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Best Pro Scooter Under 100 Dollars| Take your Scooter With affordable2022

If you are fond of kick scooter tricks, you are probably looking for a good pro scooter for yourself. But you might find it a little hard to find the best one for you when you are in a really tight budget. Nothing might make you happier than getting the finest pro scooter at a very reasonable price.

So, in this review article, we have listed the best pro scooters under 100 that you can buy if you are looking for something cheap.

Be sure to go through our buying tips to know what things to look for in a pro scooter to get the best choice.

Top 5 kick Scooter With Your Budget:

My Top Picks of the Best Budget Pro Scooter Under $100

#1 UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters for Beginners

UHINOOS Stunt Scooter


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This innovative crossed bar designed scooter with an exotic combination of black and red colors is just the pro scooter you need at a very reasonable price under 100. It comes with a steel alloy handlebar which was born to give you a stable performance as you try different tricks and stunts. The lightweight but super tough materials are not only sturdy but also makes it an ideal kick scooter. Not to mention the shock-absorbing hand grips that keep your hands safe from any kind of bumps while ensuring a comfortable ride.

You are going to love the deck which is made from heat-treated integrated aluminum material and is strong enough to keep you safe from the heavy impacts.  You will also get a manganese steel fender brake with the scooter that allows you to have a smooth and noise-free ride.

The powder-coated frame of the scooter is made to prevent scratch and make it look new for a long time.


  • Durable steel alloy handlebar
  • An innovative crossbar design that ensures a stable performance
  • heat-treated integrated 6061 aluminum deck
  • Lightweight and super tough
  • forged double-bolt aluminum clamp
  • Flexible manganese steel fender brake
  • Nonadjustable Hydraulic Pressure Y Bar



  • Available at an affordable price
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Gives you a safe and comfortable ride
  • Elegant design


  • The grip tape is not up to the mark

#2 Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter​

Mongoose Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter

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This Mongoose Rise Freestyle kick scooter has quickly gained a lot of popularity because of its unique and high-quality design. The scooter is lightweight and comes with an alloy deck with a wide area that ensures a super comfortable ride. It also includes a slipping resistant feature with a textured grip.

With this scooter, you don’t have to worry about bumps on a heavy impact. The one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar is so strong that it can absorb any rough impact while ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for you.  Additionally, the high impact wheels along with the ABEC-9 bearings will make sure that you get a smooth non-slip ride over any kind of surfaces.

The scooter is very sturdy thanks to the heavy-duty frame. It can carry loads up to 220 pounds while ensuring a safe speed control with the steel brake. The triple anodized clamp collar will ensure a precise as well as crisp steering everywhere you go!


  • Alloy Deck with an extended area
  • High impact alloy wheels with ABEC-9 bearings
  • Welded steel T-Bar handlebar with bike-style grips
  • Triple anodized clamp collar with sealed internal Threadless headset


  • Extraordinary features
  • Slip-resistant grips
  • Strong and the heavy-duty frame makes it go for a long time
  • The extra-wide deck ensures great comfort
  • Smooth non-slip wheels give you a comfortable ride


  • The base is not as strong as it should be

#3 Apollo Stunt Scooter

Apollo pro stunt scooter

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Apollo stunt scooter is one of the most perfect adult scooters you can find in the market. The scooter is made with high-quality material and an aluminum deck for longevity and it can carry you through all kinds of tricks and stunts. Moreover, the aluminum rims wheels along with high-speed ABEC-9 bearings will allow you to have a smooth and non-slip ride.  Not to mention the triple bolted handlebar clamp that ensures a strong grip and the steel fork with a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

The unique and excellent design was created by the German engineers who work with keeping your satisfaction in mind. This scooter is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy base and reinforced chrome steel handlebar will keep you supported and ensure a safe ride for you.

Also, the Apollo super grips are ribbed and come with a non-slip coating that allows you to have a firm hold on your ride. Now, you can ramp anywhere without any tension!


  • Aluminum alloy deck
  • Aluminum rims wheels with ABEC-9 bearings
  • A Triple bolted handlebar clamp and a steel fork
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor
  • Ribbed apollo super grips with a non-slip coating



  • Unique and Cool Design
  • Nonslip coated handlebars ensure a firm grip
  • Fast and strong for any kinds of tricks
  • Lightweight and has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.


  • The Bearings are not strong

#4 Hiboy ST-1S Pro Scooter

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The Hiboy ST-1S pro scooter is one of the best pro scooters under 100 that will give you a feeling like you are flying! The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy core high rebound wheels ensure the prefect wear resistance.  Moreover, the ABEC-9 with the highest precision and the reinforced V bars will make sure that you have a firm grip and stable ride.

This trick scooter is sturdy as well as smooth thanks to the HIC compression system with sealed bearings. The highly durable aluminum deck will give you a comfortable ride whereas the steel brake will make sure that you can stop anywhere without a bump.

Additionally, the scooter is very easy to assemble! You will have only 3-bolts to tighten and the rest will be dialed by the manufacturer! It comes in multiple colors so that you can choose your favorite one!


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy core and high rebound PU wheels.
  • ABEC-9 bearings and reinforced v bars
  • HIC compression system with sealed bearings
  • Designed beginners
  • Wide aluminum double deck
  • Mn steel brake


  • You will get a flying experience
  • A smooth and comfortable ride with a great wear resistance
  • The bars ensure a stable ride and firm grip
  • Ultra-cool design
  • Very easy assembly


  • Assembly required

#5 Trendy Trick Scooter for Adults

Trendy Pro Scooter

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This Apollo pro scooter is perfect for frestyling and one of the best adult scooters you can find. The aluminum deck is durable and can carry a load of a maximum of 220 lbs. You can get a sturdy and fast experience with the silent 100 mm PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings.

This scooter can be used both outdoors and indoors with the highest level of stability and control. The chrome steel framework of the scooter gives you a long-lasting service. This is perfect for any kind of tricks or stunts, including jumping, twisting, or grinding. The black and silver color adds extra elegance to the stylish scooter.


  • Ideal for frestyling
  • Aluminum rims with silent PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 220lbs
  • Triple bolted handlebar clamp and steel fork



  • You will feel like flying
  • Fast and sturdy as well as lightweight and tough
  • Finest design
  • You can do any kinds of stunts
  • Allows you to have a perfect balance


  • Bearings were seen to fall off

#6 Boenoea Pro Scooters Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Boenoea Pro Scooters for Kids 6Years and Up

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If you are looking for a kick scooter that will accompany you with the most aggressive stunts and tricks, Boenoea Pro Scooter is the one. It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and its known for its tough performance. Also, the lightweight design will allow you to cruise through anywhere while the aluminum alloy PU core wheels paired with their ABEC-9 bearings will ensure a smooth ride with high speeds.

Now, you can stop anywhere anytime you want very easily with the Manganese spring steel foot brake. Also, the spring steel will make sure your wheels don’t rattle or make any irritating noise when you apply the brake.

The scooter comes with a very easy assembly and all the necessary tools are included in the delivery package. Though it’s a lightweight design, the scooter can carry up to 220 lbs. at a time.


  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Highly responsive Manganese spring steel
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum deck
  • IHC integrated compression system
  • Aluminum clamp grips
  • 3D stamped steel fork



  • Ideal for aggressive and tough tricks
  • Very tough and long-lasting
  • The brake system is rattling and noise-free
  • Ensures a firm grip and comfortable ride
  • Very easy assembly


  • The bearings are not smooth enough

#7 Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Albott Pro Scooters

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The Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter is one of the best pro scooters under $100 that comes with a collection of extraordinary features and gives a perfect performance. They come with high-resilience durable wheels that are made with polyurethane and polycarbonate elements to ensure a smooth ride. The aluminum brake pad can stop fast wheels anytime smoothly. This kick scooter was made especially for young riders who would like to increase their expertise in the field. And the matte deck with a wide area ensures a safe ride for them.

The scooter is made with aluminum alloy that makes it stronger to hold larger weights easily. Moreover, it features a 360-degree handlebar that’s ideal for beginners. Also, the lightweight design allows you to move it fast and have a comfortable ride.


  • High resilience durable wheels
  • Matte deck with a wide space
  • 360-degree handlebar
  • Aluminum brake pad
  • Ideal for young riders



  • The durable wheels will ensure a smooth ride on any surface and allow you to have a softer landing
  • The Rubber Grips provide a soft and comfortable grip
  • It’s very easy to handle
  • The high-quality material ensures longevity
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • The wheels are not very good for speed

#8 Hiboy Pro Stunt Scooters:

Hiboy Pro Stunt Scooters

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This kick scooter is the perfect one for kids who wants to build their basic scooter tricks like barspin, tailwhip, etc. The wide aluminum deck is highly durable and ensures an extremely comfortable ride. The scooter is equipped with really quiet quick, responsive manganese steel brakes that allow you to stop anywhere anytime smoothly.

Unlike most other scooters in the market, the Hiboy pro scooter comes with bigger solid PU wheels that will help you to gain any speed and cruise through any kind of road smoothly. Moreover, the HIC compression with ABEC-7 bearings just adds more to the smoothness and durability. The heat-treated reinforced forged plates in the deck make it lightweight and capable of caring for a lot of heavyweights.

The scooter is incredibly easy to put together. You will just have to tighten 3 bolts and then you are ready to ride!


  • Quick, responsive Manganese steel brakes
  • Aluminum deck with Reinforced heat-treated forged plates
  • ABEC-7 bearings along with the solid big PU wheels
  • Manganese steel material brake



  • Brakes are quickly responsive and quiet
  • Ideal for entry-level riders
  • Smooth and comfortable glide
  • Cool design
  • Easy installation


  • Overall quality not up to the mark

#9 Arcade Pro Scooters:

Arcade Stunt Scooter for Kids

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The Arcade Pro scooter is loved by the kids because of the dynamic and strong 3D stamped design. The best thing about these scooters is that they come packed with custom parts that you can choose yourself. The reinforced T bars with an 83-degree headtube will ensure a firm grip and stability as you glide. You can now get a super smooth ride with the polycarbonate wheels that feature durable ABEC-7 bearings.

These are maybe the coolest scooter in our list that comes in three different exotic colors and fresh graphics. And you won’t have to worry about getting embarrassed with a noisy brake. You can stop anywhere with the quick responsive and noise-free aluminum brake. This scooter is ideal for both beginner and intermediate level riders.

For its safety, you will get the scooter with highly packed inside a box. You just have to tighten two bolts to start your journey of whizzing around!


  • Reinforced T bar with TPR grips
  • Polycarbonate wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • 3D stamped forks and custom neck
  • Solid deck with dynamic design
  • 83-degree headtube



  • It comes with custom parts
  • Safest for entry-level trick scooters
  • The headtube ensures a stable ride
  • The fresh graphics make it seem really cool
  • Easy assembly with 2 bolts


  • The brake is not strong and breaks off easily

#10 Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter

Playshion Stunt Scooters for Beginner

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Playshion pro scooter is one of the safest pro scooters for kids that allows them to perform any kinds of stints or tricks. The aluminum deck is very light and durable which allows you to ride with and comfort and confidence. The scooter comes with a handlebar made with one-piece steel tubing and reinforced metal along with the four-bolt clamp design that ensures a firm grip and great balance on the ride.

It comes with 100 mm PU wheels along with the ABEC-9 bearings that make your ride much easier, smoother, and quicker. The robust steel allows us to have a quick but noiseless braking anywhere. This is one of the cheapest yet safest scooters you can find for your child.


  • One-piece steel Handlebar with a perfect height for 7-year olds
  • Soft Rubber hand grips
  • 100 mm PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings
  • Has a weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Comes in 3 pieces for assembly



  • Clamp system offers a confident ride
  • The handgrips allow you to have more control
  • Quick and noiseless brake
  • Bearings ensure a smooth ride
  • Easy assembly with 3 pieces


  • Wheels are small

#11 Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter

Pulse Performance Freestyle Scooter

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This extremely stylish looking scooter is designed for beginner to learn different kinds of tricks and stunts in a comfortable and safe way. The gentle yet elegant design has made it very popular among the scooter riders. The heavy-duty frame and aluminum deck make the scooter durable and long-lasting. The scooter features oversized handlebars that are great for kids who have just started to ride scooters.

The 100 mm high impact and solid core urethane wheels with the ABEC-5 bearings make sure that you can have the smoothest ride possible. While the spring steel rear foot brakes allow you to have a quick stop, the hi-tensile steel fork absorbs impacts from heavy shocks.


  • Oversized handlebars
  • Heat-treated reinforced aluminum deck and handlebar tubes
  • Spring steel rear foot brake
  • Reinforced hi-tensile fork



  • Strong and long-lasting design
  • Smooth wheels and bearings
  • Oversized handles are easy to control
  • Oversized handles are easy to control
  • Brakes have quick and easy stopping power


  • Can’t carry a lot of weight

Things to consider before buying a pro scooter:

Since pro scooters are mostly used for different kinds of stunts and tricks, you should always check the quality and comfort level of the ride before buying one. There are a few things you should always consider while buying a pro scooter:


The fork is the part that connects your headsets and handlebar together. It’s a very important thing you need to control your scooter smoothly. Basically, it helps by absorbing the shock from the jumps which reduce the impacts.

You can find two kinds of forks available: a threaded and Threadless fork. You should look for a pro shooter with a Threadless fork. It’s safer, more durable, and attaches the handlebar more securely.

Forks’ size can change and vary on your preferred wheels’ size. Most forks are made compatible with 110 mm wheels. You should always choose the fork according to your wheels.


The handlebar is the most vital part needed to maintain stability and control over the scooter. The two most important things that you should consider about the handlebar are: they should match your heights and you should feel comfortable with them.

Now, handlebars can come in different sizes, types, and styles. While most handlebars are designed with steel tubing, the solid steel bars are the most durable and comfortable ones. These bars are excellent in impact absorption. You can also look for the aluminum tubing ones. They might be a little costly, but have great strength and are very light.

Most scooters come with pre-installed grips. But you can change them anytime if you are not comfortable enough.

Whatever design or size you choose, make sure you are totally comfortable riding with it. Because riding a scooter smoothly depends a lot on the handlebars.


The deck is the base part of a scooter. So, a deck should be made with high-quality materials and must be strong enough to hold you without breaking into parts. Also, make sure to choose a lighter one so that it’s easy to handle and you can keep your body well-balanced.

Deck’s play an important role in maintaining your control on the ride. And good control will make preforming tricks and stunts easier for you.

Moreover, you should look for a deck with a wide area. That helps to keep both your feet up while riding and maintaining a great balance.

When looking for quality, you should always go with the ones made with aircraft-grade aluminum. These are the sturdiest ones and come with a shock-absorption feature. Additionally, they are lightweight so that you can move quite easily.

While choosing a deck, the most important fact is whether or not you are comfortable with it. Because if you are comfortable you can easily maintain a good balance.


A headset is a thing that attaches the fork and handlebar of your scooter together. Headsets can have a great effect on all of your tricks and performances. These make sure that you can move your handlebar and fork at the same time without any trouble.

Headsets come with bearings, fork race, bearing cups, and top cap that works to make your ride as smooth and silent as possible. Generally, the headsets that come with a threadless fork and compression system are the smoother ones.

You can find two types of headsets: the integrated and non-integrated ones. Integrated ones have the bearing cup pre-attached to the head tube. Also, they are very easy to set up and don’t need any modification. These will ensure a perfect position for a smoother fork.

Hence, we recommend you to choose an integrated headset for your scooter. But the rest depends on you.


You should know how important wheels are when it comes to speed and performance. So, you should choose the right wheels for your adult scooter carefully. Generally, pro scooters need super tough wheels to perform the stunts better. Then, the bearings should be of high quality that will ensure a smooth but fast ride.

Moreover, your wheels need to be compatible with the fork. In this case, it’s better to choose the larger wheels because they can cover a bigger surface quickly.

Also, take a look at the inner cores. Generally, the cores are made of plastic. But you should look for the metal alloy ones that are more durable and ideal for a smooth ride.

Compression System:

The compression system is another part of your scooter that will keep the headset and fork attached to the deck while fine-tuning your headset. The main job of a compression system is to make a sturdy connection between the bar and fork to avoid sudden breakdowns.

If you are a beginner level rider, you should choose a threaded compression system to support the base firmly. Advanced compression systems usually come with methods like HIC (Hidden Internal Compression), SCS (Standard Compression System), or ICS (Inverted Compression System). All of them are naturally very strong and great for stability.

So, these are the main parts of a scooter that you should always consider before buying any. Whatever you choose, always remember to keep your comfort and safety first.

Scooter Maintenance:

Proper and regular maintenance can increase your scooter’s lifetime a lot. When I say Scooter maintenance, I mean keeping your grips and loose parts clean and lubricating your wheels.


Grips are one of the most important parts of your scooter that helps you to have a good balance and control on your ride. Since grips are constantly used by you, they can easily get torn or worn. In that case, you might replace it with an air compressor.

You have to turn on the compressor once it’s between the grips and bars. This will create space between the bars and grips while releasing the grips a little. You can use the same technique to insert new grips.

Loose Parts:

After a few months or years, your scooter can get a little bit unsteady. If that happens to you, examine everything the wheels, brakes, clamps, and compression. Loose parts can often cause your scooter to get unbalanced. You should use an Allen key to fasten all the loosen parts.

Lubricant the bearings:

Generally, there are six bearings in a scooter wheel that play a great role in your scooter’s overall performance. So, if you want them to be in full operation, you will have to keep them lubricated.

You just have to apply the lubricant on all sides of the wheel that’s within the bearing and spin the wheel while doing that. This will distribute the lubricant all over the bearings.



  1. What is the best pro scooter brand?

Ans: Razor, Albott, Swagtron are some of the best brands for pro scooters Under 100 Dollars. The scooter brands we mentioned above are also one of the best ones available.

  1. What is the best cheap scooter?

Ans: This review article was written about the best pro scooter under 100 Dollars with a lot of research. So, each scooter on the list is one of the best cheap scooters. However, the Fuzion x-3 is the cheapest scooter that is available around $79 on Amazon.

  1. Who is the best scooter rider in the world?

Ans: Scooter riding has become a popular sport nowadays. Many famous riders in the world have gained popularity just by riding the scooter. Among them, Kota Schuetz is the best scooter rider in the world.


I hope you will find it easier to look for the best pro scooter under 100 Dollars after reading our review article. You will find a lot of tempting choices out there in the market, but all of them are not the finest for you.

We have written this article after a lot of research and testing. So, you can be most assured of the options we have recommended.


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