scooter Gas Moped Scooter

X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooter

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Are you serious about riding a scooter on a daily basis? Then the X-Pro 150cc Moped Scooter is an enjoyable and practical way to get around. Its 150cc, 4-stroke, 10-horsepower engine is capable of reaching speeds of up to 55 mph, which is remarkable for a scooter. This scooter comes with a fully automatic transmission that allows you to simply twist the throttle and go.

On wet and light gravel tracks, the 12-inch aluminum front and rear DOT tires have excellent traction. This bike has hydraulic ABS disc brakes in the front and a mechanical drum brake in the back, allowing you to stop quickly even while riding at top speeds. So you don’t need to think about your safety anymore.

Moreover, this 150cc scooter has durable suspension for a smooth ride is provided by dual inverted electric forks in the front and dual rear hydraulic springs in the back. You will find nighttime riding fun and safe. Because, it has a headlight, taillight, and whistle. Besides, this scooter will carry up to 330 pounds, but at 219 pounds, it’s a little heavy. Lastly, the assembly process is completely simple and convenient.


  • Some parts come distorted, requiring reassembly.
  • Tires are risky for top speed.

9. 150cc Gas Adult Motorcycle Moped Scooter– Lifan KP Mini 150 Street Motorcycle Bike

Adult Motorcycle Moped Scooter

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If you are an aggressive biker, no doubt Lifan KP-Mini 150 is a bike you are looking for!  What else do you need if you have the most powerful engine in this class, an adventurous sporty look, and best in performance? Comparing to other available motorcycles, it provides 30% more horsepower and 17% more torque. You will be impressed with the decent design like Y-shaped silver side panel, segmented, but relaxed seat, fuel tank with vented tank side cowling, nice bloated exhaust, Y-shaped silver side panel. It has a 5-speed manual clutch transmission with a 150cc air-cooled engine.

With the new version of Lifan KP-Mini, you will get a new speedometer that shows your speed in digital digits. Apart from that, an odometer will show your traveling distance, RPM, temperature, and current time. A high-quality steel frame has been redesigned and reinforced that provides superpower and reliability. New fatty exhaust for deep-engine sounds and more horsepower are bonuses in the new version as well.

It is time to say goodbye to your safety worries. Because tubeless tires with disc brakes ensure your security. In a word, there are no bikes available in the market with such stylish look, nice graphics & overall pleasant design. Especially its acceleration and peak speed (max speed 75 mph) that will easily outrun your competitors on the drag strip. So are you ready? Just enjoy the speed and have fun.


  • The single horn is the weakest feature. That ought to be doubled.
  • Just the electric ignition is used instead of the kicker ignition.

10. X-PRO Moped Scooter Street Scooter Gas Moped 150cc Adult Scooter Bike

X-PRO Moped Street Scooter

Best Price Check from amazon

Are you hunting for the most fuel-efficient 150cc scooter? The X-PRO adult scooter bike gets 80 to 100 mileage of petrol. The 150cc engine is air-cooled and 4-stroke that supplies immense power. You might know the air-cooling system keeps the engine cool. Moreover, ensures it’s durability and efficiency as well.  Besides, it comes with a fully automatic transmission that is easy to operate and move on. Its 12-inch aluminum front and rear DOT tires are just awesome in quality and make high-speed turns comfortable. So you are allowed to peak the high speed (55+ Mph) with no worries.


When you notice the suspension it is a telescopic fork (Front) and unit swing (Rear). You can enjoy your ride comfortably. Besides, the disc and drum brakes combination provides impressive control and stopping power. You can start the bike using a self-start (electric) button or manually (kick). So whenever you commute, experience the convenient riding all these attractive features in one place.


One of the best parts of the X-PRO adult scooter bike is nighttime riding. With headlight, taillight, and signal indicators, you can easily commute at night.  Assembling is simple and comfortable. You don’t have to give much effort to it. So are you ready to get a lot of miles without spending a lot of money on petrol?


  • When it’s freezing outside, it’s tough to power up.
  • Some of the plastic parts don’t assemble perfectly.

What To Know About Buying a Moped?

Mopeds are a simple and cost-effective mode of transportation these days. People all around the world experiencing an increasing number of mopeds due to the fuel price.

Whatever the reasoning for getting a moped, here are a few aspects to think about before purchasing one:

Check The Engine, Tires, brakes, and Lights:

According to your commuting needs, you should go for specifically configured mopeds. For these reasons, you need to check the engine capacity. Mopeds generally come with a 50cc engine. Besides, the sound of four-stroke engines is pleasant and smooth whereas a two-stroke motor is similar to that of a soft chainsaw or weed whacker. Determine what you need. Apart from that, smoking is a major issue to check. If you see the engine is smoking, avoid those mopeds.

Moreover, you should go for a specific tire size before purchasing as well as the brake types (disc or drum). For nighttime riding, you should also check whether the moped has headlights and signal lights or not.


Getting a learner license for your moped is a must. Every state has its particular laws and regulations. Check the available laws and prepare your learner or driving license first. You’ll usually either require a learner’s permit or a driver’s license if the engine is 50cc or less. Depending on the jurisdiction, moped licensing standards can vary. Your learner’s permit is valid for two years.

Registration and Title:

Your proof of ownership is the title. Although every state requires a title and registration for motorcycles, only a few states require a title and registration for mopeds. According to your study, mopeds must be registered in around 35 states, including Washington, DC. The size of your engine can also influence whether you need a license plate and registration.


Scooters must be insured until they can be used on public highways. It is a part of state law. Despite the fact that scooters are covered by motorcycle policies, it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to rank scooters separately. Different states charge differently for insurance. It actually depends on your age, moped type, and insurance duration. So you must fulfill this requirement before buying one.

Traffic Laws Of Moped:

Depending on your state, mopeds have traffic laws. Try to learn about it. Since mopeds run at a slower speed, they are not permitted on highways. Always maintain a lower speed on the roads. Moreover, make sure your moped has a headlight, taillight, horn, or bell, as well as turn signals. Because these are the must according to the traffic laws.

Helmet Regulations:

Helmet laws differ from one territory to the next. In about 20 states, helmets with an acceptable specification are required for riders and drivers, but some only permit them for younger riders. Whatever your state’s law says, try to maintain a comfortable helmet always. It also fulfills your security measures.


This is a crucial part to be checked before purchasing. According to your budget and requirement, you should go for specific models. There are lots of mopeds available at different pricing. Try to find the best affordable mopeds for you.

Purchase From a Renowned Brand:

Mopeds are available in different models. There are lots of manufacturers available in the market. But try to purchase your loving moped from the established brand. Because it will make you hassle-free servicing in the long run and also ensures the quality no doubt. Moreover, check the available offers, service plans, and warranty before purchasing.


Are Mopeds Reliable?

For your commuting needs, mopeds are reliable. As you know it is very fun and practical riding a moped. Besides, being a gas-powered vehicle, it really maintenance-free in some way. So it is economical and the best alternative vehicles in a crowded city. Most importantly, mopeds are safe and durable. Because it runs at a lower speed and braking is convenient and effective. So for college students or regular commuting mopeds are reliable no doubt.

How Far Can You Drive a Moped?

The size of the moped engine has a significant impact on how fast you can go. Therefore, it also depends on the rider’s weight and moped type. So first figure out how far you can go and then look for a moped with the appropriate engine capacity.

Actually, depending on manufacturers, moped’s average mileages vary. As mopeds are available in 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc, we have initiated average mph (miles per hour) and mpg (miles per gallon) below:

Engine Type MPG MPH
50cc 1oo miles 35-40 mph
100cc 110-120 miles 40-50 mph
125cc 90-130 miles 55-60 mph
150cc 70 miles 50-60 mph

Is It Hard To Drive a Moped For College Students?

Driving a moped isn’t a daunting task for college students like you. But it can be hard in some ways. Especially balancing a moped is a challenge for beginners. Once you learn how to drive, it is fun and enjoyable to move around. The more you practice, the quicker you learn to drive a moped. Apart from that, moped driving can be difficult without safety measurements like helmets. Besides, be careful in the bad weather.

Why Is It Safe To Own a Moped Instead Of a Motorcycle?

When it comes to the comparison, a moped is the safest option for college students for numerous reasons.

Here some of the key facts for what you can have a moped for commuting instead of a motorcycle:

  • Mopeds are easier to learn driving than a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle’s engine size range from 150 to 200occ whereas moped ranges from 50 to 250cc.
  • The average high speed of mopeds is 75 mph, whereas motorcycles are 110 mph.
  • Mopeds are more fuel-more efficient than motorcycles.
  • The size and maneuverability are additional features of a moped that provides commute friendliness comparing to motorcycles.
  • The shorter wheelbase of a moped allows for greater versatility and turning.

Final Notes:

So you see, due to a moped’s small size and lightweight properties, you can make your path to college very simple and convenient.  Motorcycles are convenient and quicker too, but mopeds are easier to maneuver around traffic. Apart from that, when you ride a moped, you are doing something physical and saving your valuable time and energy by avoiding traffic.

In a word, commuting to college with a moped is a fun, economical, and environment-friendly way to travel. In this review guide, we have sorted our list so that you can find the best mopeds for college according to your budget and requirement. If you have any further queries about these, feel free to leave your compliment in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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